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The following listing includes recommended doctors and practitioners for your thyroid care. Please note that being listed here in the Thyroid Top Doctors Directory doesn't necessarily mean a doctor is the right one for you. The doctor may be an empathetic and warm physician, but not open to working with drugs like Armour or T3 drugs. The doctor may be brilliant and innovative, but have a terrible bedside manner. Or the doctor may be quite costly and not on insurance programs. Always call the doctor's office ahead of time to find out more about the doctor's philosophy, approach, costs, and other important factors before going in for your first appointment. Please let me know if you have feedback -- positive or negative -- about doctors listed here, or would like to recommend your "top" doctor.

Thanks! -- Mary

Become part of the movement for better care! Help keep great doctors in business and encourage more doctors to properly treat thyroid patients by recommending the smart, caring, innovative practitioner who treats your thyroid condition. We might include him or her on the Top Docs Directory! And if you have criticism or feedback about a listed doctor, please let us know now!

Why is a Particular Doctor No Longer Listed?

Doctors who were previously listed here are removed for a number of reasons.
* The doctor has requested that his/her listings be removed because: he/she does not agree with this site’s philosophy or patient-orientation; the practice is too busy and can’t accept new patients; the doctor does not feel comfortable handling complicated thyroid problems; the doctor did not agree with what was said in the patient recommendations; or the doctor said “take me off the list” and offered no explanation.
* The doctor has moved, retired, or died.
* The doctor has lost his/her license, or given up his/her license, and is no longer practicing medicine.
* Patients have provided negative input about the doctor that is of sufficient concern that, in the opinion of the editor, the doctor should no longer be on the Top Thyroid Doctors List.
* Thyroid Top Doctors would face legal concerns if we published specific information about why patients had negative opinions about doctors, or if we shared a doctor’s occasional ranting ”take me off” email, or if we publicized doctors with licensing problems. So please, if you see that a doctor has been taken off the list and want to know why, talk to the doctor directly. If you write to us to ask why a doctor was taken off the list, we’re sorry, but we won’t be able to answer you or share that information.

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Angie's List!

Ann Arbor

Dr. Edward Linker, Holistic. 2345 South Huron Parkway Ann Arbor, Mi 48104 734-973-1010

Ann Arbor

Dr. Michele Loewe, Naturopathic Medicine, 4488 Jackson Rd., Suite 1, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, 734-389-2386,, "She uses herbs and nutrition to help rebalance the thyroid." (added 1/04)

Ann Arbor

Dr. Christene Nelson, Ophthalmology Surgeon, Ann Arbor. She is "not only an experienced, wonderful surgeon, but also is very compassionate. She hasn't been able to totally fix my eyes, but at least I know she is concerned and will do whatever is possible for me."

Additional praise for Dr. Nelson:
She is "not only an experienced, wonderful surgeon, but also is very compassionate. She hasn't been able to totally fix my eyes, but at least I know she is concerned and will do whatever is possible for me."

Ann Arbor

Dr. Randolph, Reproductive Endocrinology, University of Michigan Hospital, Taubman Center, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, 734-763-4323, "Dr. Randolph listened and did not second guess my suspicion that I had a thyroid problem that was contributing to my infertility problem. And guess what? he did all the right tests and found out I have Hashimoto's Disease!" (Added 6/02)

Ann Arbor

Dr. Pamela Smith, 5204 Jackson Rd. Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, 734-748-0269; 26819 Lawrence Ave., Center Line, MI 48015, 586-497-4818; 30475 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak, MI 48073, 248-435-9755; 906 Business Park Dr., Traverse City, MI 49686 734-748-0269 (Central Scheduling); 161 S. Livernois, Rochester, MI 48307, 586-497-4818 (Central Scheduling); 220 Lyon N.W. Suite 700, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616-451-4500. (added 1/04)

Ann Arbor

Thomas Kabisch, DO, Holistic Medicine, Stadium Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 734-971-5483. A reader writes: "Listened to my issues and placed me on compounded T3. I was able to get pregnant, followed me and helped me through the pregnancy of my healthy now 2 year old son. Uses supplements where appropriate. Very kind and compassionate." (June 2006)." (June 2006)

Ann Arbor

Dr. Diana Christoff Quinn, Naturopathic Doctor, 2020 Hogback Road, Suite 16, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 734-769-4981

A reader writes:
"Dr. Christoff Quinn uses nutrition, homeopathy and botanical medicine to support the endocrine system" (March 2009)


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Ann Arbor

Briarwood Family Medicine -- no longer listed (June 2008)

Bay City

Dr. Jorge Plasencia, Family Practice, 4497 Sheffield Place, Bay City, MI, 989-671-7000. "Excellent knowledge base regarding thyroid disease." (Added 10/05)


Edward Lichten MD, FACS, FACOG, 180 East Brown Street, Birmingham, MI 58009, office: 248.593.9999,

Note: Patients report that this doctor does not take any insurance. Initial consultations run in the $300 range.

A reader writes: "He is not an Endo but when I first walked into his office I was just on Levoxyl. Still half dead. He's got me on mega-vitamins and T-3 also Xanax. I still am not good due to other problems as yet to be fixed but he has my thyroid at 1.4. He's cool. I feel a lot better. He is well worth seeing. Without him I would not be able to work or anything."

