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The following listing includes recommended doctors and practitioners for your thyroid care. Please note that being listed here in the Thyroid Top Doctors Directory doesn't necessarily mean a doctor is the right one for you. The doctor may be an empathetic and warm physician, but not open to working with drugs like Armour or T3 drugs. The doctor may be brilliant and innovative, but have a terrible bedside manner. Or the doctor may be quite costly and not on insurance programs. Always call the doctor's office ahead of time to find out more about the doctor's philosophy, approach, costs, and other important factors before going in for your first appointment. Please let me know if you have feedback -- positive or negative -- about doctors listed here, or would like to recommend your "top" doctor.

Thanks! -- Mary

Become part of the movement for better care! Help keep great doctors in business and encourage more doctors to properly treat thyroid patients by recommending the smart, caring, innovative practitioner who treats your thyroid condition. We might include him or her on the Top Docs Directory! And if you have criticism or feedback about a listed doctor, please let us know now!

Why is a Particular Doctor No Longer Listed?

Doctors who were previously listed here are removed for a number of reasons.
* The doctor has requested that his/her listings be removed because: he/she does not agree with this site’s philosophy or patient-orientation; the practice is too busy and can’t accept new patients; the doctor does not feel comfortable handling complicated thyroid problems; the doctor did not agree with what was said in the patient recommendations; or the doctor said “take me off the list” and offered no explanation.
* The doctor has moved, retired, or died.
* The doctor has lost his/her license, or given up his/her license, and is no longer practicing medicine.
* Patients have provided negative input about the doctor that is of sufficient concern that, in the opinion of the editor, the doctor should no longer be on the Top Thyroid Doctors List.
* Thyroid Top Doctors would face legal concerns if we published specific information about why patients had negative opinions about doctors, or if we shared a doctor’s occasional ranting ”take me off” email, or if we publicized doctors with licensing problems. So please, if you see that a doctor has been taken off the list and want to know why, talk to the doctor directly. If you write to us to ask why a doctor was taken off the list, we’re sorry, but we won’t be able to answer you or share that information.

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Joseph Py, D.O. -- practice closed (July 2008)


Dr. Glenn Rothfeld 180 Massachusetts Avenue/ Suite #303 Arlington, MA 02474 781-641-1901 A reader writes: "After 6 months and 9 doctors who told me all of my symptoms were in my head and my thyroid was normal I finally found Dr. Rothfeld who listened to me. Soon after I started to explain my symptoms he seemed to know exactly what was happening to me. He's the first doctor I saw who didn't assume that I was just depressed and who also listened to what my fiancé had to say about my health. He has only written one prescription and is trying to work on bringing my body into balance through nutritional supplements and vitamins. It is heartening to walk into a doctor's office and see a extremely happy staff and a note explaining that the doctor takes time with his patients and listens to everything they have to say in order to get a complete diagnosis so you may have to wait a little while and the doctor will give you the same attention. His book Thyroid Balance is well written and explores the many new approaches to thyroid disorders. He saw that his patients had thyroid problems and did the research to find out how to treat them unlike most general practitioners." (Added 6/03)

Another recommendation for Dr. Rothfeld:
"I chose Dr. Rothfeld after seeing him on Top Docs. He’s the first doctor who I feel actually listens, takes time, and treats me like an intelligent participant in my health care. Dr. Rothfeld has a calm, unhurried nature and takes the time to explain your results in a way you can understand. He also gives patients a ‘healing path’ sheet that summarizes his findings and treatments. I can’t recommend him enough!" (Added 10/05)

NOTE: This doctor may be overbooked, as patients are reporting office visits that last no more than 5-10 minutes, at a cost of $500 or more. (October 2006).

Boston/Newton Area

Kenneth Blanchard, MD. 1172 Beacon Street, Suite 101, Newton, MA 02461. Work: (617) 527-1810.

(Note from Mary: Please note that Kenneth Blanchard is frequently heavily booked. Call to check on the current status. He also does not accept insurance.)

A reader writes:
"I'd like to list my endocrinologist as a top doc for the greater Boston area. He is Dr. Kenneth R. Blanchard, Ph.D., M.D. He specializes in hypothyroidism and diabetes. He is the only doc I have heard of in the Boston area who will treat subclinical hypothyroidism, and he also uses T3, but in much smaller dosages than Wilson's Syndrome describes. His office is located at Newton Wellesley Hospital (about l5 miles from Westwood) in Newton near l28. He does a very thorough evaluation and likes to explain everything about thyroid."

