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The following listing includes recommended doctors and practitioners for your thyroid care. Please note that being listed here in the Thyroid Top Doctors Directory doesn't necessarily mean a doctor is the right one for you. The doctor may be an empathetic and warm physician, but not open to working with drugs like Armour or T3 drugs. The doctor may be brilliant and innovative, but have a terrible bedside manner. Or the doctor may be quite costly and not on insurance programs. Always call the doctor's office ahead of time to find out more about the doctor's philosophy, approach, costs, and other important factors before going in for your first appointment. Please let me know if you have feedback -- positive or negative -- about doctors listed here, or would like to recommend your "top" doctor.

Thanks! -- Mary

Become part of the movement for better care! Help keep great doctors in business and encourage more doctors to properly treat thyroid patients by recommending the smart, caring, innovative practitioner who treats your thyroid condition. We might include him or her on the Top Docs Directory! And if you have criticism or feedback about a listed doctor, please let us know now!

Why is a Particular Doctor No Longer Listed?

Doctors who were previously listed here are removed for a number of reasons.
* The doctor has requested that his/her listings be removed because: he/she does not agree with this site’s philosophy or patient-orientation; the practice is too busy and can’t accept new patients; the doctor does not feel comfortable handling complicated thyroid problems; the doctor did not agree with what was said in the patient recommendations; or the doctor said “take me off the list” and offered no explanation.
* The doctor has moved, retired, or died.
* The doctor has lost his/her license, or given up his/her license, and is no longer practicing medicine.
* Patients have provided negative input about the doctor that is of sufficient concern that, in the opinion of the editor, the doctor should no longer be on the Top Thyroid Doctors List.
* Thyroid Top Doctors would face legal concerns if we published specific information about why patients had negative opinions about doctors, or if we shared a doctor’s occasional ranting ”take me off” email, or if we publicized doctors with licensing problems. So please, if you see that a doctor has been taken off the list and want to know why, talk to the doctor directly. If you write to us to ask why a doctor was taken off the list, we’re sorry, but we won’t be able to answer you or share that information.

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John R. Brow, DC - no longer listed

Burlington, Mt Holly, Tabernacle, Southampton

Dr. S. Kapulskey, General Practice, Tabernacle Family Medicine, 1531 Rte. 206 S., Tabernacle, NJ, 609-268-0707. A reader shares, "both Dr. Kapulskey and his NP Lynn are very supportive and not number oriented. First appointment Lynn spent 2 hours with me on all my ailments due to my hypothyroidism. Prescribes Armour and Cytomel your preference. Both are very caring."


Dr. Wilma Rossi, Pediatric Endocrinologist. Cooper Hospital - Children's Regional Center, 609 - 757-9799. A reader writes: "My son is two now and shy with people he doesn't know well. What I really like most about Dr. Rossi is that she came into the waiting room to observe my son before his appointment since she knew he would not be his natural self in the exam room. She is also very patient when I have questions."

Cedar Grove

Robert Steinfeld -- moved

Cherry Hill

Dr. John Gurrieri, General Practice Morris Drive Cherry Hill, NJ 08043 856-354-2232. A reader writes: "I was feeling tired depressed and just not myself. He tapped my knees asked me several questions regarding family history and sent me for a thyroid test. I feel he spared me several months of unnecessary fatigue. He is the best." (Added 11/02)


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Cherry Hill

Dr. Anthony Jennings, Endocrinologist, Covered Bridge Medical Building, Route 70 and Covered Bridge Road, Cherry Hill NJ 08034-2995 856 428 6768, (Also Pennsylvania Office Location: Presbyterian Medical Center, Medical Office Bldg, Room 305, Philadelphia, PA 19104, (215) 662-9822.

Note: Some patients have said to be aware that Dr. Jennings relies heavily on TSH blood tests for diagnosis. (June 2008)

Note: Patients report that this office is sometimes difficult to reach, and telephone response can be difficult to obtain (March 2009)

"He listened to what I had to say and didn't treat me as if I was just a case study -- I was treated like a person. He was the 3rd endo I'd been to, and he didn't go strictly by the lab results -- he took my symptoms as part of the situation," said a reader.

Another reader writes:
"My friend in Pennsylvania recommended Dr. Jennings since she goes to his Philadelphia office. She has hyperthyroidism, but felt I could benefit from another opinion on my being hypothyroid. I even liked his answering machine message, which asked patients to leave the time when it would be convenient for them to come in, and he would try to accommodate that schedule. He is my third try. The first doctor in Linwood, NJ was yelling at me when I asked questions about my case, claiming I needed to "take responsibility for my health and just accept how I felt." I like the second doctor, but wanted another opinion. Dr. Jennings spent the most initial time with me, drawing diagrams and explaining lab numbers in detail. He also explained the correlation between thyroid hormones and estrogen for peri-menopausal women. It was very educational and answered many of my concerns regarding the two conditions happening at the same time. He's a real gentleman and a gentle man."