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Lichten determined that I was not only hypothyroid on the wrong medication but that my entire pituitary gland was not working. Using a combination of Armour Thyroid, Cortef, human growth hormone, DHEA, vitamin D and estrogen replacement, I grew more than 6 inches and left my crutches to train for a marathon. Instead of being home schooled, I completed International Academy and the University of Michigan with honors and now am completing medical school. Seven university professors couldn't do what Dr. Edward Lichten did for me. He gave me a life!" (August 2007)


Dr. Robert Levine -- NO LONGER LISTED (June 2006)

Dr. Ali Abbasi, 43368 Woodward, Suite 104, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302, (248) 335-7740. (added 1/04)


Dr. David Mika, 10415 E. Grand River, #100 Brighton, MI 48116, 810-227-1020. (added 1/04)

Center Line

Dr. Pamela W. Smith, Internal Medicine/anti-aging, 26834 Lawrence, Center Line Michigan 48015, (586) 497-4824, "Dr. Smith takes a natural holistic approach to health care and believes that each patient is unique and personalizes a health care plan based on that person needs." (added 1/04)

Clinton Township

Amanda J. Toole, Ear Nose & Throat Head & Neck, 43750 Garfield Bldg B # 101, Clinton twp, mi, 48038, Phone: 586-263-7400 586-263-6372,, A patient writes: "she took my thyroid out, I had cancer in it. She is top doc in my book for her age 36yrs. old, and she went to some good school also check her profile out " (Added: Dec. 04)


Dr. Lorie Washe, GP, Citation drive, MI 48348, 249 922 3074. A reader writes: "Dr. Washe is one of a kind. She is like your friend, as well as your doctor. You never feel rushed. She originally tested me for Graves' disease when I would have NEVER even thought of the notion (I am an RN). She was thorough, professional, and always understanding. Her entire practice is full of the same type of wonderful people. Only once in a lifetime do you find so many genuine doctors assembled in the same practice. And no, I am not related to anyone there!!:)" (Added 6/05)


Dr. Batka, Henry Ford System, 2799 West Grand Bldg., Detroit MI 48202, 313-916-2134, 1-800-653-6568, (works in W. Bloomfield, Taylor,Detroit). (added 1/04)


Dr. Margaret Fadanelli, St. John Hospital and Medical Center, 22151 Moross #312, Detroit, MI 48236, (313)343-4411. (added 1/04)


Dr. Gary Talpos, surgeon. Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit. A reader gushes, "Dr. Talpos is one of the best doctors I know. Approximately 3 years ago I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer after being misdiagnosed two times. Doctor Talpos is very empathetic and listens-at that point in my life being 27 years old and being diagnosed with cancer is a sure shocker. However, Dr. Talpos listened and explained everything I was about to go through-and was empathetic to my needs. I continue to visit him and send blood work to Michigan despite living in Missouri because of my confidence in him. I would recommend him highly to anyone.

Another reader writes:
"I would recommend Dr Talpos to anyone. He is a caring and knowledgeable. physican. He has a calm, reassuring manner and takes as much time as needed with you. He is approachable and down to earth but a thoroughly talented man. I was diagnosed seven years ago and had a one year old and a six week old child. I have no doubt I own my present good health and happiness to him." (Added 6/05)

Another reader writes:
"Can't say enough about Dr. Talpos. He is a very skilled surgeon with a heart of gold. He listens to patients and actually lets you know your questions and concerns have merit. Very insightful person. He performed a tracheal and esophageal resection on me for recurrent thyroid cancer. Everything he told me would happen did. I trust this man. I know he saved my life. Dr. Talpos and Henry Ford are a great team." (August 2007)

East Lansing

David Pawsat, D.O. -- no longer listed (July 2008)


Diane Culik MD, General practice/internist/primary care, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD,Edelweiss Family Physicians, 21501 Kelly Rd, Eastpointe, MI 48021, 586-498-9200 FAX 586-498-9210,

A reader writes:
"This doctor. uses Armour Thyroid and vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements to help with thyroid function." (July 2008)

A reader writes:
"I went to see Dr. Culik because I found her on this site, she is very informed, friendly and easy to talk to. I described my problems with low temps, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, severe eczema, ect, ect... She prescribed Armour thyroid and ordered an extremely long list of blood work which included all of the tests that should be ordered when trying to diagnose thyroid issue. She put me on 1/2 grain of Armour and told me to come back in 3-4 weeks to recheck my thyroid blood work and increase my dose. I think she's a good doc! After 3 years of trying to feel better and doctors telling me I am fine with a tsh of 4.7 and free T4 at .61 I am so excited to have finally found a doctor that listened and knows what she is doing. She told me that she wants to see my TSH below 1.00. " (March 2009)

Eaton Rapids

Dr. Susan Courtnage, Family Physician, next to Eaton Rapids Medical Center, Eaton Rapids, MI 48827, 517-663-1511. A reader writes: "Dr. Courtnage listens and is open to prescribing a medication that works for the patient." (Added 1/06)

Another reader writes:
"Once established with Dr. Courtnage she will work a patient in for an appointment very fast. She made sure that all testing was scheduled as soon as possible and had my thyroid that operated at 100% above normal limits treated two days later. She was most concerned with completing my therapy and continuing to follow my progress." (July 2008)

