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David Derry, M.D., Ph.D.
Biographical Information and Chronological Curriculum Vitae

by Mary Shomon

Biographical Information

From Dr. Derry:

"I was born in Selby, Yorkshire England in 1937 and left at six months old to live in Maracaibo, Venezuela. My present wife's mother was a nurse who looked after me when I was sick at the age of about six months of age. My wife (Pat) at the time was about six months in utero. This was our first meeting. We both attended boarding schools in Canada but we grew up together in Maracaibo. Both of us left Venezuela at about age 14 to move to different parts of Canada when our parents retired form Shell Oil. We married in 1971. One person referred to us as "Oil babies". My main interest is medicine but I play golf three times a week with my wife in the evening-- year round. I believe we could be termed soul mates. We have always had dogs in our home."
Chronological Curriculum Vitae

[1] Summer research under Dr. Patrick McGeer and Dr. William Gibson of the Kinsman Laboratory of Neurological Research 1961. (1960)

[2] Graduated from UBC 1962. M.D. (University of British Columbia. Vancouver Canada

[3] Interned at the Toronto General Hospital 1962-3. Ontario Canada

[4] Graduated from McGill University PH.D. Neurobiochemistry 1967. Under Dr. L.S. Wolfe at the Montreal Neurological Institute

[5] Marine Biology Gaspe Quebec under Dr. Andre Couillard University of Montreal 1965.

[6] Fellow of the Montreal Neurological Institute 1963-2000

[7] Tissue Culture Course under Dr. S. Federoff 1967 Saskatoon Saskachewan

[8] Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, University of Toronto Medical School, Department of Pharmacology 1967-1972.

[9] Teaching Pharmacology to Medical Students and Students of Dentistry and Pharmacy at the University of Toronto 1967-1972.

[10] Medical Research Council Scholar 1968-1972.

[11] Staff of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital Toronto. 1968-72

[12] Member of the Canadian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology 1967-2000.

[13] General Practitioner and licensed in B.C. 1972-2000.

[14] Member of the North American Primary Research Group 1994-1996

[15] Visiting Scientist, Department of Biology, University of Victoria, 1996-98

[16] Medical Advisor to the Vancouver Island Multiple Sclerosis Society. 1996-2000.


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[2] Derry DM, Wolfe LS. Ganglioside Analyses of serial cryostat sections through Ammon's horn and cerebellar folia. Exp Brain Res 5: 32-44 1968.

[3] Derry DM, Wolfe LS Ganglioside in isolated neurons and glial cells Science 158:1450-1452, 1967.

[4] Derry DM. Ganglioside Analyses in serial sections of brain and in isolated neurones. Dissertation Thesis in partial fulfillment for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Department of Biochemistry, McGill University, Montreal 1967. Done in the department of Neurochemistry, Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI)

[5] Derry DM, Ranson J, Morrow E. Effect of isoproterenol on brown and white fat of the adult rat Can J Physiol Pharmacol 49:8-13, 1971.

[6] Derry DM, Daniel H. Sympathetic nerve development in the brown adipose tissue of the rat. Can J Physiol Pharmacol 48:160-168, 1970.

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[12] Derry DM. Studies on the fate of dietary linoleic acid in the neonatal rat. J Nutr 102:109-116, 1972.

[13] Derry DM. Abstract presentation to the 26th Annual Conjoint Scientific Meeting of General Practitioners Banff April 3-5 1994. Thyroid therapy in HIV infected patients.

[14] Derry DM Thyroid therapy in HIV infected patients. Medical Hypotheses 1995;45:121-124.

[15] Derry DM. Thyroid hormone therapy in HIV infected patients: A clinical approach to the treatment of HIV disease. Medical Hypotheses 1996,47,227-233

[16] Derry DM Lecture to 300 Women through the extension department at University of Victoria. "Treatment of fibrocystic disease of the breast and the prevention of breast cancer with iodine." October 5, 1997.

[17] Derry DM Lecture to 300 persons through the extension department of University of "Thyroid disease: hyper and hypothyroidism." October 16, 1997.

[18] Derry DM Lecture to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Vancouver Island November 1998. " What are Alternative and Complementary Medicine and how are they affecting normal medical practice."

[19] Derry DM. Lecture to the Rehabilitation Group of Victoria. "How to help rehabilitation failures." April 1998

Read the interview with Dr. Derry now.

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