Another reader recommends Dr. Jennings:
"Dr. Jennings is the most wonderful doctor there is. I have been seeing Dr. Jennings for 11 months now due to thyroid cancer. Dr. Jennings doesn't have the typical "God Complex" like most doctors. He is a good listener; he is kind, caring, and sympathetic. He is always open-minded about any ideas I have. You can tell he truly cares about his patients. He answers all my calls himself. Dr. Jennings does not go by lab results alone, he wants to now how I feel and what can be done to make me feel better. He is the kindest man and doctor I will ever meet. He helped me when every doctor I had previously had gave up. I recommend Dr. Jennings to anyone who wants to be treated like a person and not just another patient. I can't say enough about Dr. Jennings except there is no other doctor like him." (Added 11/02)

A reader says:
"He's wonderful! Diagnosed my mom and I with Hashimoto's' after years of us trying to figure out what was wrong with us. Please update his information so others can contact him easily. The area code has changed from what is listed on your top doc page for New Jersey." (added 1/04)

Another recommendation:
""A very gentle man who takes the time to diagnose you by listening to you describe every symptom. My visits are 3-4 months apart and he takes blood tests every visit and is very prompt with his phone call to let you know the results. He is very caring and respectful." (Added 4/04)

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Jennings is the best because he listens, he is patient, and he involves you in your care plan. I was desperate when I first saw him for poorly controlled hypothyroidism. He gave me back my life!" (Added: June 2004)

Another fan:
"IMAGINE: You go to the doctor's office because you are feeling lousy and A DOCTOR LISTENS! IMAGINE: THE DOCTOR ANSWERS THE PHONE, THE DOCTOR CALLS YOU BACK and best of all...THE DOCTOR REALLY CARES! With his soft voice and slight southern accent, Dr. Jennings will quietly go over with you everything you 'need' to tell him, 'want' to tell him, and more. And yes, he really does listen. I've recommended him to anyone in pursuit of an endocrinologist. My thyroid fluctuates so much, yet every time, instead of the typical 'wait' that doctors make you go through, Dr. Jennings addresses it IMMEDIATELY!" (Added Dec. 04)

Another recommendation:
"Dr. Jennings was the first doctor in ten years to put me on prescription vitamin D to help me regulate and absorb my calcium. My para-thyroid glands were removed when I had a total thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer over ten years ago. Because I am only thirty eight years old, other doctors felt it was acceptable to have calcium levels just slightly above a low level result. Dr. Jennings was the first to say that my symptoms indicated otherwise and that I was indeed hypo-parathyroid. Not only did the rocatrol (Vitamin D) help me feel better in general, but heart palpitations that several cardiologists had no real explanation for have stopped. Dr. Jennings was also the first doctor to allow me to take Synthroid instead of the Levoxyl that I had been taking for nine years. He felt it couldn't hurt and if my body reacts better to one brand verses another, all the better for me. My TSH has not fluctuated once in the past six months that I have been taking Synthroid. Dr. Jennings was clearly looking." (Added Dec. 04)

Another fan:
"I followed the recommendations from this site and made an appointment to see Dr. Jennings. I am a registered nurse and I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism two weeks ago. I went to see Dr. Jennings to discuss my treatment plan my pcp had given me. I called on Wednesday and left a message on voice mail that I wanted to make an appointment. Dr. Jennings called me back himself Wednesday evening and gave me an appointment to come in Friday. He was everything everyone has said about him on this website. He was attentive, caring, knowledgeable, understanding, thorough, and very personable. I would recommend him highly. I have worked with and for a lot of physicians in my nursing career and he is definitely at the top of my list! " (Added: Dec. 04)

A reader writes:
"Dr. Jennings was great. He schedules his appointments so that he can spend adequate time evaluating all the symptoms. I am glad I read this website and that he was a participating provider for my Aetna HMO. I had to travel over an hour to see him but it was worth the trip. He said if I felt no relief from Synthroid in 6-8 weeks he would switch me to Armour Thyroid to see which works better and provides the most relief from my symptoms. I am anxious to regain my strength and stamina. I have been relying on caffeine and sweets to get me through the day. I thought I had Lyme Disease when Hashimoto's was the culprit." (Added: Dec. 04)

Yet another reader writes:
"Dr. Jennings is the answer to everyone who has ever been brushed off by a doctor. He listens to what you say and doesn't dismiss your thoughts and feelings. I couldn't ask for a more thoughtful, caring, helpful doctor. I have been under his care and attentiveness for almost three years now, and I don't know where I would be without his care and concern. Believe this when I say it: You will find no better doctor than Dr. Jennings. Thank God for him." (Added 6/05)

Another recommendation:
"I am another grateful patient of Dr. Jennings. I got his name from this website and he is by far, the most through, compassionate, professional physician I have ever known and having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, I know literally hundreds of doctors. He absolutely does listen and looks at the "whole person" to treat the cause and not just alleviate the symptoms. It truly is like being in a fantastic partnership towards keeping me in optimum health, because he expects me to do my part (exercise, diet, etc.) I went undiagnosed for years with hypothyroidism and abnormally low estrogen and had a very poor quality of life before I met him. I drive 2 hours each way to visit him and was speaking to another patient in the waiting room, telling her that there was no hesitation on my part to go to wherever he is located...." (Added June 2005)

Another reader recommends Dr. Jennings:
"Dr. Jennings is wonderful. I found him from this website. When I made an appointment to see him, I was surprised that he asked me when I wanted to come in! I was totally impressed by his caring manner and his ability to truly listen to me. I'm always very satisfied with his care and I always know I'm in good hands when I go back for check-ups. I would recommend him to anyone!" (Added 10/05)

