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The following listing includes recommended doctors and practitioners for your thyroid care. Please note that being listed here in the Thyroid Top Doctors Directory doesn't necessarily mean a doctor is the right one for you. The doctor may be an empathetic and warm physician, but not open to working with drugs like Armour or T3 drugs. The doctor may be brilliant and innovative, but have a terrible bedside manner. Or the doctor may be quite costly and not on insurance programs. Always call the doctor's office ahead of time to find out more about the doctor's philosophy, approach, costs, and other important factors before going in for your first appointment. Please let me know if you have feedback -- positive or negative -- about doctors listed here, or would like to recommend your "top" doctor.

Thanks! -- Mary

Become part of the movement for better care! Help keep great doctors in business and encourage more doctors to properly treat thyroid patients by recommending the smart, caring, innovative practitioner who treats your thyroid condition. We might include him or her on the Top Docs Directory! And if you have criticism or feedback about a listed doctor, please let us know now!

Why is a Particular Doctor No Longer Listed?

Doctors who were previously listed here are removed for a number of reasons.
* The doctor has requested that his/her listings be removed because: he/she does not agree with this site’s philosophy or patient-orientation; the practice is too busy and can’t accept new patients; the doctor does not feel comfortable handling complicated thyroid problems; the doctor did not agree with what was said in the patient recommendations; or the doctor said “take me off the list” and offered no explanation.
* The doctor has moved, retired, or died.
* The doctor has lost his/her license, or given up his/her license, and is no longer practicing medicine.
* Patients have provided negative input about the doctor that is of sufficient concern that, in the opinion of the editor, the doctor should no longer be on the Top Thyroid Doctors List.
* Thyroid Top Doctors would face legal concerns if we published specific information about why patients had negative opinions about doctors, or if we shared a doctor’s occasional ranting ”take me off” email, or if we publicized doctors with licensing problems. So please, if you see that a doctor has been taken off the list and want to know why, talk to the doctor directly. If you write to us to ask why a doctor was taken off the list, we’re sorry, but we won’t be able to answer you or share that information.

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Dr Peter Tunbridge GP, East Torrens Medical Centre Uraidla. A reader writes, “Dr. Tunbridge is willing to trial thyroid medication if symptoms warrant it. He also tests for and prescribes progesterone, estrogen and testosterone hormone replacements, and has an excellent diet for hypoglycemia. He was originally recommended to me by Dr Sandra Cabot’s (author of “The Liver Cleansing Diet” and other related books) Sydney clinic. Dr Tunbridge is an excellent GP who is willing to think ‘outside the square.’”

Another address provided:
Suite 22, 183 Tynte St., North Adelaide SA Australia, 8267 3133 (6/02).

Another reader praises Dr. Tunbridge:
”I would like to recommend Dr. Peter Tunbridge of Adelaide. He is a caring, listening doctor who is not tied to diagnosing thyroid conditions via TSH results. I originally saw him after being referred by the Sandra Cabot Foundation in Sydney. I was desperate for answers. I had a high TSH after 11 years on synthetic T4 replacement. Bad considering I have had surgery 10 times for thyroid cancer and should have had a totally suppressed TSH reading. My regular doctor's answer was more T4. Since I had developed thyroid resistance it was definitely not the answer. Dr. Tunbridge prescribed T3 and for a time I seemed to get better but when I hit rock bottom again he was willing to listen to my suggestion that we try Armour. I now have my sanity back. My husband has noticed my positive mood changes. I have more energy and no longer feel like "the living dead". My receptor sites may have been permanently damaged but I feel more positive now than I have felt in years. This man saved my life. I can never thank him enough.” (added 1/04)


Dr William Hague -- no longer listed. (He specifically asked to be removed from this list, saying that he does not want to be associated with a patient-oriented list of top thyroid doctors, and does not want patients who would find him via this list.)


