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Thyroid Disease Community and Support: Listservs and Support Forums

  • The Thyroid Email Listserv
  • General Thyroid Support and Info Forum
  • Hyperthyroidism/Graves’ Disease Forum
  • Hormones/Pregnancy/Fertility/Menopause & Thyroid Disease Forum
  • Thyroid Cancer Forum
  • Thyroid Related Diet, Weight Loss and Nutrition Forum
  • Thyroid Top Doctors Forum
  • Alternative Medicine Options Forum
  • Thyroid United Kingdom/Ireland Forum

  • Join the Thyroid Support Listserv at Yahoo
    Mary Shomon's Thyroid Support List at Yahoo is an open forum where you can exchange information and support about any thyroid disease topic of interest, via email listserv format. Talk about alternative therapies, losing weight, and more in free discussion. Posts are NOT pre-approved or censored, the list is free of vitamin/supplement marketing, and the list is not commercially sponsored, so you can talk about your health and treatment options freely. For more information, see or to sign up now, send an email to:

    Forums/Bulletin Boards
    Through my site at, I run a variety of thyroid-specific online forums/bulletin boards, where you are welcome to participate, share information, and find support and camaraderie from your fellow patients and several key facilitators and experts.
    • General Thyroid Support and Info -- A place to talk about how to live well with thyroid disease, ask questions, share information about what is working for you, get sympathy, support and friendship from other thyroid patients. Talk about what vitamins, herbs, supplements and alternative methods work. Explore how best to feel better if, despite a normal thyroid levels, you're still dragging around. Learn others' secrets on how to keep doctors in line? Find out about Armour, Thyrolar, Cytomel, Synthroid, and other thyroid drugs.
    • Hyperthyroidism/Graves’ Disease--Open, free discussion about conventional alternative diagnosis and treatment of Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism. Board posts are not pre-approved, and this board is not affiliated with any national organizations, so free and open discussion is assured.
    • Thyroid and Hormones/Pregnancy/Fertility/Menopause -- For those looking for information on the interaction between thyroid disease and hormones, including PMS, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, sex drive, and other hormonal issues.
    • Thyroid Cancer-- For people who are being evaluated for possible thyroid cancer, those who are going through thyroid cancer treatment, and those looking for optimal wellness after thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment.
    • Thyroid Related Diet, Weight Loss and Nutrition--Talk about weight loss with thyroid diet, optimum nutrition, effective diets that are helping people with thyroid disease lose weight now, exercise programs that work, vitamins, herbs, supplements and drugs for weight loss, the best diet books, and much more!
    • Thyroid Top Doctors-- At the Thyroid Top Doctors Forum, you can request and recommend the best thyroid doctors in the world, by region of the US or the world. Find out which doctors are really helping people, and whicih doctors to avoid. Who is friendly to T3 and alternative thyroid therapies? You'll find out at the Thyroid top Doctors Forum.
    • Alternative Medicine for Thyroid Disease--At the Alternative Medicine Options for Thyroid Disease Forum, you can discuss alternative, complementary and holistic diagnosis and treatment for thyroid disease, including nutrition, supplements, herbs, ayurveda, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, yoga, and much more. If you want to approach thyroid disease holistically, visit the Forum!
    • Thyroid United Kingdom/Ireland--Support for thyroid patients in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Europe.

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