Another reader wrote in...
"My new endo is great! His name is Kenneth Blanchard, MD, and he's in Newton, MA." A third reader wrote: "I would like to recommend my top doc. Kenneth Blanchard, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, 2000 Washington Street, Suite 563 . West Newton, Massachusetts. 617-527-1810. The statement that most impressed me was that he said, 'How can I listen to a woman complain of 8 out of 10 hypothyroid symptoms and have her lab tests within normal limits and tell her 'No your thyroid is fine.' I think a trial course of thyroid hormone is much less dangerous than Prozac or other anti depressants.' "

Another reader recommends Dr. Blanchard. . .
"When I saw your quote about 'listening to the patient and not the lab value,' I was positive the quote came from my former boss and MD Dr. Ken Blanchard. He is the first physician I have met who is willing to listen to his patients. I spent 2 days a month in bed medicated due to unbalanced hormones. He asked me what seemed like a million questions and told me I had spite of normal test results. He uses compounded medications free of dyes and excipients which is an added benefit. My life is dramatically changed. I recently returned to college and am getting A's. I could not do this before, I was too tired and could not concentrate long enough. I now live across the US but he is the only person I will trust with my thyroid."

More praise from a reader for Dr. Blanchard…
"I was extremely fortunate in getting an appointment with Dr. Blanchard before everyone found out about him and his "unusual" approach to treatment: if a patient doesn't "test" within the "guidelines," but has all or most of the symptoms, and treatment is (basically) benign if the patient is not in fact suffering from the ailment targeted for treatment, but is life-changing if he/she IS, then, TREAT the patient, stupid! Nothing to lose and everything to gain. We're talking about T3 and T4, not an experimental cancer drug. Dr. Blanchard treats me, and I assume other patients, as though they are intelligent and 'equal;' occasionally he might assume TOO much intelligence! But I think almost everyone would find that preferable to being treated like a person who is not worth discussing their own health with! His lack of arrogance is astonishing. He is not a god, but stands far above 99% of the MD population." (added 1/04)

Another fan:
"I have suffered with hypothyroidism since puberty and currently am in the throws of menopause. Dr. Blanchard literally saved my life!! I stumbled upon his book in the library last year and now am a very satisfied patient of his. I travel from North Central Florida to the Boston area once a year for my checkup and didn't realize how very sick I was until Dr. Blanchard helped to initiate the healing process in my body. I recommend him very highly to any individual who is not getting the relief or answers he/she wants from a doctor. I myself went to 4 doctors in 18 months and did hours of research before I found my hero!!! My symptoms were very severe PMS, panic attacks, heart palpitations, an eating disorder, sleeplessness, diabetic type symptoms etc."(August 2007)

Another reader writes:
"I have been going to Dr. Blanchard for five years.He no longer takes insurance or does blood work. You must have labs done beforehand by your own physician. His first visit I believe is now over $300. I pay $165. per visit.It took several years of trial and error with medication, but I have lost twenty-five pounds and now have been on the same medicine for one and a half years.Dr. Blanchard has moved and is independent of Newton-Wellesly Hospital in his own office in Newton.He is well into his sixties. I am starting to have anxiety about him retiring. He has not mentioned any plans as of this just took so many years to feel well; I want to stay there." (May 2008)

More praise:
"I just went to see Dr. Blanchard for the first time. I now have hope in my life again! He is the only doctor willing to treat me and my "perfect" thyroid labs. In his eyes, my enlarged thyroid and a ton of hypothyroid symptoms seems to speak for itself. I am beyond impressed with his philosophy and rebellious attitude towards traditional lab/thyroid guidelines. He actually talked about retiring, but he says that he feels so young that he might keep going for many years. Plus he knows that his patients need him. Even if the thyroid medicine does not help me, at least he was willing to try something. That's more than I can say for any other doctor that has seen me. Even though things like fatigue, weight gain and depression might not kill you right away, they can ruin your life! Dr. Blanchard seems to understand that these things matter. Your quality of life matters to him." (June 2008)