A reader writes:
"Dr Jennings is wonderful. I found him from this website. After having a baby two years ago and being diagnosed hypothyroid, I made an appt to see him. What a surprise that he asked ME when I wanted to come in. I was totally impressed by his caring manner and his ability to TRULY listen to me. He has a very soft southern accent that immediately make you feel comfortable talking with him. I asked him if he could prescribe Armour for me since I wanted a more natural product. He was most accommodating to my wishes. I'm always very satisfied with his care and I know that I'm always in good hands when I go back for my check-ups. I would recommend him to anyone." (Added Apr 06)

More fans:
"I stumbled upon this website months ago while researching hypothyroidism. I was looking for a doctor who would actually find out what is wrong with me and would actually listen. Everything said about Dr.Jennings here is true. I know it sounds unbelievable! I was skeptical myself, but it's true. He is amazing. He scheduled me for many tests but kept reassuring me that we would find out what is wrong. Friday, we finally did. I have a pituitary tumor (Cushings syndrome). I am sure I have had it for quite a while now because of the symptoms. My PCP told me I was depressed and prescribed Zoloft! I have been feeling horrible for over a year but no one would listen. Dr.Jennings is a godsend. I called him on a Wednesday to make an appointment on Friday to go over my MRI results. His office calls were forwarded to his cell phone. He answered and said he was driving and he'd call me back in 20 mins. He did! He was booked solid for Friday but he stayed late and saw me at 8 pm. He is just amazing. I will forever compare every doctor to Dr.Jennings, he is the standard by which other doctors should be judged." (October 2006)

Another fan:
"Dr. Jennings is a true GEM. I met his Nurse Practitioner Carolyn, while waiting to see him, and she is awesome as well. Dr. Jennings truly cares about his patients, he sits down right in front of you and looks you right in the eyes while asking questions. I had to have some biopsies done on my nodules and he made me feel so relaxed during the procedure, and just kept assuring me that he didn't expect to find a problem, and he was right. Not only does he call you himself to make his appointments, or to give you results right away, he does it anytime day or night and even on the weekend. I feel so lucky to have found him. He also has an office in Cherry Hill, NJ so please check out all the great feedback for him under that board." (August 2007)

Another reader writes:
"I have been to a lot of physicians and Dr. Jennings is absolutely at the top of my list! He is everything that everyone on this website has said about him. He is attentive, caring, respectful, understanding, thorough, personable, and knowledgeable. I was able to reach him the night before my 7:30 AM appointment for an last minute reschedule. Dr. Jennings has given me a life without pain. He is what every physician should strive to be like."(August 2007)

Another fan:
"I was diagnosed in August 2005 with hypothyroidism and was put on Synthroid by my PCP. In a few months I felt remarkable but over the course of the following 10 months I returned to feeling the way I did before treatment. My Synthroid dosage was continually adjusted but I was never free of symptoms and was often in deep muscle pain and easily fatigued. My life kept wasting away until I found this website and a recommendation to Dr. Jennings. I traveled 75 miles to see him and it changed my life in ONE WEEK. Dr. Jennings patiently and genuinely listened to my symptoms (and my feelings about how I was suffering) as well as a re-count of my treatment for the previous year. He took blood tests and called me that weekend (holiday weekend no less!) on Sunday(!) to give me the results which showed a fabulous TSH of .5!! given that I still felt so unwell, he switched me to Armour Thyroid, and it literally took ONE WEEK and I was 100% free of symptoms. It is 2 months later and I still feel phenomenal and not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for a wonderful doctor like Dr. Jennings and this website for bringing this information to me. Without both of these things, I would still be suffering and having a limited life."(August 2007)

Another reader writes:
"I am a 23 yr. old female & I have been dealing with strange and sudden medical issues over the past year (sudden weight gain, developed acne, constant fatigue, depression, carpel tunnel syndrome, digestion problems, irregular menstrual cycles, decreased nail growth, low immune system, etc.) Since thyroid disorders (among many other auto-immune diseases) run in my family, I kind of thought that all of my problems had to do with something endocrine-related. Unfortunately, every doctor & specialist I have went to NEVER wants to research my thyroid function any further than the regular TSH & Free T4 blood test. So I came on this website (THANK YOU MARY J. SHOMON!) and began looking for a doctor in the NYC area. Basically, I wasn't too lucky finding a dr. that accepted my insurance so I started looking in NJ. I came across Dr. Anthony S. Jennings and I noticed that he had 15 positive posts! In desperation, I called his office (around 5 PM) & I reached the voicemail system, so I left a message begging someone to call me asap because I really just didn't know who else to call for help! Around 8:45 PM (the same evening I called), I got a return phone call from his office! I told the person that I was shocked & he told me that he was just working late trying to get everything in order. Amazingly, we set up an appt. date & time for the next week (he was very flexible about working around my availability). The person spent about 20 min. making sure that I knew the address and exact directions on how to get there. I was even told that adequate time will be spent with me so I can ask the doctor any questions that I may have & also time will be spent on making sure I understand info. regarding my issues, blood test, lab reports, diagnosis, etc! At the end of the phone call, I asked the person what their name was & to my surprise -- it was Dr. Jennings himself! How many people can actually say that they have EVER had a doctor personally take time out of their day to contact you because they truly care about what they do and helping you?"(August 2007)