Dr Anthony Roberts -- no longer listed

Baulkham Hills, New South Wales

Dr Jane Holmes-Walker, Endocrinologist, Suite 6 Hills Private Hospital, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Phone: 0296869000, A reader writes: "She is very approachable and listens to your concerns without being pushy or making you feel stupid." (Added: Dec. 04)


Ash Gargya, Endocrinologist, Suite 5, 80 Kitchener Parade, Bankstown 2200.

A reader writes: "A very caring specialist who explains everythng so clearly - he is very knowledge and kind, approachable and has time to listen." (March 2009)


Dr. A. Fixler, Canterbury Gardens Medical Centre, 51 Blandford Cres., Bayswater NTH, 97203199. A reader writes, “Dr. Fixler has been fantastic, he looks at the results but how I feel is the most important thing, he is easy to talk to, very human, and my life saver. He has told me we will try everything until I feel like my old self.”


Dr. Gregory Hockings endocrinologist Greenslopes Private Hospital, Greenslopes, Qld Australia PH: (Dr Hockings) 0738478848 (for appts). A reader writes, “Dr Hockings listens and thinks OUTSIDE his “square.” He actually found out I had a genetic blood disease when he did a clotting test before putting me on HRT. He is CAREFUL and he is CAPABLE. I was then able to see a hematologist who allayed some of my concerns, but Dr Hockings had explained a lot of it to me...even though it was outside his field and he is REALLY busy! And, he’s a really nice guy!”


Dr. Christopher Strakosch, Endocrinologist, Morris Towers, 149 Wickham Terrace Brisbane. 4000, 0738320457, "Dr. Strakosch is approachable and understanding. He also prefers to treat patients according to their symptoms and not according to their lab values. He is also quite prepared to prescribe natural thyroid (T3) on patients request. He is very approachable and easy to talk to." (Added 6/02).


Dr. Dzung Price, Natural hormones, 4 Albert Ave, Broadbeach & Ashgrove, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Brisbane (07) 55390048 Fax (07)55390034. She practices complementary medicine. (added 1/04)

Brisbane / Milton

A reader writes: "Dr. Alan Hadley from the Cribb Street Medical Clinic in Milton is a doctor I highly recommend in Brisbane. He has treated myself for Hashimoto's and my aunt for Graves' disease, we both cannot speak highly enough of him. He has gotten me onto the Natural Extract after years of being on the synthetic drug and supplemented me with Natural T3, he gave me the Reverse T3 blood test and that came back very, very bad and explained alot of my continuing poor health - he has helped rectify those effects by the above mentioned doses. He has tested me for so many other related things through blood tests and other hormone tests, seeing the big picture in all of these findings. He has a most wonderful manner about him, very supportive in every way, he looks at what causes the autoimmune disease and works on trying to rectify this - he is very open and actively encouraging to alternative health support as well. This man has changed my life around, my aunt does not know where she would be without his care." (October 2006)

Another reader writes:
"I am 31 years old and have had an under-active thyroid since I was 18. For a number of years, I was prescribed Oroxine on and off which did not make any difference at all. About 18mths or so ago I was referred to Dr Alan Hadley by a herbalist that I was seeing for fertility issues. I am so glad that she referred me to Dr Alan Hadley. He has placed me on porcine thyroid extract (a natural supplement containing both T4 AND T3). I was fortunate that I started taking this early in my pregnancy, and post pregnancy (my baby is 5 mths old), I continue to take 2x60mcg capsules daily (same dose as when I was pregnant). Dr Alan Hadley has also prescribed me with "RejuvenX", a natural supplement that I drink stirred into water that has cured digestive issues I have also had for at least 5 years. Dr Alan Hadley ensures that he does all the prerequisite tests before prescribing any treatment, and continues relevant testing at suitable intervals. Dr Alan Hadley prescribes both "mainstream" and "complementary" tests and can interpret both types of results. In my opinion he works holistically and is "worth his weight in gold". I have referred two friends to Dr Hadley, who both rave about the results they have been able to achieve from seeing him." (March 2009)


Dr John Lee, Ballow Chambers, 121 Wickham Terrace Brisbane, Qld, Australia 4000, 0417 331 646,

A reader writes: "Dr Lee a holistic doctor who specialises in treating the thyroid and integrates natural and orthodox treatment in his clinic. He is very thorough and has made a big difference to my health and those people I have recommended to see him. " (March 2009)

Crescent, Midland

Dr. Syma -- no longer listed (June 2008)

Geelong Victoria

Dr Roy Nicholson, Otolarynologist, 43 Little Myers St, Geelong Victoria, 052 226620. “Easy to talk to, neat cut incision. I feel more energetic, much healthier since my goiter was removed.”