A reader writes:
I also consider myself a very fortunate patient of Dr. Ken Blanchard's. After seeking treatment from two primary care doctors and two other endocrinologists, I happened to learn that the"impossibly busy" Dr. Blanchard was giving a lecture at a local library one evening. Dragging myself to the library [I was feeling particularly ill with symptoms by that point], I sat glued to his every word, knowing that this was the specialist who, contrary to every other doc who had previously examined me [and one who actually warned me off of Dr. Blanchard directly], would finally provide the necessary care to correct my failing health. I was not optimistic when I phoned his office the next morning, but I wasn't going to give up without trying... As luck [or providence or fate] would have it, a patient had cancelled an appointment and I was given my chance. This wonderful physician truly cares about his patients and offers his unique blend of brilliance and common sense treatment. His method of combining T4 [Levoxyl] and compounded T3 supplements has improved my health dramatically. I also thoroughly appreciate the time he takes in every appointment to discuss my situation and to answer all of my questions." (March 2009)


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Note: Patient-ordered medical testing is not available to residents of NY, NJ or RI


Dr. Gil Daniels, Endocrinologist, Mass. General Hospital. 617-726-8430

Note: Reportedly, Dr. Daniels no longer takes hypothyroid patients.

A reader writes:
Dr. Daniel's is a kind and caring person. He inspires confidence in all his contact with me as a patient. He is available for questions at any time. I strongly recommend him."

Another reader recommends Dr. Daniels. . .
"While his manner was not initially warm, he was very open to questions and is easily reachable by phone. Compared to other Endocrinologists I've visited, it was obvious he is an expert in his field."

More praise from a reader for Dr. Daniels
"Dr. Daniels is the 3rd doctor I have been seen by for thyroid cancer - I have seen him for a year now and couldn't be happier with the care I have been given. The contrast between my experiences before Dr. Daniels and now is so remarkable I just had to share this. With Dr. Daniels I feel completely sure that his decisions for my treatment are the very best. That, for me, takes the worry out of living with cancer and enables me do what I couldn't before (with my previous doctors) to concentrate on living, without worry and fear that my doctor may not have taken the time, or have had the information and/or experience to make the best possible decisions on my behalf. I feel very well taken care of. It is refreshing to have my doctor greet me in the waiting room, and take me directly into his office where he pulls up a chair for whomever I have brought to my appointment (husband, mom, etc.)" (added 1/04)

Another fan of Dr. Daniels:
"He is extremely warm, informative, and approachable. He and his associate, Dr. Alex Soukalas were wonderful and if I lived in the Boston area, I would see them on a long term basis." (Added 10/05)


Dr. Reed Larson, Endocrinologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston. A reader informs us, "My thyroid (Hypo) was out of control for approximately 15 months. I also started having cardiac problems. He started me on Cytomel and the added Levoxyl and now I am feeling much better. He's wonderful and thorough."


Dr. Gregory W. Randolph, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. A reader writes: "Dr. Randolph is an Otolaryngologist/head and neck surgeon with a specialist interest in thyroid and parathyroid surgery, thyroid disease, thyroid cancer. He is Director of the General ENT Service, and Director of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgical Clinic at Mass Eye and Ear. He has directed the very successful Harvard Medical School Continuing Education Course "Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands," and has written articles in journals and books on thyroid disease, its detection and management."


Dr. Ellen Seely Endocrinology and Hypertension, Women's Issues Brigham and Women's Hospital 220 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02202 617-235-7200 A reader writes: "I went to see Dr. Seely after finding her on the Internet. I have hypothyroidism and hypertension and she deals with both. She is the first Endo I have seen since my diagnosis in 1998 and I was impressed by how she did a complete exam, to include a history. I felt like she actually listened to me and didn't make me feel rushed. Dr. Seely welcomed me being a part of my treatment. She is accessible by telephone as well as email and has great follow through. I recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor who will be a partner in your getting well." (Added 11/02)

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Seely is wonderful and I truly can’t recommend her enough. She is extremely knowledgeable and willing to do additional research to help her patients. She was a true advocate for me, convincing other doctors that I needed certain tests and making sure they were done in a timely manner. She kept in touch with me between appointments. Her only drawback is that she is heavily booked." (Added 4/04)


Dr. Anne Marie Forth, Internal Medicine/Women’s Health, 7 Haviland Street (Fenway Community Health), Boston, MA 02116, 617-927-6100,, "Anne Marie knows it often takes more than a pill or a TSH test to get results. She listens wonderfully, is a joy to visit, and an all-around fabulous doctor!" (Added 4/04)

Boston -- Thyroid Surgeon

After our call for Top Doc Surgeons in the Boston area, recommendations from patients and doctors poured in for Dr. Randal Gaz as one of the best thyroid surgeons in Boston. According to an endocrinologist reader, "If you're looking for a thyroid surgeon in Boston, you can't do better than Randal Gaz at Massachusetts General Hospital. Not only a great surgeon, but a wonderful person. I am in New Hampshire, and send him only the really tough cases!" Dr. Gaz's phone number is: 617 726-3510.