Another reader writes:
I went to two female endocrinologists before my mother found Dr. Anthony Jennings' information for me online. I was very unhappy with how the female endocrinologists treated me: they dismissed me and told me I was fat, depressed and I needed counseling. I even went to counseling and the psychologist said I was doing everything that I should be doing when faced with a chronic medical condition. I felt helpless and frustrated. My mother did a search online and called me up one night, half-laughing as she was reading the entries other patients had written about Dr. Jennings. It sounded way too good to be true. So I called. To my astonishment the doctor himself called me back the very same day - at about 10:30 p.m. in the evening. He was willing to see me the very next day. When I got there he welcomed me in and pulled up a chair and we had a great conversation. Having two degrees in the field of communication I was ASTOUNDED that this doctor could not only communicate well, but he did so without any jargon and he maintained outstanding eye contact throughout our session. He was the polar opposite of the first two endocrinologists I saw. He was honest with me that it wasn't an easy fix but told me I would get better. He adjusted my medication and asked me to come back in a few weeks. I didn't mind that he wasn't in my HMO network - he actually KNEW what he was talking about and I had total confidence in him. Upon my next visit (I had my mother with me) he concluded that I was taking too much medication and it was causing additional problems. He suggested we stop taking a depression medication that someone put me on just six weeks earlier (as we were clear I wasn't depressed). I would say within four days I felt NORMAL -- enough so that I exercised, got a decent night of sleep and had energy. I can't call him a miracle worker but he certainly restored my faith in the field of endocrinology. It's sort of like dating: don't just settle for the first sap you meet." (May 2008)

Another reader writes:
"I just met Dr. Jennings today Nov. 26, 2007 and I went to him because I really needed a good endocrinologist to help me understand my thyroid problems and the possibility of complete thyroid removal. I was tired of being told nothing, and wasting my time with the other doctors I saw. After reading the overwhelming posts on this site about Dr. Jennings, I decided to go meet him. I live an hour away, but I believed that somebody as described here should be worth it. IT WAS!!!!! He is caring, a great listener and made all of my fears go away. He really knows what he is talking about and cares to explain it to you in whatever time it takes. I am so glad that I went and will keep him as my endo of course!!! Thanks Dr. Jennings! My husband and I are so glad to have met you!! Doctors like you are almost non-existent nowadays." (May 2008)

Another reader writes:
"I have to say everything that was said about Dr.Jennings was true!He is the kind of doctor that we wish all doctors were like.I have met many doctors including ones I really like ,but Dr.Jennings is in a level by himself. No nurse calls you back himself, listens and listens, takes your blood himself, calls on the weekends, you call him on his cell and he calls back in minutes. He is as gentle and kind as described.Should do a seminar for other doctors on how to have good bedside manners. Helping me with hypothyroidism (using Armor) and discovered I am iron deficient which my family doc never mentioned.Worth the drive!" (May 2008)

More fans:
"Another kudos for Dr. Jennings! My primary care physician said my TSH was normal and blew off my symptoms, even though I have all the major hypothyroid symptoms. I took matters into my own hands and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jennings. He called me on a Sunday night with my lab results and guess what? My thyroid is low! He started me immediately on Armor. I am so happy that he is willing to work with me to feel good again! He's a great doctor!" (May 2008)

A reader writes:
"I read the positive feedback about Dr. Jennings when I was searching for a new Dr. I decided to give his office a call, and I left a message, and later that night Dr. Jennings called back himself, and asked me when I would like to come in, and asked about my work times. All my other calls to offices were met with nasty receptionists with at least 3 month wait list,, I seen Dr. Jennings 2 weeks from the time he called me, 2 weeks was because of my work schedule, but he offered to see within a week's time, but it did not work for me. This Dr. is VERY accommodating, in that my appt time later in the day, when other offices close at 3 pm. He listened to my every symptom, ask me questions to gather more information, he even drew blood himself, along with a ultrasound, he helped put my mind to ease when leaving with a prescription and very clear instructions, and told me a report of labs would be sent to my house, and he would call personally if any of the numbers were out of range. I had to travel over an hr to him, but WELL worth the time and money spent in gas.. I been back on my synthroid and I can already feel a difference.. Dr. Jennings is a RARE find, but I am glad of the positive feedback that led me to call and see him!!" (May 2008)

More praise:
"I was referred to Dr. Jennings by a friend after having a run-on of horrible experiences with a female endocrinologist who was dismissive at best and at worst condescending. Dr. Jennings is probably the best doctor OF ANY SPECIALTY that I have ever been treated by. He is, as everyone remarks, attentive, compassionate, competent and kind. I could never expect most doctors to meet such a standard, but many of them could benefit by acquiring just one of his many fine attributes. He is simply the best there is." (June 2008)

A reader writes:
"When I first stepped into the waiting room I was a little apprehensive. I had never been to a doctor that didn't have a receptionist and the environment was more of a clinic atmosphere instead of a private office. I was worried that I maybe didn't choose the right doctor but quickly learned that none of things really matter. Dr. Jennings was kind, thoughtful and listened to everything I said. Dr. Jennings even asked my husband if I was forgetting anything and if he noticed any symptoms I may have missed. He made feel better about my concerns and helped me to stop thinking I was crazy the way other doctors have been making me feel. Since I had anemia in the past, he also checked other things in my bloodwork such as iron levels which my primary never even thought of. If you are in the Philadelphia area Dr. Jennings is definitely the doctor to see!" (July 2008)

