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Upcoming Thyroid Workshop/Seminar, With Mary Shomon

New York City Area
National and International

Living with Thyroid Disease Workshop Helps Thyroid Patients Design a Personalized Wellness Plan
March 11, 2012 in New York City

Most people with thyroid disease (whether it’s Hashimoto’s, nodules, Graves’/hyperthyroidism, or thyroid cancer) end up with an underactive or surgically removed thyroid, and that means one thing: hypothyroidism.

When you’re hypothyroid, you can end up with fatigue, depression, weight gain, hormonal problems and many other symptoms.

In this interactive workshop with Mary Shomon, explore hands-on tools to help you live successfully and feel well, despite an underactive or non-functional thyroid. You’ll walk away knowing how to map out a plan for optimal wellness.

The seminar focuses on the key things you can do to feel and live better with thyroid disease. The areas covered include:
  • optimizing your thyroid treatment
  • finding doctors for thyroid issues
  • managing fatigue and boosting energy
  • supplements, herbs and natural approaches to thyroid and hormone balance
  • thyroid drugs and hormone medications
  • breathing, yoga and other approaches to help with hormones and metabolism
  • lifestyle changes and stress management
  • exercise
  • weight-loss and diet and dieting success for thyroid patients
  • hair-loss solutions
Note: Please bring copies of your recent blood test results and a list of all the medications and supplements (with all the ingredients) you’re taking.

Members: $120 / Nonmembers: $130 (Plus $10 materials fee for all participants, payable the day of the workshop)

Location: New York Open Center, 22 E. 30th St., New York, NY 10016

Register by Phone: 212.219.2527 x2

Register Online:

Mary Shomon's special guest presenter during the afternoon session of Saturday's workshop will be Manhattan-based integrative physician David Borenstein, MD, who will be sharing his approach to thyroid diagnosis and treatment, and conducting a Q&A with participants. Dr. Borenstein has been in private practice in the New York City area for a number of years, working with patients who have thyroid, autoimmune, adrenal, and other hormone imbalances.

About David Borenstein, MD

Dr. Borenstein obtained his undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University and Medical Degree from the Technion Faculty of Medicine in Israel. He completed his internship at Staten Island University Hospital and his residency at University Hospital at Stony Brook and St. Charles Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.

Dr. Borenstein is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and certified in Medical Acupuncture. He has a special interest in holistic and complementary medicine. He has memberships in numerous professional societies and is affiliated with Lutheran Medical Center. Dr. Borenstein is an Adjunct Professor at the SUNY Health Science Center at Stony Brook.

His website is online at

The workshop is being held at:

The New York Open Center
22 E. 30th Street (between Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue)
New York, NY 10016
Registration for the thyroid workshop is by telephone at 212.219.2527 or online


Can't get to NY, and can't even get your doctor to run a Free T3 test? MyMedLab and I are offering the unique opportunity to get specialized thyroid blood tests at incredibly discounted prices, along with a 15 minute personal phone coaching consult with me to help you map out a plan of action based on your results. It's the ultimate tool for empowered thyroid patients!

Here's an overview: You get to directly order your own thyroid test panel online, but at a significantly discounted cost, far below the price normally charged to consumers. Then, you can go to a local Labcorp laboratory collection facility -- the same lab many doctors use around the country -- to have your tests done. The tests that are part of this panel include:
  • Thyroid (TSH)
  • Free T4 (FT4)
  • Free T3 (FT3)
  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPO)
  • Thyroglobulin Antibody (Anti-thyroglobulin AB)
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Then you can easily schedule a one-on-one 15 minute phone coaching consultation with me. We'll talk about your results, brainstorm questions, and if you need it, I can recommend some of the best practitioners in your area who truly understand thyroid disease and care about helping patients.

Earlier this year, I did pilot projects of this panel and process, and it was fantastic to speak to so many thyroid patients, help match them up with great doctors when necessary, and brainstorm their next steps. Some of the patients I spoke with were waiting for an upcoming doctor's appointment and wanted to be prepared for their session, and have some idea of what to expect. Some people don't have insurance that pays for labwork, and needed to get lab tests done very affordably. Others wanted to check on thyroid status between regular doctor's appointments, and their HMO or insurance won't allow for it or cover it. And some have doctors (or HMOs or insurance companies) that only check TSH and nothing else.

I have limited slots for this special testing/coaching, so if you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity, order now, visit your lab as soon as you can and you'll have results usually within 48 hours, and then you can schedule our session to talk right away, even as early as next week! It really is that fast and easy.

MyMedLab's price for the tests and coaching, when purchased online, is $315.00. That includes the tests -- AND the 15-minute personal coaching followup! If a local lab was billing you directly, you'd pay at least $500, not including the coaching time. And if a doctor was marking up the tests, who knows how much more you'd be charged? I've heard of some patients being charged more than $1,000 by their doctors for this exact panel of tests, even run by the same exact lab, Labcorp!!

Again, you can get started now by clicking here to go to MyMedLab's order page.

Remember, I'm not doctor, and coaching is never meant to replace your essential partnership with a smart, thyroid-savvy doctor! Coaching sessions are provided for educational purposes, to help you formulate questions, find those great practitioners, and be a more empowered, knowledgeable patient. (The way I describe it is that you'll fast-forward quickly up the learning curve!)

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