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The following listing includes recommended doctors and practitioners for your thyroid care. Please note that being listed here in the Thyroid Top Doctors Directory doesn't necessarily mean a doctor is the right one for you. The doctor may be an empathetic and warm physician, but not open to working with drugs like Armour or T3 drugs. The doctor may be brilliant and innovative, but have a terrible bedside manner. Or the doctor may be quite costly and not on insurance programs. Always call the doctor's office ahead of time to find out more about the doctor's philosophy, approach, costs, and other important factors before going in for your first appointment. Please let me know if you have feedback -- positive or negative -- about doctors listed here, or would like to recommend your "top" doctor.

Thanks! -- Mary

Become part of the movement for better care! Help keep great doctors in business and encourage more doctors to properly treat thyroid patients by recommending the smart, caring, innovative practitioner who treats your thyroid condition. We might include him or her on the Top Docs Directory! And if you have criticism or feedback about a listed doctor, please let us know now!

Why is a Particular Doctor No Longer Listed?

Doctors who were previously listed here are removed for a number of reasons.
* The doctor has requested that his/her listings be removed because: he/she does not agree with this site’s philosophy or patient-orientation; the practice is too busy and can’t accept new patients; the doctor does not feel comfortable handling complicated thyroid problems; the doctor did not agree with what was said in the patient recommendations; or the doctor said “take me off the list” and offered no explanation.
* The doctor has moved, retired, or died.
* The doctor has lost his/her license, or given up his/her license, and is no longer practicing medicine.
* Patients have provided negative input about the doctor that is of sufficient concern that, in the opinion of the editor, the doctor should no longer be on the Top Thyroid Doctors List.
* Thyroid Top Doctors would face legal concerns if we published specific information about why patients had negative opinions about doctors, or if we shared a doctor’s occasional ranting ”take me off” email, or if we publicized doctors with licensing problems. So please, if you see that a doctor has been taken off the list and want to know why, talk to the doctor directly. If you write to us to ask why a doctor was taken off the list, we’re sorry, but we won’t be able to answer you or share that information.

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Angie's List!


Betsy Hendricks, MD, 444 Hwy 64E, Office 1, Conway, Arkansas 72032. 501 327-2967. A year after I started menopause, at age 52, I began seeing an endocrinologist because of my history of polycystic ovaries. Each time I saw him (every 3 months for approx. 3 years) he would examine my neck and tell me my thyroid was enlarged. However, he didn't treat me because my thyroid tests were coming back "normal". (I later fired him because of a disagreement over an insurance issue.) Last year I got so tired I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. On the recommendation of a friend, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hendricks. Using lab tests and basal temperature readings, she began prescribing Armour thyroid and supplemented it with Unithroid this year. This may sound simple enough, but treatment was complicated because I also have Wolfe Parkinson White heart syndrome. Dr. Hendricks approach to my treatment has been cautious but effective. I am feeling better today than I've felt in many years, and I'm confident I'm in very good hands. Dr. Hendricks is an excellent MD, and I recommend you take a look at her web site:

Another fan:
"I, as well as my mother, father, brother,sister, nephew, and two close friends cannot say enough how thankful we are that we found Dr. Hendricks. I actually found her through your website more than a year ago (Thank you!!!)and she has literally been a life saver for each and every one of us. When I compare her prices, the limited number of times we have had to see her for significant benefit with the money we all spent trying to get the appropriate medical care she is quite the bargain. She has closed her onsite supplement store and refers her patients to one in Searcy, AR for the prescribed supplements. Thank you for all your hard work." (August 2007) Note: As of October 2006, reports are that this doctor has raised her prices, and initial visits can run as much as $600, and other visits as much as $150 for a half hour. Check ahead of time regarding prices for office visits. (October 2006)


Dr. Thomas Atkinson, Fayetteville, Arkansas. A reader writes, "Dr. Tom treated my mother and I for hypothyroid. He was very helpful. He believes in a lower "normal" range and uses Thyrolar. He is kind, funny and has a great nurse. I have recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia and I miss the wonderful care of Dr. Tom. I would highly recommend him to anyone in Northwest Arkansas with thyroid problems.