Farmington Hills

Dr. Sheldon Stoffer, MD, FACP, FACE, Endocrinologist, 30055 Northwestern Hwy Suite 150, Providence Hospital, Farmington Hills MI 48334, 248-865-4150. "About a year and a half ago, I fell very ill. I was misdiagnosed several times by different doctors. I initially had many different symptoms and 1 of them was pre-menopause. Since pre-menopause contain similar symptoms as hyperthyroid, I had not been treated for the correct problem which was hyperthyroid. As my symptoms progressively got worse, I was down to 99 lbs from 117. I was weak, unable to walk up the stairs, lift my arms up, losing massive amounts of hair, suffering severe sweating, and trembles. I had severe headaches and my heart was beating rapidly. I didn't know what was happening but knew something was drastically wrong. I was finally diagnosed from a blood test with hyperthyroidism. The first endocrinologist was not meeting my needs due to many time consuming lab work and needle biopsy and other tests. Unfortunately, time was passing on and I was getting to a point, I couldn't make it to work any longer. I had no energy and my weight was deteriorating rapidly. The only good thing was that I was placed on heart medication to avoid a heart attack. Without being too drastic, however, the reality is, I believe Dr. Stoffer saved my life. Once in his care, I had the radioactive iodine treatment to kill the thyroid, was seen on a periodic basis for about 6 months to closely monitor how things were progressing along. Shortly after that, I was placed on the thyroid replacement medication, Synthroid. I feel normal again. I now weigh 120 lbs which for my height that is a perfect weight. After many visits to the hospital and the not-knowing, the realty is, I feel that I probably would not be here today if Dr. Stoffer did not take matters into his hands. He was quick with diagnosing and started the healing process immediately."

Flat Rock

Dr. Fretz, General practice/internist/primary care, 25620 Gibraltar Rd,, Flat Rock, MI, 48134 734-789-9355

A reader writes:
"Dr. Fretz is an outstanding primary care doctor. She is thorough, spends a lot of time, and truly investigates autoimmune conditions, including hypothyroidism. She is not reluctant to make referrals and always follows through. When was the last time you got a personal call from your doctor? Last Friday for me. The best thing that Dr. Fretz does is coordinate care. She calls the specialists you see directly so you don't have to navigate your diagnosis on your own. Thank goodness for Dr. Fretz who now accepts even more insurances. " (March 2009)


Dr. Edward Conley, Osteopath/DO, G3494 Beecher Road, Flint, Michigan, 48532, 810.230.8677 ,,

"After having my symptoms dismissed by other doctors, I was relieved to find Dr. Conley. He respects your experience, listens thoughtfully, and does everything he can to get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms. He diagnosed my hypothyroidism, which the other doctors ignored. He prefers prescribing armour for the T3/T4 combination, but will work with your preferences. I really wouldn't have been able to finish school without his help with my fatigue. He stayed with me the whole way." (August 2007)


Ahmad Al-Dabagh -- no longer listed (July 2008)


Theodore Vanderkooi MD, 230 W Oak St., Fremont, MI 49412, 231-924-4200. He is a wonderful Dr. I was real sick when I went too him he got me in and did a biopsy and surgery right away, I am on to RAI in June . I can call and he is there too help. very caring man.. He knows his stuff! (Added 6/02)


Dr. Susan Fabrick, family physician. 3443 Farr Rd. Fruitport, MI 49415 213-865-1322

Grand Blanc

Donald Hardman Internal Medicine 2313 E. Hill Road Grand Blanc, Mich. 48439 810-953-6400
Note: some patients report that this doctor has a nice bedside manner, but diagnoses based on lab results to the exclusion of symptoms. (March 2009)

Note: You may have to wait quite a long time to get an appointment for this doctor. Due to demand, some patients are reporting that first visits are short and rushed. (July 2008)

A reader writes: "I had been on Synthroid for about ten years following treatment for Graves disease with Radioactive Iodine. With Synthroid alone I could never function as I did before the Graves disease. I became very sick in 2001. I had muscle and joint pain, could not sleep and was somewhat depressed. Dr. Hardman placed me on a T/4,T/3 treatment program that has made a big difference in my quality of life. He has driven my TSH levels down to about 0.40 which is a figure I could never get close to no matter how much T/4 I would take. Most of my Hypothyroid symptoms have disappeared. I was quite surprised to find my Cardiac Arrhythmia improve even though I was taking a more powerful thyroid hormone. I was even able to join a gym and begin running and lifting weights again. I am a work in progress and the next thing Dr. Hardman will check for is adrenal insufficiency. I recommend you talk to Dr. Hardman if your T/4 doesn't work well for you." (Added 2/03)

Grand Blanc

Dr. Jean Nelson. Endocrinologist, 2595 Genesys Parkway--Gd.Blanc 810-606-6970. "She always took time to listen to me--and really cares for my condition and well-being. She likes her patient to learn about their disease it helps her to work better with you."

Another reader recommends Dr. Nelson:
"Dr. Nelson is one of the most intelligent physicians I've ever been fortunate to have treat me. I have many complications, as well as chronic diseases. She digs until she gets an answer for you. I am most comfortable with her, and since I can be myself--That says a lot!!!! I would recommend her to anyone. I can't say enough good words to convey just how good of a doctor, as well as a friend that she is." (Added 6/03)

More praise from a reader for Dr. Nelson:
"She is the kindest physician I have ever met. She sat with me for one hour and spoke to me like I was her friend, not her patient. She is absolutely the most intelligent woman I have ever met." (added 1/04)

Another reader writes:
"Dr Nelson relies on both physical results and clinical presentation in diagnosing endocrine disorders. I am pleased to finally have a physician that looked at my strong family history, clinical symptoms, and that knew the correct labwork to run in addition to standard labwork. I highly recommend Dr Nelson to all my patients that present with clinical symptoms of thyroid disorders." (Added: June 2004)

NOTE: Some patients are reporting that you only see Dr. Nelson on the first visit, and thereafter, you will only get the Physician's Assistant. Confirm ahead of time if you do not want to be handed off to a PA, and consider finding another practitioner if you are not getting to see the actual doctor. (April 2006 / August 2007)

Grand Rapids

Dr. Tammy Born DO, Osteopath/DO, 3700 52nd St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49512, 616-656-3700,