A reader writes:
"I want to add my two cents in when it comes to Dr.Jennings of Cherry Hill, NJ. He is , by far, one of the best , most compassionate doctors I have come across. I have see infertility doctors, as well as a GP and Dr.Jennings was the first to notice I had a high TSH level. He asked questions no one has ever asked before and wrote down everything I had to say. HE listened to me intently as well asked my husband if I had left anything out. He was intent on checking all blood panels and was optimistic that we would find a solution to my systems one way or another. He made me feel calm, and for once i felt like my feelings and thoughts were justified. One recommendation is to not judge the office appearance in relation to the doctor. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! He truly is the doctor that all should aspire to be. " (March 2009)

Cherry Hill

Vesna Milhailovic, MD -- No longer listed (July 2008)

Cherry Hill

Gregory Frick, D.C. - no longer listed


Dr. Russo, Family/Pediatric 973-279-5116 Valley Family Care 128 Valley Road Clifton, NJ 07013.

Note: Be advised that some readers are reporting that this doctor sometimes cancels appointments at the last minute, and makes you reschedule for weeks later. (Added Dec 04)

A reader shares, "If you’re looking for a doctor that does not treat you like a number then Dr Russo is for you. After I was diagnosed by an endocrinologist and put on Synthroid for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid I went to 3 different doctors looking for help. I wasn’t feeling any better and was told over and over again that "by the book" line about why I couldn’t give Armour Thyroid a try. I went to Russo and explained how I felt lousy and he let me give Armour a try. Needless to say I felt a lot better. We work together on keeping my levels at the maximum since as I drift towards the lower end of the scale on the test results I become sluggish and sleepy. One of the big reasons he is a fantastic doctor is that he doesn’t have a God complex. He listens and is always willing to try a new approach when something isn’t working."

Another reader recommends Dr. Russo:
"Dr. Russo was recommended on your website by someone else. I went to see him and after having seen so many other doctors I have to say he is open-minded and aware. He put me on Armour as I requested. It is a relief to finally have found a doctor who listens!"

Another reader writes:
"After seeing three endocrinologists who failed to listen and take adequate blood work, I saw Dr. Russo once, and he prescribed the correct medication. Less than one week later, I feel literally 90% better. They were extremely thorough in taking information and ordering extensive blood work. Having not had thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer, I was feeling absolutely awful on Synthroid and knew, after research that I needed more T3. He was the only one who listened and took into consideration my extensive symptoms. I highly recommend this doctor." (Added: June 2004)

A reader writes:
"I had my first appt with Dr. Russo yesterday and I'm very happy. He was willing to let me try the Armour and seemed to be very open. I'm very thankful I found this website and Dr. Russo. Now I hope the Armour works!" (August 2007)

Another fan:
"Because of the previous feedback about Dr. Russo, I decided to schedule and appt. I have to say, he was kind, caring and willing to listen and really took the time to interpret lab numbers in a way that 13 endo's before him could not or would not. I highly recommend Dr. Russo if you are struggling with thyroid!!!" (July 2008)


Josephine V Jasper MD -- NO LONGER LISTED

Clifton and Livingston

Sonoo Advani MD -- no longer listed


James C. Cameron, D.C. - no longer listed


Geoffrey Channon Reed DC - no longer listed

Colts Neck

Alison A. Uccello,MD, Endocrinologist, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, 9 Professional Circle, Suite 109 , Colts Neck, NJ 07722, 732 409-9994

"Dr. Uccello is a very nice, caring medical doctor who prescribes Armor Thyroid." (May 2008)

East Brunswick

Zofia Hrymoc -- no longer listed


Dr. Richard Menashe -- no longer listed (May 2008)


Pamela Pinto, Endocrinologist, 452 Old Hook Road, Emerson, NJ, 07630, 201-666-3900

"I went to Dr. Pinto because I was curious about some thyroid nodules my oncologist had said were nothing. Dr. Pinto saw that I had blood tests and a fine needle aspiration. Turned out I have two goiters. She also questioned my about a prior diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism about which nothing had been done. She ordered blood tests and a Sestamibi scan to find out if one or more of my parathyroids is naughty. She also personally calls patients. A specialist who personally calls patients???!!!! She is young, kind, and cares. I recommend her!" (August 2007)


Marc Sandberg, MD, Diabetes and Endocrine Associates of Hunterdon, 9100 Wescott Drive, Flemington NJ, 08822. 908-237-6990.

A reader writes:
"I just wanted to let you know that I feel that I am one of the luckiest patients on the face of this planet right now. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism by an endocrinologist who basically let his students and staff treat me after the diagnosis and ignored health problems I was having like chest pains. He basically wrote me off as a hypochondriac when it came to any of my symptoms. So I saw a new specialist and was so blown away that I refuse to go anywhere else for any of my doctors. I went to see Dr. Marc Sandberg. By this point I needed help to do everything including getting there and was put in the emergency room immediately. I am still working very closely with Dr. Sandberg. He gives me all my options and lets me decide and then gives information that I need on that. I count myself very fortunate and just wanted to share that with you. I received your newsletter and it's very informative." (added 1/04)


Dr. Felice A. Caldarella, Endocrinologist, 9100 Wescott Drive Suite 101, Flemington, NJ, 08822, 908-237-6990