Another reader likes Dr. Atkinson:
"compassionate, with a good sense of humor, really cares about his patients, listens closely, and will recommend alternative treatments, supplements, exercise, etc. He's not just in it for the money, and he loves helping people. He still prescribes drugs for patients who want them, but he is very open to those who want alternative remedies, and he researches the best ones.

Note: Readers have reported that this doctor is no longer treating thyroid patients. (October 2006)

Fort Smith

Dr. Hugh Jackson 4107 Massard Road, Fort Smith, AR, 72903, 479-478-7091. (Note: relocating to Fayetteville in 2009).

A reader writes: "Dr. Jackson is kind, compassionate, and truly cares about the health and well being of his patients. He takes plenty of time to answer questions and make sure doctor and patient are both in agreement with the developing treatment strategy. He is willing to consider research and information brought to him, as well as the recommendations by coaching physicians, such as Dr. Shames. Dr. Jackson is willing to prescribe Armour and Cortef, and will try various dosage ranges looking for a positive outcome. No doctor with a better bedside manner can be found!" (Added 11/02)

Note: A reader writes to share that "This doctor does not accept patients who are uninsured.... no exceptions; not even advance cash payment." (Added Dec. 2006)


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Dr. Carol Chaney M.D., Natural and Alternative Medicine P.O. Box 1254, 701 N. Walnut St. Suite B, Harrison, AR 72601 741-7211. "She is an MD, but now treats primarily nutritionally. She will prescribe medication , if necessary. Her thyroid replacement choice is Armour. She is anti-synthetics. She is wonderful, and has turned my life around, after regular doctors told me nothing was wrong, and handed me antidepressants. I had hypothyroid, among other things. She uses the basal body temps to help diagnose thyroid disorders."

Another reader recommends Dr. Chaney:
"I took my wife to her for hypothyroid symptoms, and we had a truly wonderful experience, which is so rare to have with doctors. She listened, was not threatened by our education, but rather appreciated it, and does not consider blood tests the determining factor of thyroid problems. She prefers Armour thyroid, but if your preference is different, she will gladly accommodate that. Also interested in the actual health of the patient rather than just writing a prescription and scheduling another appointment, and will make suggestions based on nutrition as well as pharmacology. An excellent, knowledgeable doctor who knows there are new things to be learned.o

Another reader writes:
"This doctor is absolutely the greatest. She really knows what she is doing --has hypothyroidism -- herself. She uses natural thyroid."

Another reader praises Dr. Chaney:
”Dr. Chaney brought me back to the land of the living!!! She focuses on your symptoms and works to heal your body. I knew that I was on my way to being hospitalized if I didn't get some help. I was frustrated because I had been to my Primary Physician, an Otolaryngologist and an Endocrinologist and none of them seemed to care. I went to Dr. Chaney in June and I feel 100% better in only 2 months. She put me on Armour and Cortef, along with some supplements and I am a new person. She truly was a gift from God and she has worked a miracle on me.o (added 1/04)


A reader writes: "I am pleased to refer Dr. Kevin Ganong. He is working with me and I am so relieved to find someone who has some genuine interest and answers. He is a wonderful dedicated family man. On my first visit I told him I didn't know it but I had been looking for him for over 2 years. I know he will be able to help me. I am now awaiting latest test results and his input. He had suggested putting me on a natural thyroid extract. I am virtually ignorant re thyroid, but reading and learning all I can. Dr. Ganong answered my gazillion questions and I felt he was pleased that I was interested in the info re my health"

Little Rock

John Baldridge, M.D., Endocrinologist, St. Vincent Circle, Little Rock, AR 72205, 501-552-4763. A reader writes: "Finally, a doctor in central Arkansas has been located who actually listens to symptoms and doesn't just look at test result numbers. Dr. Baldridge is known to spend time with his patients, working with them, and adjusting their medication until the patient feels better. He is generous with samples and he prescribes Cytomel (T3).o (Added 4/04)