"Works with the whole patient and symptoms not just going by numbers only. Uses prescription medicine along with natural supplements. Does an excellent job." (May 2008)

Grand Rapids

Dr. Kotlarz, Naturopathic Physician, 3368 Beltline Ct., Grand Rapids 49505, 616-361-9221. A reader writes: "He listens to your physical symptoms, and is willing to go outside the test numbers. He can prescribe thyroid hormone, due to affiliation with an MD. He also prescribes supplements and alternative tests for other hormones. Urges you to research your condition. Diagnosed low thyroid due to pain in arms and legs. I believe that he saved me from a more serious health crisis, because he caught the low thyroid. Everyone else was looking at the numbers and not listening to the patient. It is really sad to see the number of MD's out there who absolutely have no idea how to treat the whole patient. Downright Scarey. " (June 2006)

Grand Rapids

Linda Hegstrand, MD, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, Other,2426 Burton Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, 616-464-0470,, Your input, story or feedback or email to Mary Shomon: Dr Linda Hegstrand treats my thyroid and endocrine disorder. She has also cured my Lyme disease and Bartonella infections. I have been her patient for 3 years--she is the 7th thyroid/endocrine Dr I have seen. Dr Linda treats my thyroid disorder with Nature Throid and also with compounded T3. She has a thyroid diagnosis machine in her office that measures how well (or not) your thyroid is working. She will also give you a script to have your TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3, and Thyroid Antibodies blood tests done. She also used a saliva test for the rest of my hormones ($240 for Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone, and Cortisol). She treats hormone imbalances with a combination of bioidentical hormones, nutrition supplements (she's got me on the best selenium for my thyroid), and some homeopathics. Dr Linda does muscle testing / biofeedback to determine which substances will work specifically for your endocrine problem. It's the individualized treatment that I've appreciated the most. I also have PCOS (poly cystic ovary syndrome) and she's treating me with a supplement to reverse an insulin uptake problem that is causing the PCOS. I now ovulate with a regular cycle (the first time in 14 years). She has done a better job with my endocrine treatment than previous ObGyns who specialized in bioidentical hormones or fertility treatments." (July 2008)

Grand Rapids

Dr. Pinar Cemeroglu, Endocrinologist, 230 Michigan NE #101, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49503, 616-391-3933. "My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and thyroid problem when she was 4, she's almost 6 now. Dr. Cemeroglu has always been wonderful with treatment as well as having a vivacious personality. She remembers my daughters face in passing even though she has a large practice and sees her only 4 times a year." (August 2007)

Grand Rapids

Dr. Notman -- no longer listed (October 2007)

Grand Rapids

Dr. Philip Tate -- NO LONGER LISTED

Grand Rapids

Ruggero Battan -- no longer listed


Dr. Shirley Robertson, MD, Family Medicine, Greater Lansing Internal Medicine Associates, P.C. 4299 W. Five Oaks Drive Lansing MI 517-272-5060 A Reader writes: "Dr. Robertson listens to what you are telling her and then she will work with you on the problem. She's highly recommended in my book!" (Added 11/02)


Janis M. Rygwelski, M.D., Internal Medicine, 1200 E. Michigan, Ste. 775, Lansing, MI 48912, Phone: (517)881-7750, A reader writes: "Dr. Rygwelski listens - really listens. She is cautious and forthright. She will get to the bottom of a problem and treats patients with respect." (Added: Dec. 04)


Robert McEllmurray, MD, Family Med, 1601 E Michigan, MI 48912, 517-487-0870. A reader writes: "Listens to his patients." (Added 6/05)

Another reader writes:
"Open minded about which thyroid med patients prefer." (Added 6/05)


Dr. Eric Zuckerman, ophthalmologist. 20210 Farmington Rd. Livonia, MI 48152 248-476-4130


David Schindler, Personal Care, 37663 Pembroke, Livonia, MI 48152, 734-591-5537,, A reader writes: "Great doctor, understands, and will prescribe traditional and non traditional meds" (Added Apr 06)


Dr. Leach -- no longer listed (October 2007)


Laura Ford, Nurse Practitioner, Lakeview Family Care/52375 N Main St., Mattawan, MI 49071, 269-668-3348. A reader writes: "She actually listens to you. She took all my symptoms into account even though my blood work was showing that my thyroid levels were "normal." (Added 1/06)


Dr. Anuradha Puttagunta. Suite 3015, 4007 Orchard Drive, Midland, MI 48640, (989) 839-1680 A reader writes: "I wanted to post my first impressions of my endocrinologist, Dr. Anuradha Puttagunta. She was initially educated in India and has since been credentialed (whatever the term is for passing muster for docs) in both Canada and the U.S. I was very impressed by her bedside manner. She respected the research I'd done and listened carefully to my history of symptoms. She was also training a physician's assistant and was respectful all the while. She explained the subacute thyroiditis briefly, but thoroughly, and answered my questions attentively. She scheduled blood tests for the next three months, scheduled to see me again in three months, and offered me Synthroid if I started getting hypo-symptoms. I received a message from her office the next day with the offer of Synthroid as my tests did, indeed, indicate I'm now swinging through hypo. Dr. Puttagunta works through Mid-Michigan Physicians Group in Midland, MI."