A reader writes:
"Dr. Caldarella is wonderful. He is a good listener and truly cares. In addition to puting me on Armour, he also recommended Weight Watchers and weight training. I have since lost 35 pounds, which I was unable to lose prior, no matter how much I worked out and how little I ate. I am feeling much better, no longer tired. Previously I had been to several doctors who either put me on Synthroid or told me that I was overweight because I was eating too much and probably have sleep apnea. She assumed a lot of incorrect things and was very insulting. I highly recommend Dr. Caldarella. Also, he will personally call you to discuss lab results." (March 2009)


Dr. Wanda Ryan -- NO LONGER LISTED


Dr Roberta Foss Morgan, 124 Kings Highway West, Haddonfield, NY 856-216-9001, A reader writes: "Dr morgan studies, travels and listens." (Added Apr 06)

A reader writes:
"I went to see her back in the 1990's after seeing EVERY endocrinologist that my health insurance had. I was at my wits end. All the other docs went by TSH numbers alone and told me to see a shrink for depression and kept me on Synthroid. After one visit with Dr. Morgan I was on Cytomel. I felt better and started losing weight, and was much less depressed. I had enough energy to work out again. I was much better off for seeing her. She is wonderful, and she LISTENS. Now, after yrs of seeing an endo on my insurance, and being taken off Cytomel because he didn't like it, I'm back in a huge rut again. It's time to see Dr. Morgan, even though she's not on my insurance. It's worth it to me." (March 2009)

Highland Park

Harry Schick DC - no longer listed


Muriel Levy-Kern, MD Endocrinology 225 Gordons Corner Rd. Manalapan, NJ 07726 732-335-1332 OR 702 N. Beers St. Holmdel, NJ 07733 732-446-3349 A reader writes: "She is very thorough, open-minded and caring and understanding. I went to her with what I thought were only hypothyroid and low testosterone symptoms. She also discovered low growth hormone and hypopituitarism. She did not stop investigating, and now has me on hormone replacements, and feeling great. She is one of the best docs I've ever known." (Added 2/03)


Muriel Levy-Kern in Manalapan

Jersey City

Dr. Anthony DelPiano, Internal Medicine, 600 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, Phone: 201-216-3040, A reader writes: "Dr. Del is a great doctor because he was willing to prescribe Thyrolar after I brought an article in about it. After being on Synthroid for 6 years and not having any of the hypothyroid symptoms relieved he prescribed the Thyrolar for me. After about 1 month, I wasn't feeling tired anymore and my hair stopped falling out. " (Added: Dec. 04)

Jersey City

Jenny Rose G. Cam, Endocrinology & Metabolism, 10 Huron Ave. 1P, NJ 07306, (201) 656-6003. A reader writes: "When she prescribed medication she gave me a low mg so my thyroid would not become to hypothyroid." (Added 6/05)


Dr. Sridhar Nambi, Endocrinologist, 22 Old Short Hills Rd, Livingston, NJ 07039, 973-535-8870. A reader writes: "He is very supportive, listened to what I had to say and didn't treat me as if I was just a case study. I was treated like a person. He is a good listener; he is kind, caring, and sympathetic. He is a kind man. He wants to know how you feel." (Added 1/06)

Livingston (see Clifton)

Sonoo Advani MD, , Board Certified Endocrinology, 124 EAST MT. PLEASANT AVE., Livingston, N.J., 973-992-4433.

Long Branch, Monmouth County

Dr. Martin J. Luria MD PA, 170 Morris Avenue, Long Branch, New Jersey, (732)222-8874. A reader writes: "This is an absolutely wonderful Endo I found. The Doctor is a Sweetheart, a little curt, but human and totally dedicated to Endocrinology- I can't tell you how relieved I feel that I found him. He is not US healthcare - but he is worth it. His first visit cost me $190.00 and the second cost me $80.00.

Another reader likes Dr. Luria...
"I live in central NJ, Monmouth county. My endo is Dr. Martin J. Luria, Long Branch, N.J. 170 Morris Ave, (732)222-8874. He is out of Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch NJ. He was recommended to me by two different doctors that I trust. His care has been excellent. I am hyperthyroid, but have Hashimoto's Disease. He has been careful to monitor my levels and adjust my meds accordingly."


Brian Smith DC - no longer listed


Dr. Muriel Levy-Kern, 225 Gordon’s Corner Road, Manalapan, NJ, 732-446-3349/ Fax 732-264-8858, 732-335-1332, "She is very open to my suggestions and comments and is very willing to read any information I have found on the subject. She is a very caring doctor. She is very knowledgeable on Hypothalamic, Pituitary, Adrenal, Thyroid, and other imbalances that stem from those glands." (Added 4/04)

Another fan:
"I have been to 3 different doctors for my thyroid/heart problems and was blow off by them as all is well with me and it was all in my head , when I went to Dr. Levy-Kern she took 45 minutes with me asked me many questions and took many blood test and she would not give up till she had an answer for me . She LISTENS to what you have to say , and not just goes by what the books say . She is a GREAT and caring Doctor that I will be staying with for ever! Though she does not take ANY Insurance , she is worth that money . If you are going to a doctor that just won't listen to you then try Dr. Levy-Kern. You won't be sorry ! She also has an office in Holmdel NJ." (Added 1/06)


Dina Prus -- no longer listed (March 2009)

Margate City

Dr. Zia Salam -- No longer listed


Jeffrey Benezra DC - no longer listed


Dr. Christina Xenachis -- no longer listed (June 2008)