A reader writes:
"This guy prescribes Armour. My life has changed because of it!" (Added Apr 06)

Another recommendation:
"Please add his name as a physician who prescribes both Thyrolar and Armour." (June 2006)


Melissa Taliaferro, M.D., General practice/internist/primary care, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, 106 Cherry Street (P.O. Box 400), Leslie, Arkansas, 72645, Ph/Fax: 870-447-2599 / 870-447-2917 A reader writes: "I've been a patient of Dr. Melissa's for over fifteen years and highly recommend her to anyone. She has regularly checked my thyroid tests (blood tests) and makes the proper recommendations for treatment. I appreciate her method of treatment and go to her with any problems I may have." (Added Dec. 2006)

Little Rock

Donald L. Bodenner, M.D.,Ph.D, endocrinologist, oncologist, VAMS Medical Center thyroid clinic, Slot 587, 4301 W. Markham, Little Rock, AR 72205-7199 501-686-5130. A reader writes: "He came this year from the Mayo Clinic to establish a thyroid clinic at the Med Center / VA. He sees his patients on time, listens, offers alternatives, and gives the patient choices in treatment."

Little Rock

Joe B. Colclasure ear, nose and throat, Little Rock. A reader tells us, "My mother was diagnosed with a cold nodule on her thyroid...Dr. Colclasure promptly felt it...sent her for a needle biopsy and then on to another doctor. I was very pleased with his service...

Little Rock

Mary Sain, MD, Internal Medicine, 2601 Kavanaugh, #6, Little Rock, AR 72205, 501-614-8072
A reader writes: "Incorporates holistic medicine in her practice" (Added: June 2004)

A reader writes:
"After going to several doctors complaining that I still was not feeling good after having taken levothyroxine and Synthroid, Dr. Sain actually listened. I found her on this website and she is an angel. She agreed with treating my hypothyroidism with Armour. She actually tested for Free T3 which no one else had done. In fact, Dr. Sain ran several tests that were abnormal that no one else had ran and not just dealing all with thyroid problems. She listened attentively to me, she talked to me and she told me that I did not have to live like this anymore. She doesn't follow traditional lab value ranges or treat accordingly to just numbers. She listens to your symptoms. She also is aware of the new lab ranges promulgated by the endocrinology association. She is a great doctor and truly takes a holistic approach and helps to achieve the well being of you body, mind and soul. I highly recommend this excellent doctor!!!! (Added 1/06)

Little Rock

Brendan Stack, MD, FACS, Otolaryngology. (was formerly located in Hershey, PA.) Professor and Vice Chairman o Adult Services, Chief, Division Head and Neck Oncology, Director of Clinical Research, University of Arkansas College of Medicine, Department of Otolaryngology. 4301 W. Markham St., #543, Little Rock, AR 72205. 501-686-5140. (Updated 1/06).

"I had thyroid cancer and Dr. Stack removed my thyroid. He explained everything to me very clearly. He was able to remove all the cancerous tissue and at this time I am cancer-free. (Added 4/04)

A reader writes:
"I feel truly blessed to have found my "top doc" in Brendan Stack. He has done a remarkable job with my thyroid cancer.His kindness & caring is beyond compare. His nurse could not have been more special too. She went out of her way to be sure that I was well taken care of as well as my family. The wonderful sense of humor in Dr.Stack's office helped so much to lift my spirits too. Thank you isn't enough." (Added: June 2004)

Another reader writes:
"I highly recommend Dr. Stack not only for his kindness & compassion but for his impressive abilities as a surgeon. He was always ready to listen to my concerns & explained things in terms I could understand. The thing that made me most comfortable was that Dr. Stack performs hundreds of thyroid surgeries a year..not just a few! That made me feel much more at ease. If you are looking for an outstanding surgeon in PA., look no further!" (Added: June 2004)