Another reader recommends Dr. Puttagunta:
"The first time I came into her office she knew that there was something wrong with me. That I was having thyroid attacks and had a goiter and needed radiation." (Added 11/02)


Dr. John Rosella D.O., Family Practice, 1265 N. Milford Rd., Milford. Michigan 48381, Phone: 248-685-3600, A reader writes: "Dr. Rosella is a very caring doctor who always listens to your needs, is an excellent Thyroid doctor as well, and goes by kinesthesiology and not so much blood work results when he prescribes Armour Thyroid. He lets the patient learn their bodies as far as watching for any kind of side-effects and will at any time talk with you about symptoms if you have any .Also is always up to date on any info that is presented to him. His office is always packed with patients wanting to know if there is a better way to live with a Thyroid Condition. He's the best! " (Added: Dec. 04)

Another reader writes:
"Dr.Rosella is wonderful when it comes to thyroid problems! He has helped me sooo much with mine! I saw three specialists before I found him and he really did help me! Right now I live in Ohio and am having a difficult time finding a doctor who will listen and prescribe Armour Thyroid for me! He is truly a God sent to me! He sometimes can be a little crude in his humor and bedside manner but overall he will help anyone who is having thyroid problems!"(August 2007)


Jayson Postula-Stein, Internal Medicine, 215 East Main, MI 48167, 248/348-1131. A reader writes: "He's very competent, yet open-minded. I wanted to try Armour Thyroid, and he prescribed it for me. It didn't work, so I went back to Synthroid. However, I was glad he would work with me. I tried coconut oil, and he was open to it. When the coconut oil increased my metabolism, he was willing to lower my Synthroid dose to adjust for the effect that the coconut oil was having." (Added 6/05)


Dr. Eric Born D.O., -- No longer listed (October 2006)


Dr. Irene Metro, MD, Internal Medicine, Plymouth Integrative Medicine Center, 851 S. Main Street, Plymouth, MI 48170, 734-451-2272; fax: 734-451-2554, "My first appointment she spent two and a half hours with me. She is very caring and compassionate. She typically uses Thyrolar for T3/T4, however after a couple visits I was able to talk her into trying Armour. She also recommends different vitamins and herbal supplements."

Rochester Hills

Dr. Al-Kassab, 950 West Avon Rd. Suite 2,Rochester Hills, MI 48307, 248-651-5353. (added 1/04)

Another recommendation
"He will discuss your concerns and will tell you when he feels you are on the right track or completely off in his opinion. But he also explains why he feels that way and makes you feel like an active participant in your own treatment. I have been a patient for a number of years and he has helped me feel well." (Added 4/04)

Another reader writes:

"Highly thought of by Beaumont's top docs, best reputation." (Added: June 2004)

Another fan:
Abdul Al-Kassab, MD, Endocrinology/Diabetes, 950 W Avon, Suite 2, MI 48307, 248-651-5353. A reader writes: "Dr. A is on top of my hypothyroid problem. After suspecting a problem and not getting anywhere with my family doc, I went in search for a specialist. Dr. Al-Kassab came highly recommended. He has listened to me, my ideas and gives me great support, great input and lets me have some control in my treatment and hypothyroid problem. I even got my husband to see him with some of his problems and we discovered he, too, has an endocrinologic problem that needs medical intervention and treatment. We are so happy to have received these recommendations to seek treatment from Dr. Al-Kassab. He keeps on top of his specialty and is world renowned. No wonder he's one of the fine doctors on staff at William Beaumont Hospital." (Added 6/05)

Another reader writes:
"I was treated for several years by Dr. Al-Kassab after having my thyroid completely ablated. Not only was he thorough with his follow-up visits, but was an expert at describing all the questions regarding my own condition. I only wish when I moved to Arizona I could've brought him along with me!" (August 2007)

St. Clair Shores

Jeffrey Parcells -- No longer listed (October 2006)

St. Joseph

Dr. Jhung, South Shore Women's, St. Joseph, MI. "This man is wonderful! He has helped me soooo much! Not only did he put me on Armour...he also explained to me why my triglycerides were high and gave me a very successful diet. Basically cut down on sugar, fried food, etc. But I've lost 60 lbs! If you are in this area...give him a try! He also did a surgery on me to stop irregular menstrual bleeding and that came out really well! He's an ob/gyn."(August 2007)

Southeastern Lower Michigan/Lambertville/Temperance

"Dr. Walter Woodhouse, Walter Woodhouse Family Practice 7302 Jackman Rd. Temperance, MI 48182 734-850-8902.

Note: Some patients report that this office is overbooked and overworked, and it is difficult to get an appointment. (March 2009)

Dr. Woodhouse is very understanding when it comes to thyroid disease, because he also suffers from it. He believes that natural desiccated thyroid is best and he takes 3 grains of Armour a day. My first visit lasted 1 1/2 hours. This time was not spent waiting but actually talking with the Dr. and being examined. He saw the symptoms that all the other Dr.'s refused to acknowledge were of any significance to my thyroid disorder. I have to travel 2 1/2 hours to get to his office, so most of our visits have been over the phone. Although he is a family practitioner, he also is a staff Dr. at the hospital in Toledo and Detroit. He has spoke at several conferences for the Broda O. Barnes Foundation and consulted with many thyroid experts over the years. He will make sure that all your questions are answered before you leave his office. He even drew several diagrams for me so that I could understand exactly what was going on with my thyroid and how it was affecting my whole body. His office will send out a questionnaire to you first and ask for all of your medical records to be forwarded to them. From there, the Dr. review your records and your questionnaire and an appt. is made. The only downfall is that it could take 3-6 months to get in for the initial appt. It was well worth the wait for me." (Updated 6/02)

