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Dr. Ed Bauman
Background Info/Bio - IET

by Mary Shomon

See the interview with Dr. Bauman

Edward Bauman, M.Ed. (University of Massachusetts), Ph.D. (University of New Mexico), has been a practicing nutritionist for 25 years, during which time he has held a variety of positions, including director of several holistic health and wellness institutions.

Dr. Bauman has formulated the Eating for Health Model, a regenerative food plan, which is the basis of his Eating for Health: Recipes for Rejuvenation cookbook. Additionally, Dr. Bauman is also the author of Confronting Cancer in Our Community, Nutrition and Your Health, and the best-selling Holistic Health Handbook.

Dr. Bauman also directs Partners in Health, an integrated natural healthcare clinic, where he joins with licensed acupuncturists, massage therapists and other nutritionists to provide a team approach to optimal healthcare. He has developed a series of nutritional care packages to respond to the levels of needs of his clients. This program provides a six-session series of nutrition and self-care practices, entitled Basic Training, Rejuvenation and Disease Management.

Dr. Bauman played a major role in the Berkeley, California Health Renaissance of the 1970s as a founder -- and first director -- of the nationally known Berkeley Holistic Health Center. This was one of the first clinics in the country where medical doctors worked under one roof in collaboration with natural health practitioners. The staff included several pioneers in the field of holistic health, including homeopath/author Dana Ullman; Drs. David Teegarden, Keith Barton and Sheila Bastien; acupressurist/author Michael Gach; and herbalist/author Ethan Nebelkoph.

Under Dr. Bauman's direction, the Berkeley Holistic Health Center published the Holistic Health Handbook, a best-selling anthology (published by Stephen Green Press, a subsidiary of Penguin, International), containing the writings of many of the "cutting edge" holistic health practitioners of the day. The book, which sold 250,000 copies, was instrumental in bringing holistic health to a mainstream audience, and in establishing Berkeley as a national center of natural food and health, which it remains today.

In 1983, Dr. Bauman founded the Institute for Educational Therapy (IET), the first California state-licensed nutrition training program. From the start, his mission was to produce state certified nutritionists whose services would be integrated into existing conventional health care. In 1982, Dr. Bauman wrote the first Nutritional Consultant curriculum approved by the State Board of Education, and in 1998, IET graduates became eligible for the Blue Shield's "mylifepath" provider list. Dr. Bauman's vision is that IET's nutrition consultants will soon be providers in all insurance health plans.

Presently, Dr. Bauman directs one of the foremost professional nutrition training programs in the country - including Diet Counselor, Nutrition Educator and Nutrition Consultant training -- currently offered on 5 California campuses, as well as an innovative distance learning program and a Culinary Arts Program.

The Culinary Arts Program

The emphasis of the program is on food from ground to table, so students learn to grow -- as well as prepare -- delicious organic vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, and exotic, edible flowers. IET's Culinary Arts Program was designed in response to the increasing interest in eating whole foods that are prepared in a healthy manner, but without sacrificing taste or appearance. Upon completion of the 5 month program, which is held in Cotati, California, participants have learned how to cook flavorfully using whole foods, medicinal herbs, organic vegetables, and more. The Culinary Arts Program is also responsible in large part for a new -- and much-in-demand - career opportunity, that of Personal Therapeutic Chef, a culinary professional who prepares meals that help to heal clients with particular diseases and conditions.

Contact Information

Dr. Edward Bauman
Institute for Educational Therapy
7891 Old Redwood Highway
Cotati, California 94931 Phone: (707) 795-1284
Fax: (707) 795-3375

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