Living Well With Autoimmune Disease -- Conventional & Alternative Answers for Thyroid, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Many Other Conditions, A Book by Patient Advocate Mary Shomon
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Living Well With Autoimmune Disease:
What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know

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    Author: Mary J. Shomon
    ISBN number: 0060938196
    List price: $14.95 (US dollars)
    Published by: HarperCollins, HarperResource

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    "...those with autoimmune illnesses are being shortchanged by the medical establishment. Since those who suffer from one are more vulnerable to other autoimmune disorders (not to mention that they may have a genetic predisposition toward a disorder), this informative self-help manual is badly needed. Drawing on extensive research, as well as doctor-patient anecdotes, Shomon's guide is designed to empower patients to participate in their own care. In addition to a detailed discussion of every type of autoimmune disease, the author provides advice on how to choose an appropriate medical team that will work to integrate conventional and alternative therapies...(Oct.)"

    The author of this book, Mary J. Shomon, was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 1995 and has since become a lay expert on the subject... "Shomon devotes several chapters to alternative medical approaches. Rather than simply treating the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, a holistic approach seeks to mitigate the disease itself by removing toxins from the body, treating food allergies, strengthening tissues, and regulating immunity. The author offers specific recommendations from a wide range of therapies...Living Well with Autoimmune Disease should not only prove inspirational for those afflicted with these mysterious conditions, but also offers solid, practical advice for getting your health back on track." -- J.A., Alternative Medicine

    The newest book on autoimmune disease to cross our desk is Living Well With Autoimmune Disease - What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You…That You Need to Know. Written by Mary J. Shomon, a former autoimmune disease sufferer, this chubby 475-page soft cover book is filled from front to back with easy-to-read descriptions of autoimmune disease in general along with overviews of many of the more than 100 autoimmune diseases. It offers to help the reader gain greater insight into the environmental, genetic, hereditary, nutritional, and mind-body factors that make millions of people more or less susceptible to autoimmune disease - and it does it in an upbeat, trust-your-instincts way. In addition, it leads the reader through the maze of key symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and conventional treatments for the most common autoimmune diseases - as well as the most innovative and promising new and alternative treatments.

    Of particular help to many readers will be the chapter on "finding and working with the Right Practitioner." Also, the author suggests steps that the reader might use in putting together his/her own "autoimmune repair plan."

    She also lists where to go for more help - books, patient organizations, experts, Web sites, and resources. Author Mary Shomon comments that she wrote her book "Because autoimmune disease does matter…and because we need to know more." She hopes that you, the reader, will "come away from this book aware of the innovative responses to autoimmune dysfunction that may help you manage your condition, reduce symptoms, prevent future health problems, and perhaps most importantly, give you hope."

    According to Pat Barber, AARDA's patient educator, Living Well With Autoimmune Disease - What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You…That You Need to Know, is a "must-read book." This very likely will be a well-thumbed resource book for the autoimmune disease patient and his/her family.

    "If you want to learn more about one of these diseases, Living Well with Autoimmune Disease is an excellent encyclopedic resource for your library. Mary Shomon is an exceptionally skilled journalist who writes from the perspective of someone having lived through an autoimmune disease...she impressed me as one of the most insightful journalists I have ever encountered. Her questions were highly targeted and oriented toward practical recommendations for her readers...The book is a major shortcut to a wealth of information. If you have an autoimmune disease, it can save you months of time..."
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    "I too have Hashimoto's, recently diagnosed. I pre-ordered your book. It arrived on Friday night. I stayed in my PJ's all day Saturday, reading it feverishly! It made me feel like there really is hope for dealing with this disease. I have struggled with the doctors on this one. After much frustration with a local Endocrinologist, I went to a university medical center. I received a more comprehensive diagnosis and a compassionate doctor, but still not many answers. I kept wanting them to link the vitiligo and toe pain (I thought I was crazy describing a shooting/throbbing pain in one particular toe). So, now I know I have Hashimoto's, Vitiligo, and Raynaud's Phenomenon. The answers I have not received from the docs are how to cope with the symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, toe pain. I'm going to start by insisting on a change in medication from Thyroxine to Armour. I am also starting to take Colostrum to build my immune system and calcium/magnesium/vitamin D, plus vitamin B-12. I need to find a good naturopath, one who understands autoimmune diseases. Thank you again for such a wonderful book which helps people like me start to "put it all together and make sense of it."
    ~ L.M., Washington

    ...Living Well with Autoimmune Disease helps readers pinpoint symptoms, find the right practitioner, and learn cutting-edge approaches to reduce symptoms and reverse their disease. Shomon, a patient advocate and Web guide for people with thyroid disease, hears the most success stories from people who combine conventional treatment with complementary therapies, so she gives specific strategies for using herbs, diet, and mind/body therapies. She also includes a 30-page checklist of risk factors and symptoms (helpful when you have no idea what condition you might have), a guide to finding and working with the right practitioner, and an extensive resources section that includes patient support organizations, Web sites, and books..."
    Joan Price,

    Living Well With Autoimmune Disease: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know is already receiving high praise from some of the nation's leading health care practitioners...
    "At last, a book that helps people make sense of multiple mystifying symptoms, and offers a road map to proper diagnosis and the most effective treatments... a brilliant empowerment manual for finding the proper practitioners and moving forward in your life."
    ~ Richard Shames, MD and Karilee Shames, PhD, RN, HNC, authors of Thyroid Power: 10 Steps to Total Health
    "Mary Shomon is more knowledgeable and has provided patients with more timely and comprehensive information about these conditions than most physicians. As a result of Mary's tireless work, many patients previously undiagnosed or inadequately treated are now getting the necessary tests and treatment they need."
    ~ Marie Savard, MD, author of How to Save Your Own Life: The Savard System for Managing -- And Controlling -- Your Health Care and The Savard Health Record: A Six-Step System for Managing Your Healthcare
    "Patients who are struggling to get diagnosed with or understand their autoimmune conditions will find Mary Shomon's book an extremely useful, essential resource to help them find the practitioners and treatments -- both conventional and alternative -- that will help them truly live well."
    ~ Stephen E. Langer, MD, author of Solved: The Riddle of Illness, and Solved: The Riddle of Weight Loss, and nationally-known anti-aging and preventive medicine expert practicing in Berkeley, CA
    "Mary Shomon is a leader in understanding the information patients need when it comes to autoimmune and thyroid disorders. Not only do patients need this information, but her books should be required reading by doctors so they understand the concerns and fears of their patients."
    ~ Larrian Gillespie, MD, author of You Don't Have to Live with Cystitis, The Goddess Diet, The Menopause Diet, and The Gladiator Diet
    "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about autoimmune diseases from Mary Shomon, the woman who taught America about thyroid disease! Her book will enlighten you about how to diagnose, treat and possibly even prevent, autoimmune disease in yourself or someone you love. Mary has my highest respect for her careful research and the way she presents both the conventional and the alternative aspects in a way that anyone can understand."
    ~ Carol Roberts, MD, Director, Wellness Works holistic health center, and radio host, WMNF-FM, Tampa Bay, FL
    "Living Well With Autoimmune Disease is a much needed book. It gives hope to those who suffer from chronic illnesses. This is a wonderful book that provides information and solutions and I would highly recommend this book to my patients."
    ~ David Brownstein, MD, author of The Miracle of Natural Hormones, and Overcoming Arthritis

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