A reader adds:
"Dr. Woodhouse is the best. I just think that more doctors need to be informed of the symptoms of hypothyroid vs. relying on blood tests. Blood tests for me always came back normal - borderline, but normal. But my thyroid was so big, it was bulging out of my neck! Had a thyroid ultrasound which showed a nodule, and a radioactive scan which didn't, so I was sent on my way. Found Dr. Woodhouse through a friend -- and was amazed at the fact that he spent over an hour with me just on discussing my "symptoms" not to mention the physical! Prescribed Armour Thyroid and we are currently working on getting my dosage to where it needs to be for me - so even that is personal. A friend of mine has been suffering from headaches for the last 5 years. She has gone to numerous doctors, had thousands of dollars in tests run, and has had no luck. I recommended Dr. Woodhouse. She was elated! For the first time she felt that she had someone really listen to her. She felt that her headaches were due to low estrogen since they primarily occur during her menses. Every single doctor told her she was wrong. Dr. Woodhouse prescribed estrogen and told her to wait until her period to take it and then see what happened. She came to my work yesterday - with a huge smile - and it worked! She has suffered from migraines for 5 years, and yesterday was the first time she was able to function during her period - not just function, but feel great! I'm so happy for her as well. We've really found a gem!" (Added 11/02)

Another fan!
"Dr. Woodhouse is the best!!! I have been very blessed to have a husband who located this website and found Dr. Woodhouse for me. He is a very intelligent and informative doctor. I was very depressed over the lack of treatment I had received from other physicians until I met Dr. Woodhouse. He is the type to fix the problem instead of letting you just "live" with it for the rest of your life. I have recommended him to friends. It is also very pleasant to go to a new doctor who also has a wonderful staff working with him. Dr. Woodhouse takes time with you, he does not treat you as though you don't know what you are talking about. He is very caring and very intelligent. I drive 3 hours to see him and it is worth the drive and my time to see such a wonderful doctor. I had seen several doctors who just blew my symptoms off and treatment me as a lazy overweight person. If you want compassion, treatment and results then I recommend you see Dr. Woodhouse. Thank You Dr. Woodhouse & Staff." (Added 1/06)

Note from Mary:
"I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Woodhouse at the September, 2002 Broda Barnes conference. I was tremendously impressed with his depth of knowledge, warmth, and commitment to treating patients so they feel well. By all appearances, Dr. Woodhouse is a very smart, caring practitioner!) (Added 11/02)

More praise from a reader for Dr. Woodhouse:
"I was blessed to find Dr. Woodhouse on the Top Doc list at the Thyroid Web site! Thank you Mary Shomon for this wonderful site and your book 'Living Well with Hypothyroidism'!! It changed my life! I now too live well!! I am in the business of Wellness, and so I meet hundreds of people daily with thyroid issues. I've recommended your book and this Web site and Top Doc list to many clients! I miscarried, my second time, just last summer. That is when I read about Dr. Woodhouse and decided to contact him about a consultation. He was moving his office at the time and the only way I was given to reach him was via e-mail. I explained my situation to him, that I had FINALLY been successful after months of trying, to get my family doctor to switch me to Armour thyroid which I gathered from 'Living Well..' would be best for me, but the doctor continued to ignore my pleas for a higher dose because the blood test showed normal per their range! I lost the pregnancy at 11 weeks, exactly as the first miscarriage! I learned so much from Dr Woodhouse, and have really enjoyed his approach of ASSISTING me in my wellness, versus the typical doctor who 'bull dozes' through your care as though you are a carbon copy of the millions of other patients he sees! I have a very warm place in my heart for this doctor, and his wife...and a healthy kick in my abdomen! THANK YOU, DR WOODHOUSE!!" (added 1/04)

Another reader writes:
"This is a doctor that pays attention to all of your symptoms, not just lab tests!!! I went through several docs before finding Dr. Woodhouse's name on, (which I refer all my friends to)! The other docs had me on synthroid, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, water pills, vertigo pills, constant anti-biotics. Each symptom got a pill!! I was losing my hair, fingernails were brittle, itched, leg cramps and feeling like cement, ear infections, sensitive to all light, snoring, sleep apnea, anxiety attacks, breathing problems, menstrual periods like I was bleeding to death, ovarian cysts, breast biopsies that turned out to be fatty deposits, tubes put in ears, no memory, dizzy spells. 3 surgeries later and at least 15-20 medications later I was told by last doc, (5 in all ), that I needed to go to a psychologist. Like they were going to deal with my physical symptoms. Well, I came to this site and I found Dr. Woodhouse in the Michigan listings, though I am from Toledo. He was on my insurance-Yeah!! Now i take Armour and 2 vitamins!! And I feel the best then I have for 3 years,
(actually 20 years, since i should have been diagnosed years earlier!!" (Added: June 2004)

Another recommendation:
A reader writes: "He has been treating my thyroid for over one year with very good results. A lot of the fatty tissue in my neck area is gone. Overall I feel better." (June 2006)

More praise:
"I live in Toledo OH., and was so grateful to find Dr. Woodhouse in Michigan, just a short trip over the border. In the year that I have been seeing him almost of my problems and symptoms associated with Grave's Disease are under control. If there is any way that we can list Dr. Woodhouse in the Ohio area it would be helpful for patients there. I have had experience with the Dr's listed for Ohio and they were not able offer the help that Woodhouse has. My life has turned around because of Dr. Woodhouse and I can never thank him enough. We are lucky to have him." (October 2006)

