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Solved: The Riddle of Illness
by Stephen Langer, M.D. and James Scheer

Review and Information from Mary Shomon

langerbook.jpg - 33867 Bytes Solved: The Riddle of Illness (Third Edition), by Stephen Langer, M.D. and James Scheer highlights the authors' tremendous knowledge of nutritional medicine, and the relationship between thyroid disease and many conditions, such as arthritis, obesity, depression, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, sexual problems, and much more.

Dr. Langer, who is consistently ranked very highly by the many patients who frequently recommend him in my Thyroid Top Doctors Directory, and his colleague Jim Scheer -- a renowned author of fifteen books on nutrition and health, and more than a thousand magazine articles -- have updated this new edition to provide a comprehensive holistic/nutritional approach to understanding thyroid disease.

Dr. Langer is one of the innovative practitioners who truly recognizes the issues surrounding hypothyroidism -- from diagnosis, to treatment, to the underlying autoimmune challenges. He is one of only a handful of practitioners around the country who I feel truly understand thyroid disease, and are in a position to be able to help thyroid patients.

The book addresses difficulties in diagnosis, and various factors an astute practitioner should take into account -- besides just TSH results -- to make a thyroid diagnosis.

Once diagnosed with hypothyroidism, far too many doctors still tell you there's nothing you can do except take your thyroid hormone to be well. But this book discusses ways to help enhance wellness by providing the proper nutrition the thyroid needs. Approaches recommended in the book may help with the deficiencies underlying a condition, not to mention the symptoms that frequently don't resolve despite conventional treatments.

A very useful part of this book is the final chapter, "For Doctors Only." If you have an open- minded physician willing to be a partner with you in your wellness, giving her or him a copy of this chapter could be particularly useful.

Says the book, "...a broad and serious blind spot exists today in physical diagnosis, one that needs immediate recognition. ...Awareness of widespread hypothyroidism and the three-way approach to its accurate diagnosis will enable you to do one two things: rule it out entirely or get proper treatment for it. This condition is too important to go ignored and untreated."

This book broke new ground back when the first edition was published, and this third edition is still challenging doctors and patients to take a closer look at the relationship between hypothyroidism and disease, and the foundation of nutrition as it affects the thyroid and overall wellness. It's a required book on any thyroid patient's bookshelf, not to mention required reading for the doctors who treat us.

Read this interview Mary Shomon conducted with Dr. Langer:

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