Another reader writes:
"I went to Dr. Stack after doing a lot of research & after the recommendations on this site. He is an excellent surgeon with years of experience with thyroid problems. He does listen intently to my concerns & does not rush through the visit His staff was great – very caring & concerned not only with me but it seems that every patient in that office was treated like they were very special people. My surgery went very well and I too give Dr. Brendan Stack "two very enthusiastic thumbs up" He is my "top doc" as well. (Added 6/05)

Mountain Home

William Ford MD, Surgeon, Mountain Home, Arkansas, Ph/Fax: 870-425-9120. A reader writes: "Dr Ford is a Vascular Surgeon. I was referred for having thyroid Nodules........ Dr Ford was the 3rd Doctor I saw for my Nodules. He kept me on my Armor, monitored me with Ultrasound and labs every 8 weeks for changes in the nodules. Instead of wanting to do a total TT on me immediately he "wanted to make sure I really needed my thyroid out". I liked him so much, very kind, very experienced and likes Armor. I feel good and still have my thyroid. He will watch me with Ultrasound and is working with Dr Carol Chaney on my care.......Very professional and friendly office staff also. A+ I highly recommend him for any surgical opinions needed. And his office accepts insurance assignment and his First office visit was reasonable under $100. " (Added Dec. 2006)

Pine Bluff

Dr. Kimberly Garner, General Practice, 4747 Dusty Lake Drive, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603, 870-879-6795. "She generally cares about her patients. She takes her time with each one, even if she is behind on her appointments., She doesn't try to treat everything with extra medications, but actually treats the whole patient."

Sherwood/North Little Rock

Raymond Maracek, M.D. Internist, special interest in endocrinology. 1308 Kiehly Avenue, Sherwood, AR 72120, Phone 501-835-0703. A reader writes, “After years of major medical problems including eight hospital stays in one year, I changed doctors and was very blessed in finding Dr. Maracek. He not only listened but he did his own investigating (tests) and then made his recommendations. He started me on thyroid medication even though I was in the low-normal range, changed some other medications I was on at the time, monitored me closely and encouraged me. I have been in the hospital one time since and that was for a severe strep infection - that being in the 10 years since first seeing Dr. Maracek. What more could one ask for?"


Dr. Jeffery R. Baker, General Practice and Alternative Medicine , Immanuel Clinic, 900 Dorman Springdale AR 72764, 28501 756-3251

"1. He listens, 2. He will work with the patient with his her specific needs. e.g. is willing to work on getting my thyroid meds in balance rather than dismissing my case on only one test result, 3. He also brings his wealth of knowledge in sports medicine into his practice and this can be very helpful in total body wellness."

Another fan:
"Dr. Baker is wonderful!!! He listens and he works with you. I have been a patient for the past three years. He has been treating me for and an automimmune disease of my thyroid and has me on a compounded, time released T-3 along with synthroid. I can't begin to tell you how it has helped me and improved the quality of my life. Don't hesitate to see him." (Added March 2009)


Dan Martin DOM, OMD, Alternative OM Medicine, 619 East 6th Street, Texarkana, Arkansas 71854, 870-772-8622, A reader writes: “This clinic uses Armour and treats Wilsons syndrome!” (Added 1/06)

A reader writes:
"He figures out why you have a problem. Instead of giving you a pill to fix a symptom" (Added Apr 06)


Richard Shames MD, author of THYROID POWER and the best-selling book FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED?, offers personalized telephone coaching sessions focused on optimizing your 'Energy Triad' -- the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive glands.

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  • Explore foods and supplements that help
  • Create an individualized wellness plan just for you
Dr. Shames is a Harvard and University of Pennsylvania-educated practicing physician, who has specialized for the last 20 years in optimal hormone balancing, and individualized thyroid solutions. His new book, FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED? presents an endo-type approach to thyroid, adrenal, and sex gland balance. Order the book directly from Amazon now, or find out more online.

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