Another recommendation:
"Dr. Gaz removed my thyroid in Feb. of 2003. I have never felt so confident in a doctor before. Since all he does is thyroid surgeries, he is a true master. He is kind, caring, and brilliant!!!" (Added 4/04)

Another reader recommends Dr. Gaz:
"He is the best! He is such a wonderful person to deal with!" (Added 10/05)

Another recommendation:
A reader writes: "If you have a thyroid problem look no further than Dr Gaz. He is THE guy. Did my thyroid back in 12/01." (June 2006)

Another reader writes "I can highly recommend Dr. Francis Moore of the Brigham & Women's Hospital. He did my thyroidectomy in January 1997, and he was superb. I have met a few of his other patients, and their opinions are the same. From what I was told, he does a considerable amount of thyroid surgery, and is one of the very top thyroid surgeons in Boston. He is highly regarded not only by other physicians and surgeons, but also by the nurses and other hospital staff."


Pamela Hartzband, Endocrinology, Thyroid, 330 Brookline Avenue, Stoneman 7, Boston, 617-667-8878.

NOTE: Patients report that this doctor is heavily booked, and may have a waiting list for new patients.

A reader writes: "I would really like to list Dr. Pamela Hartzband as one of the greatest thyroid specialist in Boston Area. When I was first diagnosed to have a thyroid nodule, I was very upset. But I felt much better since I visited her,. She did very necessary procedures to evaluate the nodule and provided an appropriate solution. She listened very carefully to my concerns and explained clearly about the treatment choices she made. So reasonable and convincing!! Not only a very professional specialist, she is a very responsible doctor. When she read my medical records and found that I have the high blood pressure, she diagnosed and treated it from the view as an endocrinologist and finally put it under the control, which I have tried for almost half of a year and did not achieved. So great! I could not say more how I appreciate her cares!!!" (Added June 2005)


Dr. Peter A.D. Rubin, Graves ’ disease, 243 St. Charles St., Boston, MA 025114, 617-573-5548, A reader writes: "Best for treating Graves’ Disease. Expert speaker on the topic." (Added 10/05)


Alina Gavrila MD, Endocrinologist, 330 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA.

"This woman is one of the kindest,most gentle and patient doctors ever. She is caring, a careful listener and thorough to fault. My husband had to see her for metabolic problems and I wish I could have her for my endocrinologist. The timing in my life is just not right at this time. She is so very kind." (May 2008)


Dr. Stephen Swartz, Endo/Thyroid disorders, 4 Brookline Place, Brookline, MA, 617-735-8512. "He listens /caring/understanding." (Added 6/02).


Anne McCaffrey -- NO LONGER LISTED


Guy Pugh, Internal Medicine, 2500 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, 617-661-6225. A reader writes: "Dr. Pugh listens to me when I tell him I'm not feeling right and is willing to adjust my dosage even if my testing says I am in the "normal" range. He gave me an excellent explanation of t3 and t4. Recently when I told him I was having trouble sleeping and feeling really tired he also tested my vitamin D levels and disc overed I am deficient. In addition, his assistant is always helpful and friendly. It's a great place!" (Added 1/06)


Michael Gordon, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Hunt Center, 75 Lindall Street, Danvers, MA 01844, 978-687-0156 ext. 2748 or fax 978-687-2157, "A very thorough mainstream endocrinologist. Very up-to-date with both mainstream and alternate therapies." (Added 4/04)

Gloucester/North Shore

Dr. Neil D. Kobrowski -- no longer listed


Gordon Goodman, MD -- no longer listed (March 2009)

Natick (near Boston)

A reader writes: "Dr. Alan Cole solved my health mystery by diagnosing my hypo and being extremely understanding, considerate, and really listening to me. His associate, Dr. Diane London is also great. Hard to believe I found them when I was feeling so awful. They make their decisions based more on what the patient reports rather than just hard lab facts."