Another fan:
"Dr. Walter Woodhouse is truly a lifesaver. I travel four hours to see Dr. Woodhouse. Dr. Woodhouse is worth every minute. Initially, I had been through the unfortunate cycle of seeing various physicians about symptoms which became debilitating. I became so ill that I was barely able to climb the stairs or stand in line at the grocery store because my legs felt like cement. Standing at the stove to cook dinner was almost impossible for me. I was told repeatedly that thyroid disease was not my "answer" and offered anti-depressants. I was informed by various physicians that although I tested positive for elevated thyroid antibodies and had a small thyroid cyst, I was normal. Lab work which was the only thing analyzed by the doctors showed that my TSH was normal and my Free T4 was low normal. Therefore, I was not offered any type of thyroid treatment. I found Dr. Woodhouse's information through this site and made an appointment. I was scheduled quickly by his wonderful office staff. Dr. Woodhouse spent over an hour with me initially and carefully listened to my history of multiple symptoms. Dr. Woodhouse prescribed Armor thyroid as well as a low dosage of Cortef for the adrenal insufficiency he identified. My symptoms readily improved and now I see Dr. Woodhouse every six months to monitor my progress and tweak my thyroid protocol. My three young children ages 6, 4, and 3 now have their Mommy back and I feel 100 % better. My recovery is truly a miracle which was facilitated by Dr. Woodhouse...." (Added Dec. 2006)


Dr. Geoffrey J. Gladstone, ocular plastic surgeon. 29201 Telegraph Rd. Suite 305 Southfield, MI 48034. 248-357-5100

Sterling Heights

Dr. D. Timothy Gammons, DO, Family Doctor, 4845 East 14 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48310, 586-977-5780, "He takes time to listen. I feel like a person with a name, not just a number. He is great!" (Added 4/04)


John Kelly, MD, MPH, Family and Holistic Medicine, 502 East Cummins Street, Tecumseh, Michigan 49286, 517-423-9300.

A reader writes: "Dr. Kelly showed an immediate understanding of and appreciation for the problems caused by the continuing signs and symptoms of Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism I had been experiencing despite years of ongoing normal TSH values. Although he initially recommended Armour Thyroid, he worked with me to first find a continuing supply of Thyrolar (originally prescribed by another doctor after I was diagnosed with CFS/FMS), before contacting a local compounding pharmacy from which he was able to order a compounded T-3 formula I could use in conjunction with Synthroid when we couldn’t find a pharmacy able to fill the Thyrolar prescription. I have been very impressed with his caring and compassionate attitude, and his willingness to look at the big picture and the whole person while working to establish a partnership for health with his patients." (Added 6/05)

Another reader writes:
"Dr. John Kelly has given me my life back. Over the past 13 years I have seen more than a dozen doctors that have miss-diagnosed me with CFS, FMS and Depression. Dr. Kelly is a very caring doctor that will listen to you and work with you to treat your symptoms. I think that more doctors need to be knowledgeable of the symptoms of hypothyroidism instead of just relying on basic blood tests. Blood tests for me always came back normal - borderline, but normal. Dr. Kelly quickly identified that my ratio of ôReverse-T3ö was causing Hypothyroid symptoms. We agreed that the best course of action was a ôclinicalö trial of low dose T3 supplement (Cytomel). I felt better after just (2) days. Dr. Kelly slowly adjusted the dosage of T3 based on my symptoms (yet cognizant of safe ranges). I feel better today than I have felt in 13 years. I found Dr. Kelly on this website and although his office is 1.5 hours from my house, the trip is a small price to pay for feeling good again." (August 2007)

Traverse City

Andrew D. Scrogin,MD, Endocrinology, 1221 Sixth St. Suite 312, MI 49684, 231-935-2268/231-935-2271. A reader writes: "Dr. Andrew Scrogin, the only board certified endocrinologist in the Traverse City area, offers over 14 years experience in helping you get the answers you need." (Added 6/05)

Another fan:
"I spent 18 years trying to find out why I was gaining weight when I was walking 6-8 miles a day, eating properly and exercising, working full-time and ingesting 1200 calories a day. I saw 17 doctors including 6 endocrinologists who told me my only problem was thyroid. This man took 15 minutes, rendered 5 potential diagnoses and confirmed 4 of them with bloodwork. I'm now being treated. FINALLY. He listens, thinks, asks questions and it's AWESOME. His staff is also good." (August 2007)


Dr. Robert Saieg, Gynecology, Troy Medical Bldg., 44199 Dequindre Rd. Suite 408, Troy, MI 48098, 248-828-8484. "Dr. Saieg has a broad range of knowledge in both traditional and alternative medicine. He has a rare capacity to relate with his patients by listening carefully to their complaints, and because of that he is able to focus on their needs and formulate an effective treatment plan. He truly understands women's hormonal issues and has helped me tremendously as well as many others." (Updated 6/02)

Walled Lake

Michael Kaplan, Endocrinology, 100 N. Pond Dr. Suite C, Walled Lake, MI , 2488555620, A reader writes: Listens, explains, always sends detailed report of visit. I had Thyroid Cancer and he took great care of me. I moved to Ohio and will always return to visit Dr. Kaplan because there is no comparison to him and the inadequate doctors here." (Added 1/06)

Another recommendation:
A reader writes: "Dr. Kaplan has been my physician since1989, and under his care I have been able to keep my Hashimoto's Disease under control. Over the years, I have had numerous medical issues that have impacted my hormone levels, but the blood work and adjustment of thyroid replacement medication keeps me in the best condition. Dr. Kaplan is an exceedingly thorough professional, but he is also compassionate and understanding. I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan." (June 2006)

Another recommendation:
A reader writes: "Dr. Kaplan is fantastic. I first went to him back in 1997. The thyroid doctor prior (Southgate) had me so messed up between two thyroid meds as well as steroids. Dr. Kaplan got my Grave's disease straightened out (radioactive iodine) and recommended a super plastic surgeon to "fix" my bulging eye. His name is Dr. Geoffrey Gladstone, located in Southfield. Dr. Gladstone did surgery (orbital decompression) on my eye and despite some minor resulting double vision, which another doctor corrected, I was almost back to normal and I am back wearing contacts again! I have seen Dr. Kaplan every year since my radioactive iodine and he has done a super job monitoring my thyroid and how I have been feeling. He is a soft spoken man who is very compassionate and knowledgeable. During the time I saw Dr. Kaplan, he did not participate with my insurance, but he always made a point to reduce my office fee. I would recommend him or any of the doctors that make up Associated Endocrinologists." (June 2006)