Angela Inzerillo, endocrinology, Whitehorse-mercerville Rd, NJ, 08619, 609-581-7725. A reader writes: "Good listener, pro-active and aggressive in treatment. Works well with others in the group." (Added 6/05)

Midland Park

Dr. Ali Mazandarani DC - no longer listed

Morris Plains

J. Francis Farley Jr DC - no longer listed

Mt. Laurel

Charles Sharkey, General practice/internist/primary care, Rt 38 and Ark Rd, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08077, 856-231-9666

"Dr. Sharkey is a young DO, who seems willing to learn about alternative approaches in conjunction with standard practices. Although prescribing Armor was new to him, he agreed to prescribe it to me and follow my case. He was cautious and started me on a very low dose. It took a while to get up to the proper dosage but the end result was finding out that Armor is the superior choice for my body over Synthroid. I feel so much better." (May 2008)


Dr. Alexander Shifrin, endocrinologist, surgeon, 1945 State Route 33 Box397, Neptune, NJ 07754-0397, t.732-776-4770 f.732-776-3763

"I was referred to Dr. Shifrin by my primary care physician for thyroid cancer. I had my surgery in January and can only say that Dr. Shifrin was just wonderful. The surgery was frightening to me he put me at ease and is a very caring and wonderful person and surgeon. There are not many doctors who care and take the time for their patients. He is one of those doctors and I would certainly recommend him. I had my surgery in mid January and you can hardly see the scar." (August 2007)

Another fan:
"Recently I had a 4.6 tumor removed along with the right side of my thyroid. one day surgery. I experienced no pain after surgery. Was released from the hospital at 9:30pm and I did take one pain pill. i was anticipating pain and discomfort, but I experienced none. I was informed that I could have a problem with my right arm and may not be able to use it for a few hours, but that did not happen. With this type of surgery I was semi conscious. this is because the surgeon is working close to your vocal cords and they need to have you speak during the surgery. The nodule was detected in 2002 and measured 3.6. it grew to 4.6 at which time it needed to be removed. From 2002 until the surgery I could not sleep on my side, I could not breathe properly. clearing my throat became an annoying habit. When the first needle aspiration was taken it was a fluid substance that was removed and determined to be benign. Before surgery another needle aspiration was performed but this time the tumor was a solid mass, so they removed tissue. this procedure was painless. The pathology report came back showing no cancer. my surgery took place on february 23rd and my family and friends are amazed that the incision is hardly visible. My surgery was performed by dr. alexander shifrin at Jersey Shore University Hospital. I would highly recommend Dr. Shifrin and Jersey Shore Hospital. The entire staff at were very efficient, professional and caring individuals." (August 2007)

Another reader writes:
"I am thrilled to write a comment about Dr. Alexander Shifrin, who recommended and performed surgery on my mother. My mother had for the past 10 to 5 yrs. a large goiter on her neck. She said it didn't bother her and chose to not do anything about it. After one visit to Dr. Shifrin, and after numerous catscans and other tests Dr. Shifrin shared the results with us and determined this thing was strangling my mother. My mom could not walk a few steps without using an inhaler and wheezing. My mother cleared her throat constantly, and although we knew it couldn't be helped, it was annoying and embarrassing! Dr. Shifrin performed surgery to remove this large growth that was growing from the throat now into the chest area in May of 2008. This was on a Thursday. He kept mom in the hospital overnight as a precautionary measure as she is 78 yrs old. Dr. Shifrin had a thoracic and vascular surgeon on standby and also a nerve specialist. We were so impressed with his manner and everything about him!. My mother was home the following day, no tubes, no pain and barely a small scar. We were all in total shock, as immediately following the removal of this goiter, my mother has not coughed, wheezed, or had any shortness of breath whatsoever!!! This is after 15 yrs of suffering. No more albuterol and no more Advair since the day after surgery! Dr. Alexander Shifrin has probably given my mother easily another 30 years of good life!! We are forever grateful to Dr. Shifrin and his secretary Susan who was so patient and accommodating to my every phone call and questions!! May God Bless them both. Dr. Shifrin is a "10" on my mothers list. I would certainly highly recommend Dr. Shifrin over and over again to anyone!!" (June 2008)

A reader writes:
"I needed to have thyroid surgery for the second time in my life. My first surgeon retired. I called my insurance company to find a specialist in thyroid surgery. I was given Dr. Shifrin's name. I went on line and was able to read a detailed summary about his training and experience. I was very impressed. So I called for an appointment. I could have seen him within a week but I needed a specific day and time which his secretary, Megan, so kindly accommodated my request. My first appointment with him I knew I found the perfect MD to take of me. As a nurse I have very high expectations for all my healthcare providers. Dr. Shifrin was very caring and explained the surgery I needed. I told him right than I wanted him to do my surgery..there was no question in my mind. Before I arrived home from the appointment. I had a surgical date within a month. My surgery was less than 2 weeks ago and everything went very well. I would highly recommend this doctor." (March 2009)

New Brunswick

Cynthia Seifer, Pediatric Endocrinologist, St. Peter's Medical Center. A reader writes: "She is so caring. After several blood tests ordered by other physicians proved negative, I took my daughter to her. She felt her neck, found a growth and recommended another endo for a scan and biopsy. Results were cancer. If not for her, how long would I have had the run-around. She calls anytime, day or night and in between regardless of how large or small the problem.