Barry Elson, MD 2 Maple Ave Suite 52 Northampton, MA 01060 413-584-7787. A reader writes: "Dr. Elson is an old-fashioned doc. He is willing to work with you and welcomes your suggestions and ideas. He is also very well versed on thyroid issues, and prescribes Armour and Cytomel, but is willing to work with whatever regimen fits you best. He is also a practioner of natural medicine. He is very thorough about testing, but also considers symptoms important. And he's very easy to talk to, not aloof or arrogant." (Added 6/03)


Dr. Darren Lynch, clinical nutrition, mind/body medicine, homeopathy, and Ayurveda, 395 Pleasant Street Northampton, MA 01060, 413-584-7787, . A reader writes: "Dr. Lynch is as Associate of Dr. Barry Elson. I found him a breath of fresh air. He is very informative and takes a whole body approach to health. He is a board certified MD as well as board certified Holistic MD.. - Dr. Lynch prescribes Armour. The Wellness Center staff was very welcoming and helpful. Dr. Lynch takes most insurance plans." (Added 1/06)

Another reader writes:
"Dr Lynch takes time to listen to patients, relies on symptoms not just labs, has a whole body approach to medicine and prescribes Armour, which is rare these days. Excellent staff at the Wellness Center also."(August 2007)


Mary Pat Roy, Endocrinologist, 766 N. King St., Ste 1, Northampton, MA, 01060, Phone/Fax: 413-586-0611
A reader writes: "I was sick for a long time, going to many different doctors, and finally ended up seeing Dr Mary Pat Roy. She ran the usual tests, but just because my levels were within "normal" limits, she said they were obviously not normal for me. She finally discovered I had Hashimoto's, treated me for it, and I have felt better since. It has been many years now, that I have felt better. She listens! She has a very caring manner. A wonderful doctor!" (Added October 2007)


Jagdish Dhingra, Surgeon, ENT Specialists, Inc. Suite 310, Guild Medical Bldg., 825 Washington Street, Norwood, MA, 02062, 1-781-769-8910,,

"Dr Dhingra offers Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy operation, in which the removal of the Thyroid Gland can be achieved through a very small incision, about half the length of the standard incision. He recently performed the first such operation in the state of Massachusetts." (August 2007)


Anit Patel, MD, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, 61 Industrial Park Drive, Plymouth, MA 02360, 508-746-8977, A reader writes: "Dr. Patel took out my thyroid gland. I went to him because he is highly regarded at Jordan Hospital (where I work). Not only does he do good work but he has a great bedside manner. I don't see those two things together that often. His office is in Plymouth, MA. I have complete confidence in Dr. Patel and would recommend him to anyone on the south shore who needs a thyroid operation." (Added 1/06)

A reader writes:
"I'd like to list my thyroid surgeon, Dr. Anit Patel, as a top doc in the Boston south shore area. After numerous consultations with various doctors, he was the only one who took the time to explain the physiology of what was going on. He explained the surgery in depth to me and after the operation I was prepared for everything. You just don't get doctors like him any more." (Added Apr 06)

A reader writes:
I would like to confirm the vote of confidence that a previous writer had given about Dr. Anit Patel of Plymouth, Ma. I recently had my thyroid completely removed by him at Jordan Hospital and wanted to let potential future patients of his to rest assured that they will receive the finest of care, expertise, and bedside manner from this terrific Doctor. If you are in search of a thyroid surgeon in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod area, please consider Dr. Patel. He came to me highly recommended and I could not be happier with his services! And.....he left such a small, thin, scar on my neck from the surgery that you can hardly see it, and it has only been 10 days! I feel terrific, and would not hesitate to have Dr. Patel operate on my again....IF EVER THE NEED BE! Thank you Dr. Patel!" (March 2009)


Dr. Lawrence Hotes, Endocrine, New England Sinai Hospital, MA, 781-297-1146. A reader writes: "I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease 12 years ago. Dr. Hotes has been my endocrine physician since then and he is wonderful. He is always will to listen and work with me, particularly when it comes to managing my Graves disease. He is soft spoken by nature, very reassuring, very supportive and always willing to work with you in managing the disease. I would highly recommend him." (Added 6/05)