Isle of Capri

Leisa Wheeler, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, Naturopathic Doctor,Suite 23, Capri Commercial Centre, 15-21 Via Roma, Isle of Capri, Gold Coast 4217, 0413 143 707,,

A reader writes:
"As a thyroid patient herself, Leisa Wheeler has made an intensive study of Adrenal/Thyroid/Hormonal balance. I strongly recommend anyone with adrenal/thyroid/hormone balance consult with her. Leisa takes in the big picture." (July 2008)

Melbourne - Camberwell

Robert Hanner -- no longer listed (October 2007)


A reader recommends doctors from the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Melbourne 9589 6088 for recommendation for doctor in your area. "Doctors who come through the college are willing to listen and seek alternatives to what is very essentially a very conservative practice in Australia. They are not "flat earth practitioners".

Another reader recommends the ACNEM:
“I suggest that people contact this College for recommendations of qualified medical practitioners who have studied nutrition. These doctors are very savvy in cutting edge medicine and are sprinkled all around Australia now.”

Mona Vale, NSW

Dr. Anthony Morrow -- No longer listed (May 2008)


Dr Robert Coles, thyroid, 60 Derby Street, NSW. 2750. 02 47665599. A reader writes: “Explains thyroid functions so easily that you become a thyroid expert too. His expertise is fantastic. His surgery is out of the way but most of his clients come from all areas because they hear what a great doctor he is.” (Added 6/05)

Another writer:
Still highly recommend him. Specializes in natural hormone therapy via compounding pharmacist Armour thyroid and T3 also DHEA, testosterone progesterone. Also has female doctor Jocelyn Cullingford working in same practice dealing with womens issues, depression fatigue PMS menopause both very thorough doctors and most importantly willing to listen and let you have some in put on your health.


Dr. Salim Ismail, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, Desana Whole health, 343 Cambridge Street, Wembley, Western Australia, Australia, 6014, (08)93839997 FAX:(08)93839164.

"I've suffered years of depression which doctors have only been able to keep under control with high doses of antidepressants. I had my thyroid tested many times by other doctors because of symptoms I displayed but the tests came back negative and nothing was ever done. This is the first that has to me, he said "Jenni, I treat patient symptom not blood test results." What a guy! I now take thyroid medication for hypothyroidism and cortisol supplements and I have reduced my Effexor medication from 475 mg/day to 75 mg/day in 2 months and I feel fantastic!" (Added Dec. 04)

Another recommendation:
A reader writes: "I have been suffering with fatigue for at least 2 years and have seen many doctors and naturopaths without any success, until I saw Dr. Ismail who immediately recognized my condition and has been able to get me back on track." (June 2006)

A fan:
"Still highly recommend him. Specializes in natural hormone therapy via compounding pharmacist Armour thyroid and T3 also DHEA, testosterone progesterone. Also has female doctor Jocelyn Cullingford working in same practice dealing with womens issues, depression fatigue PMS menopause both very thorough doctors and most importantly willing to listen and let you have some in put on your health." (August 2007)

Another reader writes:
"I have been going to Dr. Ismail for a couple of years now. I started going after having been to 6 other GPs and two endocrinologists... and feeling worse than ever. He is willing to listen and treats one with respect and interest. He adjusts treatment to fit each patient and their current state. Most importantly, he does not simply go on blood test results! He is willing to try something different to see if it will help, but does not force any specific treatment on anyone. Dr. Ismail stays abreast with the latest developments in the field. Highly recommended!" (May 2008)

