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"At last, a magnificent breakthrough in the management of excess weight."
Richard Shames MD & Karilee Halo Shames PhD, RN, authors of Thyroid Power

"Mary Shomon is one of our strongest, most knowledgeable patient advocates. This work on the thyroid and diet is a powerful tool for anyone who has struggled with this disorder. My congratulations to Mary for creating a striking success in the often confusing world of nutritional therapy. She is logical, organized and consistent. Her approach works."
Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, DN-C, RH, co-author of Herbal Defense

"Whether you have an unknown thyroid problem that is impeding your weight loss, or you know your thyroid condition is contributing to being overweight, The Thyroid Diet is essential reading. Mary Shomon offers practical and effective solutions that will help millions finally conquer their weight problems."
Stephen Langer, MD, Berkeley, CA Author of Solved: The Riddle of Illness and Solved: The Riddle of Weight Loss

"Mary Shomon does it again! "The Thyroid Diet" brings you all the latest information on the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease, which is largely unrecognized and untreated. She brings help and hope to millions who have despaired of ever losing weight and regaining their energy."
Hyla Cass, MD, author of Natural Highs

A New York Times Bestseller

An Top 10 Health Book of the Year

Featured Cover Story in Woman's World

A Quills Award Semi-Finalist

Reached #5 on the Amazon Top 100 Bestseller List

Mary Shomon is the nation's leading thyroid patient advocate, and author of a number of best-selling books on thyroid disease. Mary has also been Guide to the Thyroid Site -- part of the New York Times Company -- for 10+ years. Talk to her now.


Diet Snacks, Foods and Drinks

These are some of the things I like as part of my thyroid diet program, and you might find them helpful too.

As a thyroid patient, the reality is, I'm ALWAYS on a diet. By diet, I mean, trying to eat in a healthy way, staying away from foods that are high in saturated fats, trying to focus on healthy carbohydrates (and stay away from high-glycemic, sugary carbs.)

Here are some of my favorite foods and snacks -- the ones that help me in my own efforts to stay on track in terms of diet and weight loss.

-- Live well,

Mary Shomon

WellBetX has a protein powder that makes low-fat, high protein shakes that also have a decent amount of soluble fiber in them. WellBetX is also jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. For me, it helps control appetite, fills me up without any rebound sugar shock, and works as either a filling snack, or as a meal replacement. For those who are sensitive, it has NO soy and NO artificial sweeteners. WellBetX was specially developed through research at the University of Toronto and the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine. I get WellBetX online from

Hoodia is a really interesting succulent plant that has been used in the Kalahari Desert of Africa as an appetite suppressant. Bija makes a great Hoodia Slimming Tea. When you feel hungry, sipping on this tea (hot or iced are both tasty), can help curb your appetite. It's not caffeinated, so it doesn't give any unneeded buzz either. I like to get my Hoodia Slimming Tea at

If you want a bar that's very high in fiber (6 grams) and fills you up, try one of the Kashi GoLean high protein and fiber bars. They're delicious, and the fiber is a great addition, especially for thyroid patients trying to get our 30 grams a day quota! You can get them at most health food stores, or online at

I always keep a couple of cans of Slimfast Optima High-Protein (I like the chocolate flavor) in the refrigerator for a quick breakfast if I'm on the run, or when I need a filling snack and don't have the time to prepare anything. It's low in fat (esp. compared to regular Slimfast, and Slimfast Low-Carb), has some fiber, and decent protein to fill you up. I can usually get this at my local CVS, sometimes the grocery store (but not every time), and it's also available from

One drink that is PARTICULARLY helpful for thyroid patients who want to lose weight is Dr. Levine's Ultimate Weight Loss Formula. It's basically a fiber "shake" mix that, mixed with water, makes a zero-calorie shake with 17 grams of fiber per serving!! Find out more about Ultimate Weight Loss Formula.


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"Nothing else has worked in the past and I was more than a little skeptical that anything would work at this point. But I have already lost about 14 pounds in less than two months! It is amazing. I feel wonderful...I almost don't feel like I'm doing anything that deprives me at all. Thank you Thank you Thank you, a million times. Thank you.
Carrie R.

I couldn't wait any longer to thank you for your help and book "The Thyroid Diet". I have been hypothyroid since 1998 and have battled my weight for years. I've weighed as much as 230 pounds. I finally decided I had to take matters in my own hands and ordered your book. I started your diet and in 3 weeks lost 15 pounds and felt and looked better than I had in months!!! SO - I just had to write and tell you that you have saved my life...THANK YOU!!!!!
Kendra G

"Exactly 9 weeks ago today I weighed in at 144 lbs. Today I weighed in at 121!!! Those twenty three pounds have been with me for almost ten years and nothing was moving them. I had tried Atkins and after some weight loss I would stall on the scale, as soon as I ate again I would gain all the weight back and then some. I loved the diet plans and modified them to my benefit. I just want to say thank you for all your effort in thyroid information. I receive your newsletters and love the updates and am thrilled with the weight loss."

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