Dr. Beverly Wedda, Marino Center, Wellesley

"Initial visits with Dr. Wedda are at least 1 1/2 hours long. She does a very complete history. She is very knowledgeable. She told me about the new guidelines for TSH. She treated my daughter for hypothyroidism even though another MD and Endo would not. She says she prefers Armour but realizes it is not for every one. She will order the Great Smokies saliva test for adrenal assessment. She takes insurance but that initial visit only cost $150 out of pocket. I have a lot of work to do with her but I believe that she is a good doc because I don't have to spend a lot of time and wasted energy trying to educate her." (added 1/04)

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Wedda is very knowledgeable and treats thyroid and adrenal issues- she is very thorough in reviewing the different treatment options she recommends and gives YOU a choice. Her clinic has a pleasant atmosphere and her staff is kind and responsive. I highly recommend her. She listens and treats based on symptoms, not necessarily lab results." (Added 6/05)

Another fan of Dr. Wedda:
"Beverly is super. I went to a lot of doctors and endured a lot of tests before I found her. She gives you her time and really listens. You are not just a number on a lab test. She is extremely knowledgeable about integrative medicine. But be prepared for a long wait." (Added 10/05)


Theodore Spielberg, MD -- No longer listed (May 2008)

West Boylston

Dr. N. Thomas Lacava, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, West Boylston, MA "I am a nurse & a patient with a very long & a very difficult history which began with a diagnosis of Graves disease. Back in the early 90's I was hospitalized for it & received the recommended treatment, radioactive cocktail. This was the beginning of a fast downward spiral of my health which was never ever the same. Throughout that time to now, I learned the hard way, that many Dr's don't listen & rely fully on bloodwork only...and most bloodwork is basic & minimal at that. Perhaps this is for the benefit of insurance. Fast forward many years later. I am now in a state of health which is evident of many years of struggling, not having had the proper thyroid/metabolic functioning. I have had many other serious & unecessary complications to my health which have been overlooked until now. The Dr. who has come to my rescue, is Dr. N. Thomas LaCava, who truly understands what health & healing is about. He is advanced beyond his time. He works against the grain in a sense & sees all that is wrong with medicine. He fully & actively listens to his patients & is in the business of getting to the bottom of what is wrong. In doing so, he's uncovered several very important factors, which have gone unnoticed & undiagnosed. Only one of those important factors is I have a T4 to T3 conversion problem which was very clearly evident in recent bloodwork. Bingo!...the next step is to address it properly..but at least now we know what we're dealing with. It's the beginning of my healing & the correction of the many years of complications & compromises to my health. What one needs to know, in thyroid disease, when you know something is wrong, insist on finding an MD who will not only listen, but do something about it. Thyroid disease is complicated & can destroy a life..."First Do No Harm"..Dr's should listen first, know what their own limitations are & also be in touch with their intuition..Dr. LaCava is an awesome Dr. & we are very fortunate to have him in this area." (July 2008)


Nada Kerouz, M.D., Winchester Endocrinology, 955 Main St. Ste. 301, Winchester MA 01890, Telephone: (781) 721-3581

A reader writes: "I found her to be very informed. This doctor pieced together my symptoms and diagnosed me very quickly. She listens to her patients and is always willing to try new methods. I would recommend her to anyone." (Added 10/05)

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Kerouz spends alot of time every time I see her. She is always willing to try whatever it takes to help me feel better. Although she is heavily booked, she always fits me in if need be. She will call you back when you leave messages. I am never rushed, even though she is extremely busy. She is a wonderful doctor & I can't say enough kind words about her. I went to several Primary doctors & tested "normal" before seeing her. She listened to me & examined me & determined w/out the test results that I had a thyroid problem. The tests had confirmed that after seeing her." (July 2008)


Doctor Neil Aronin, endocrinologist, 55 Lake Avenue, North, Worcester, MA 01655 508-856-3115. A reader writes: "This is a top because he listens to what I have to say and is interested in the way I feel and involves me in my treatment. He asks for my input in my care. He does not judge before hand and is genuinely interested in my well being."


A reader writes: "There is a very good Endocrinologist in Worcester, MA. His name is Dr. John Lock. He is very thorough and very caring. I do not know where his office is in Worcester but I saw him in the Wing Medical Center in Palmer, MA. He comes there either one or two days a week from Worcester. I hope this will be helpful to the person looking for a good doctor."


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