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"Mary, my hair loss was stopped cold
by your supplement suggestions in your book. Love you!"
-- Wendy Z, Chicago"

Finally, Help for People With
Thyroid-Related Hair Loss!!
Is an undiagnosed thyroid condition causing your hair loss?
Are you a thyroid patient who is still losing hair, and finding no answers?
The Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss Can Help!

Your hair loss is making you miserable. I know that, because you've come to this page.

And truly, I know exactly how your feel.

I have always had a full head of hair – at least until my thyroid started acting up. Then, it seemed as if I could stuff pillows with the hair that came out during each shower. I went through bottles of Drano, unclogging my hair-filled drains. My hairbrushes looked like Chia-pets after each brushing!

To be honest, I dreaded just running my hands through my hair, because it seemed like each time I did so, 50 more hairs would fall out!

I was pretty sure I’d end up bald.

And the real moment of truth? When my usually thick ponytail became so thin that it was the thickness of a pencil! I remember my mother – and mothers always know, don’t they! – looking at me and saying, “Mary, something’s really wrong with your hair. It’s half gone!”

I knew I had to do something.

So my regular doctor, perplexed and frustrated for me, sent me off for a consultation to a self-proclaimed “specialist” on thyroid disease, who told me that I was losing hair because I was “stressed out.”

Darn right I was stressed out. I was stressed out because I was losing my hair!

But I knew the hair loss had started with my thyroid condition, and worsened when I was taking the drug Synthroid. Dr. “Expert” said that Synthroid had nothing to do with the hair loss. I sat in the car and cried for an hour after that utterly useless appointment.

But the appointment wasn’t totally useless. Because I was so frustrated and angry, I became motivated.

Motivated to study everything I could about thyroid disease and hair loss.

So I read dozens of pages on Synthroid and its side effects. I talked to experts. I researched alternative techniques.

And I found out what was likely worsening my hair loss.

And I took action.

And my hair loss stopped.

Then my hair started to fill back in.

And now, I have hair again. In fact, here’s a photo of my hair not too long ago. (Nothing fake, no hair extensions, just my own hair! – I will admit to a bit of hair color though! )

I can’t promise that you’ll have the same results, because hair loss has a variety of triggers, and we don’t all respond the same to various treatments.

But I can promise you that after you read The Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss , you’ll understand hair loss, especially as it happens in thyroid patients. And you’ll have an entire list of approaches to discuss with your practitioner, and try, to help deal with your hair loss.

No snake oil. No magic potions. No revolutionary techniques. Just facts from the world of conventional, holistic, and integrative medicine.

I get hundreds of emails and letters each week from readers all over the world, sharing their stories and looking for solutions to their own thyroid and hormonal health challenges.

But one of the things that causes more anguish than nearly anything else is hair loss.

And because so many people have written in desperation, looking for help with hair loss problems, it seemed critical to write this ebook for the millions of you who, like me, deal with hair loss related to thyroid disease and hormones.

Many of you don't even know you have a thyroid problem yet, and for you, I hope The Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss can provide a roadmap that will help you move quickly through the process of recognizing your symptoms, getting diagnosed, and receiving proper treatment.

Finding and properly treating thyroid disease is of course not a complete solution for hair loss for everyone. But it is a solution for some of you, and the health and wellness benefits of getting an undiagnosed thyroid condition properly identified and treated are immeasurable.

There are also many people who, like me, have already been diagnosed and treated for a thyroid condition. But you may not realize that if your thyroid treatment is not the optimized and carefully monitored, your hair may pay the price.

And among thyroid patients, when hair loss continues, you need information.

There's a dizzying array of options – from prescription drugs, to lasers, to herbs, supplements, and more. But in this Guide, you’ll learn about what works for thyroid patients, and what doesn’t, so you can map out an effective plan!

The Thyroid Guide to Hair Loss can be the start of your return to better health – and more hair!!

Live well,


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