Another fan:
"I am so fortunate to have Dr. Kaplan for my endocrinologist. He is helping me treat and deal with my thyroid cancer. I appreciate the detailed letter he sends me after every visit. When Dr. Kaplan tells you he is going to do this or happens like clockwork. He is great physician and a wonderful person." (August 2007)


Eric S. Langer, D.O., Endocrinology, 14049 13 Mile Road, MI 48088, 586-294-4820; fax: 586-294-7881.

Note: Some patients have written to indicate that this doctor is not comfortable working with Armour thyroid. (March 2009)
A reader writes: "Prescribes Armour as well as synthetic thyroid hormones. Dr. Langer is very responsive to patient complaints/concerns." (Added 6/05)


Timothy Gammons, 30827 Hoover Road (at 13 Mile), Warren, MI 48088, 586-751-0088. (added 1/04)

West Bloomfield

Dr. David Brownstein, MD, Center for Holistic Medicine 5821 W. Maple Rd. Suite 192 West Bloomfield, MI 48322. A reader writes, "Dr. Brownstein is fantastic! He literally saved my life. In the course of the 7.5 months that I've been his patient, he has taken me from being basically an incoherent, suicidal basket-case to being a basically happy, energetic person that is able to cope with and even enjoy going back to school full-time in addition to my working full-time. He is an M.D. who practices Holistic Medicine. How rare is that! He also does acupuncture and acupressure and offers nutrition and diet recommendations. He is a doctor that will listen and cares that you feel well again. He will definitely get to the bottom of what is wrong with you. He will try one thing and if you still are having problems he will try something else. He will NEVER dismiss your complaints or tell you that you are too stressed or that you just need to lose weight. He will just move on to try something else to help you feel well. He uses blood tests as a guide and he interprets them more liberally than a traditional doctor does. Although he says he is more concerned with how the patient feels. Imagine that! He is very respectful, kind, considerate, empathetic, and extremely intelligent. He recognized how practicing traditional medicine wasn't helping his patients get well again. He then furthered his education with additional alternative treatments and is very satisfied with their ability to help his patients. He is the author of The Miracle of Natural Hormones which I the reason I decided to travel a long distance to see him. He is a great guy. He is listed with the Broda Barnes Foundation. Excellent doctor. He has at least a six month's wait to get an appt. But what I usually tell people is to just get on the list. He is definitely worth the wait. I trust him and feel that if he tells me to do / take something that it is truly in my best interest and that it is the advice he would give to a family member." (EDITOR'S NOTE: This doctor is very popular, but patients trying to make appointments have reported that at times, there is a long waiting list.)

West Bloomfield

Thomas Kavieff, Osteopath/DO, 2300 Haggerty Rd. St. 1120, West Bloomfield 48323 248 926 6222

A reader writes:
"My daughter had symptoms similar to pediatric rheumatoid arthritis but the doctors at Univ. of Michigan could not pin point her problem. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Kavieff to us. In the very first appointment Doctor Kavieff talked to my daughter about the possible cause of her pain, did blood tests and prescribed what she needed. After years of dealing with joint pain she is now pain free." (March 2009)

West Bloomfield

Charles Taylor, MD -- no longer listed

West Bloomfield Hills

Dr. Michael Kaplan, Endocrinology, 6900 Orchard Lake Road, #203, West Bloomfield Hills MI 48322, (586) 855-5620 or 248 855-5620, A reader writes: "Dr. Kaplan is a board certified endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid and other metabolic disorders. He helped me diagnose thyroid toxicosis, Hashimoto's, and is very familiar with Hashimoto's Encephalopathy. Without his expertise, I might have had to go back to a hospital (after a bout with mold and thyroid toxicosis) or ended up permanently in a mental institution. I highly recommend him. He is affiliated with AACE, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists." (Added 1/06)

Another reader writes:
"I attended a Thyca meeting 5 years ago and was referred to Dr. Michael Kaplan from Dr. Ernest Massaferri. I am very thankful for his patience and his expertise regarding thyroid cancer. I refer him to others and have received many thank yous from satisfied patients." (May 2008)


Marjorie Taylor, RNC, Ob/Gyn NP. Area-Wide Ob/Gyn Health Services, PC 1586 44th Street, SW (east of US-131 about a mile) Wyoming, MI 616-532-1410. A reader shares the following information from this practitioner’s brochure: "Her ability to listen and work individually with women of all ages has enabled Marjorie to develop a special interest in treating PMS and menopause." The reader goes on to say, "I spent almost an hour with her on my initial visit. Marjorie is a compassionate person who understands women, is very knowledgeable in not only hormonal issues but in thyroid conditions, and wants to know how YOU feel. Not a horribly long wait to get an appointment (my initial wait period was a week)."


Wallace A. Arneson M.D., Surgeon, 5325 Elliot Dr., Ypsilanti, MI, 48197, 734-712-8150

A reader writes:
"Dr. Arneson is a very through compassionate doctor who will listen and help, not just dictate. He practices out of Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. He is so good I can barely see my incision line on my neck." (March 2009)


Dr. Kelly Mandagere and Dr. Jeffery Sanfield -- NO LONGER LISTED


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  • Create an individualized wellness plan just for you
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