Another patient says: "Dr Ismail is an excellent doctor and he will treat with armour thyroid medication and goes on symptoms, not just blood tests. He has helped me incredibly and I would highly recommend him - a really sensitive, lovely doctor." (March 2009)

Queensland, Brisbane

A reader recommends Dr. John Prinns, endocrinologist. "He is the travelling specialist to North west Queensland. He visits here every two months. Has agreed to let me try T3 with T4 -- although was sceptical at first, he followed up some more research and tried some more of his own patients on it since then and says it works for some patients. He is quite 'human' to talk to and listens to my 'list of questions.' He believes that your levels should be determined by a combination of how the patient feels and 'normal levels'. He writes a letter back to my GP each visit to tell him my progress and suggests future treatment-- and my GP can contact him to discuss anything. I asked him if he knew of any support groups when I first visited and he didn't so I recently gave him a print out of "Mary's home page" and the address of the Australian Thyroid Foundation and he asked if he could keep it. He also said he had read some articles by Dr Ridha Arem-- when I showed him my "Thyroid Solution" book.

Queensland, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

Dr Peter Hodgkinson, GP, Plaza Parade, Maroochydore, 807 - 5443 9455 A reader writes: "This doctors is into alternative health, has an open mind, and is quite willing to take symptoms into consideration as well as blood test results. Because of my continuing symptoms, I am now using T3, at my request."

Another recommendation:
Dr Peter Hodgkinson, general practice. Family Medical Centre Plaza parade Maroochydore. A reader contributes, “He uses Broda O Barnes methods of diagnosing hypothyroidism. He also seems confident in the use of T3 and has a very nice manner.”

Another recommendation:
A reader writes: "He is a down to earth, open-minded gentle practitioner . He was more than happy to trial me on T3 and let me feel as if I had some control over my own medical decisions. I wish there were more Doctors like him. He treats his patients with dignity and respect." (June 2006)

Queensland, Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

Dr. Scott Powell, Family Medical Centre Plaza Parade, 07-5443 9455, "Dr. Powell looks beyond blood test results and takes symptoms into consideration. He tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and endeavors to treat the underlying cause of illness. Dr. Powell is very caring, sympathetic, and informed. Moreover, I initially contacted this medical centre following the dvice listed on this website. Dr. Hodgkinson of this same practice, as recommended here, is not taking on new patients. Dr. Powell is a new doctor at the centre who uses the same methods." (Added Dec. 04)

South Australia

Dr. Kerry Callaghan -- no longer listed

St. Leonards, New South Wales

Dr. Bruce G. Robinson, M.D. Endocrinology, Wallace Freeborn Professorial Block, Royal North Shore Hospital, St. Leonards, New South Wales, Australia, 02 9926-7267. "He takes the time to listen and help you with your problems," said a reader. "I was surprised to also see he has his home phone number on his business card for emergency. Very easy to talk to and explains things so you can understand."

Sydney - Chatswood

Dr. Ludka Berkowski, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD Suite 6A/77 Albert Ave. Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia, 02 9410 0764, 02 9410 1590,

Note: This doctor can be very expensive, and reportedly rarely uses blood tests in her diagnoses.

Dr. Berkowski writes: "I am a general practitioner with Hashimoto and adrenal insufficiency, perimenopausal. My endocrinologist did not want to confirm my self-diagnosis, despite having all the symptoms of both conditions. That's how I developed interest in these topics. In the last few years I read everything there is to know about diagnosis and treatment of Hashimoto, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, CFS. I feel great myself and so do my patients. Fortunately, we have 4 compounding chemists in Sydney, who have all the needed supplements. I am still searching for an endocrinologist, who is open to treatments with thyroid extract, T3 an believes in the existence of adrenal fatigue."

