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Potassium Iodide Pills Bought Online Pass Quality Tests
Pills Provide Sufficient Iodine

from Mary Shomon

June 2002 -- According to the independent testing lab, — a product review of potassium iodide pills being sold on the internet showed the key brands of these products that are being sold on the internet passed's testing, contain the labeled amounts of active ingredient and are able to disintegrate properly in solution — necessary for proper absorption.

According to Tod Cooperman, MD, President of "Despite there being good products on the market, in a real emergency, neither government agencies nor local pharmacies seem ready to rapidly get radioprotective iodine to those who will need it. In light of terrorist threats and because radioactive iodine is carried by winds, individuals living within 50 miles of a nuclear facility should keep some pills on hand, particularly if they have children — who are most sensitive to the effects of radioactive iodine." Some municipalities are now making one or two tablets available to residents, although they must live within 10 miles of a reactor to qualify.

Among the products that passed Consumerlab's review include the most popular brands:

  • Iosat®
  • THYRO-BLOCK® potassium iodide tablets, USP (130mg/tablet)1
  • KI4U Thyroid Blocking Tablets KIO3
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved two of the potassium iodide --Thyro-Block, made by Wallace Laboratories, and Iosat, manufactured by Anbex, Inc.

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