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The Savard Health Record, How to Save Your Own Life
by Marie Savard, MD

Review and Information from Mary Shomon

The Savard Health Record: A Six Step System for Managing Your Healthcare
by Marie Savard, MD

savhrec.jpg - 3458 BytesThe Savard Health Record is a book that is housed in a 3-ring binder. The binder format allows you to keep track of your own and your family's complete medical files, including copies of blood tests, lists of allergies and medications, immunization history, eyeglass prescriptions, and more. The Savard Health Record binder features:

  • A User's Manual, which covers your rights and responsibilities as a patient with regard to your medical information, and explains how to accurately record your medical history, gather your information from doctors and hospitals, understand the results of most standard tests, and develop a personal program to maintain your good health.
  • Glossary of Common Medical Conditions and Terms to help you understand test results and other medical information.
  • 19 Forms to help you organize and keep track of your health care, such as the Family Medical History Tree, Emergency Health Information sheet, an Office Visit form, Medications, Vitamins, Supplements, and Herbs Log, Test and Procedures Log, and other charts and journals.
  • Envelopes to hold everything from prescription information, insurance cards, doctors' business cards, and appointment cards
  • A calendar to help track upcoming tests, examinations, needed immunizations, and medication refills.

How to Save Your Own Life: Dr. Savard's Nine Steps to Getting the Healthcare You Really Need
by Marie Savard, M.D., with Sondra Forsyth

savardbk.jpg - 7190 BytesIn this book, M.D.-turned-patient advocate Marie Savard shows you why you must be in charge of your own health care - with commonsense advice and key steps that tell you:
  • Why you must collect copies of your medical records, and how it can be done

  • Why you must acquire a working knowledge of conditions you have, and what source of information are most helpful

  • Which tests, exams and immunizations you should routinely receive, and how to read and understand the results

  • How to work with the system - in the hostpial and with insurance companies
  • How to be an active partner with your doctor
  • How to participate in decisions about your treatment options
  • Finding the courage to treat yourself right
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