Another reader writes:
"I found Ludka on this website over a year ago. Since seeing her, my health has improved greatly. She understands the big picture, and has prescribed T3 and DHEA from compounding chemists to help. I have sent other patients to her and they have found similar turnarounds, especially regarding the treatment of Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism. As she has had the disease herself, she knows exactly what to look for and orders far more tests than any other doctor I have been to over the years. She always keeps her knowledge up to date and goes to conferences. As she is so good she is very busy - leave plenty of messages because you will get an appointment. You must see her!" (Added: June 2004)

Another reader writes:
"This doctor is wonderful. I have been trying to find someone, anyone who would listen and Dr Berkowski not only listens but takes the time to explain without making you feel like a nag. I made the 4 hour drive to visit her and would do it again and recommend her to any woman who finds that no one listens about thyroid problems." (Added: June 2004)

More recommendations:
"I found her name on this site a few months ago and I went to see her because I was desperate for someone to help and understand me. She was great! She prescribed me T3 and DHEA. She knows all about Hashimoto's Disease and realizes to go on a patient's symptoms and not necessarily blood test results. I really liked her and thought she was great." (Added Dec. 04)

Another fan:
"Dr Berkowski is open to using the latest natural medications such as T3 and Amour and gives you the choice to use only natural or a combination of natural and synthetic. If you are already diagnosed with thyroid she will start you on medication from the first visit and show you how to adjust your medication if you fall either side of the average.What surprised me about this doctor was how kind she treated me A fter claiming back off Medicare she was cheaper to see than my local GP and I got an hour with Dr Berkowski and got some seriously good help." (Added Dec. 04)

Another reader writes:
"This is the best doctor!" (Added June 2005)

Another reader:
“It took me ten years to find a Doctor like Dr Berkowski, the treatment she has given me when other doctors would just ignore or insult me, has turned my life around. She is at the cutting edge of her profession and always willing to listen. If it were not for her care and treatments I would not have been able to study full time and work these past three years, and now I am entering proper full time employment for the first time in my life thanks to the level of health I have achieved through her treatments. I don't know of any other doctor like her.” (Added 1/06)

Another fan:
“I was recommended to Ludka by a girlfriend. My daughter and I went along - desperate for help. After 4 years of allopathic medicine and specialists etc we have found a doctor with a keen intelligence, interest in the field and a fresh response to our needs. My time frame is now in terms of "before Ludka", "after Ludka". I will be able to work again. Not only is my body regaining normal function I feel like a valued and valuable person again. Am highly recommending Dr Berkowski to afflicted friends.” (Added 1/06)

Another reader writes:
"I have been having many problems for many years. I had many, many tests and still no doctor was able to find out the causes. I was told about Dr Ludka Berkowski and she immediately pin pointed my problems and treated me for thyroid problems. In about eight weeks I really felt the difference. I can't tell you how well I feel and most of my problems have gone. She is a fabulously good listener. She's great!" (October 2006)

Another fan:
"This doctor is kind and generous with her time and knowledge.She has recently acquired an American computer which is used to diagnose thyroid conditions and to follow up the dose of thyroid replacement. As we all know, there is not a single reliable blood test for the thyroid. This new invention called Thyroflex is 99.9% accurate both in diagnosis and adjusting the dose of the thyroid replacement.Dr Ludka understands how people feel as she herself suffered with Hashimoto disease and underactive adrenal glands.I have complete confidence in her ability to restore people back to normal. After being on DHEA and Armor for 3 mths, I was able to start working again.Dr Ludka believes in using so called Fountain of Youth in people who have very low levels of Human Growth Hormone, as it restores the already damaged thyroid function. She is very gentle, gives everybody time to tell about their problems, doesn't use pressure but offers several choices of treatment and explains how each medication works.If you have symptoms of underactive thyroid and your blood tests are normal, she is the one to turn to." (Added Dec. 2006)

A fan:
Doctor Ludka Berkowski is a life saver. The first doctor who actually spoke to me one on one in our appointment instead of speaking down to me. The first Doctor in 25 years of TSH testing to actually palpate my thyroid gland, of course, there are nodules there, I have Hashimoto's disease and have done for nearly 40 years. medicated patronisingly. All I can say is see Dr Ludka Berkowski, she understands, she has the same disease that most of us have, and you should see how well she is now! I'm sure all her other recommending patients are well now too. Thank you Dr Berkowski!!! Xxx (August 2007)

A reader writes:
Dr Berkowski -- a highly qualified practitioner who has a special interest (hypothyroidism) without being a specialist -- has come to the rescue again! I could see that my husband was hypothyroid because of my own research, and over a ten year period I sent him to five general practitioners in an attempt to get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism for him. He always took a list of symptoms and was prepared to talk about them. But most of the doctors were not interested in signs and symptoms and did not even examine him -- they sent him for blood tests, which always came back in the normal range, so no diagnosis. One did examine him, and said he had a lot of signs of hypothyroidism, but when the blood tests came back in the normal range, no diagnosis. One actually told my husband to take his temperature in the mornings (low body temperature being a sign of hypothyroidism), but he described the readings as low-normal instead of low, so -- no diagnosis. In desperation we made an appointment with Dr Berkowski. (We had to travel 300 km each way and stay two nights in a motel.) The result was stunning! Dr Berkowski felt my husband's thyroid gland and found three old hard nodules, indicating that "something has been going wrong for a long time". The nodules were confirmed by a scan. She looked at all the old medical reports etc and found very low temperatures, recorded but ignored. After a careful examination she gave him a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and prescribed desiccated thyroid, in doses "to be gradually increased until he feel great!" We are still increasing the dose gradually. I highly recommend Dr Berkowski for anyone who cannot get a diagnosis or proper treatment for hypothyroidism from a general practitioner or endocrinologist. She looks at the patient, not a piece of paper or a computer screen! And she is very pleasant and easy to talk to, as well as extremely professional (in the best sense). She certainly qualifies as a top doctor." (August 2007).

Another fan:
"Yes, Dr Ludka is expensive, but at least you know you get proper treatment. After 2 years of misdiagnoses and hundreds or, more like thousands of dollars on doctors, specialists, scans, u/s, xrays, OTC and prescription meds, I found Dr Berkowski to be the ONLY one who had a clue about thyroid conditions and adrenal fatigue. More importantly she encourages her patients to be well informed and recommends literature and websites to keep them updated on latest developments. MOst doctors I saw prior to Dr Berkowski were disdainful of alternative treatments such as dessicated thyroid extract, patronising about my attempts to get to the bottom of my condition, dismissive about adrenal fatigue and worse, to a man--and woman--ALL advised anti-depressants." (March 2009)


Dr Anthony O’Sullivan endocrinologist C/- St George Hospital. Writes this reader, “Nice guy, prescribes T3 therapy.”

Sydney (Penrith)

Dr. Robert Coles, Endocrinologist and reproductive specialist as well, Sydney (Penrith) Australia, 02 2472-12445. "A gentle, caring man that will listen to you rave on," is how one reader described Dr. Coles. "When I first found out about the nodes and panicked he actually rang me personally at home and discussed the results and treatments."

Another reader on Dr. Coles:
A reader recommends Dr. Robert Coles, endocrinologist, Derby Street Penrith, Ph O2 47212445. "Caring-- thorough and listens."


John N Stiel, endocrinologist, 40 Pacific Hwy St Leonard’s 2065 61 2 9439 8447. A reader writes, “Dr Stiel is one of the top doctors in his field in Sydney. However I have recommended him because he will take the time to discuss all your concerns (that’s hard to find!) and will give you the choice of alternative treatments before making his recommendation.”


Dr. Katherine Samaras, Consultant physician in Endocrinology and Metabolism, St. Vincents Clinic, 438 Victoria St., Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, 2010, 02 83826778. "She is a good listener, doesn't just stop at the first obvious answer. Involved in the Garven Institute and very aware of the problems of every day life. Explains things really well. Works in well with my GP keeping her informed, happy to discuss treatment alternatives. Makes suggestions, not godlike laws. A very human human." (Added 6/02).


Dr David Henderson, Naturopath, 324 Victoria Ave, Chatswood. Sydney NSW, 2067 43 234465

A reader writes: "Working in a health center that has a compounding pharmacy." (Added June 2005)


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  • Create an individualized wellness plan just for you
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