Dr. Baranetsky, Endocrinologist, St. Michael's Hospital Newark

A reader writes:
Premise: I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in 2001. Since then I have been battling with doctors for treatment. With the repeated outcome of them telling me that I was in the normal range even though I was gaining weight rapidly (while working out and watching my diet) and losing hair by the fistfuls. So, I heard about Dr. Baranetsky from a friend. I've been with him for ~3 years. I have recently been trying to educate myself and decided that I wanted to try a T4/T3 drug. I was scared to ask my doctor. However, when I mentioned it he was all for it. He, apparently, has been around so long that when he started out Armour was the treatment for hypothyroidism. So, now I've been on Armour for a few days and I'm very excited and hopeful that this will help me. I have to get more tests in order to monitor my levels, but it's worth it! Thank you so much for providing this forum and this website. I have found it invaluable!" (March 2009)

North Bergen

Gregory Magee, MD, Internal Medicine-pulmonary/sleep disorders, 8305A Bergenline Ave, North Bergen, NJ 07047, Phone: 201-854-7200, A reader writes: "He listens to his patients " (Added: Dec. 04)

Another reader writes:
"We have been seeing Dr. Magee for a number of years. I am a 30+ year thyroid cancer survivor with a lot of other medical problems (phlebitis, fibromyalgia, etc.) My husband has a heart condition, respiratory and vascular problems. Dr. Magee has taken the lead in coordinating and compiling information from all of our doctors to insure we are getting the appropriate and the best care. His knowledge and ability to diagnose beyond his specialities is always helpful. He is one of the finest diagnosticians I have ever come across, with an intuitive sense of what is going on with all of our ups and downs. You may have to wait in his office beyond your appointment time, but we have never minded because we know that once he gets with us he will spend as much time as is needed to examine and then sit down and explain what is going on. Dr. Magee is concerned not just with your ills, but with the entire patient. He is humane and human and a atruely nice human beings, as well as being a great doctor." (May 2008)

North Plainfield

Timothy P Conroy DC - no longer listed


Howard Prager DC DACBSP - no longer listed


Dr. Allen Griggs, General Practice, 400 Kinderkamack Rd Oradell, NJ 201-261-1660 "This Dr. not only LISTENS," writes one reader, "he believes in treating the whole person not just a lab value. Even though he would have preferred a different approach to my symptoms he listened to me and agreed to use the treatment I felt more comfortable with. I can't believe I finally found a doctor in Bergen Co. who was willing to prescribe Armour Thyroid."


Doug Pucci DC - no longer listed


Dr. Thomas Cacciola -- no longer listed


Dr. Radu Kramer, Internal/Nephrology, 2 Sears Dr. 3rd Floor, Paramus, NJ, 201-444-1771. A reader writes: "Dr. Kramer is truly a doctor. He wants to help everybody. He is very patient and hears everything you want to say to him about your condition." (Added 10/05)


Dr Martin Hochstein, Endocrinologist, Sears Drive, Paramus, (201) 261-2560. A reader writes: "I have been going to him on and off ( insurance changes) since 1984 for my a type of low thyroidism. It's called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and it's his specialty. He's also a consulting Professor at John Hopkins. I have been to other Endocrine doctors but he really stands out to be THE best . Basically he's non judgmental and SUPER Smart. Tell him all your symptoms and right every time. He's open to ideas but will tell you the truth when it doesn't apply. He is open to Armour/ Natural thyroid but said straight out that with my need to be on almost complete thyroid Hormone replacement that such high or as put Mega dosage wasn't reliable enough . He even stopped my generic medicine just so we could try to get my levels up enough. He also keeps a close watch of any growth and when you need to do a biopsy ,he has the ultrasound machine to guide him to do the biopsy slides do it right in his office. No long wait to find out if your have cancer. A hassle free, one stop deal.( It's one less step/worry.) I would highly recommend him for ALL endocrine problems. Especially basic infertility and Diabetes. He's good. I've never even seen an amputee patient in his waiting room ( a horrible complication of mismanaged DM) It' just a little difficult to get your blood tests reports back you have to call. But otherwise he's down toearth, not a snob you can tell him anything, not mean, but he's doesn't like super long visits. I say no problem, just keep me well and I'm happy. Go to him if you have a difficult endocrine problem. Give him a try. I know that he figure out you illness. Again he's a Very Bright Doctor. A #1 if you NEED to get well!!" (Added 1/06)

Another fan:
"I have been on thyroid hormones for 19 years and recently weaned myself off and am questioning the need for the medicine. I went to Dr. Hochstein today for a thyroid evaluation and he was very down to earth, personable and seemed very experienced. He asked me a lot of questions about my thyroid history and relevant medical history. He genuinely seemed interested in my case and in helping me. I had blood taken at the office and have a follow up appointment. I am a health professional and was impressed with him." (October 2006).


Dr. Daniel C. Budd, FACS, FACE, Thyroid Surgery, 707 Broadway, Paterson, NJ 07514, 973-742-3371, Email: "25 years of experience, compassionate, amiable, explains pathology and operative pros and cons; named Best Doctor in Metro Area in Endocrine Surgery and only one of two surgeons in N.J. honored to be members of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons." (Added Dec. 04)


Dr. Chen, Thyroid, The Thyroid Center for Excellence at Muhlenberg Hospital, Park Ave. & Randolph Rd., Plainfield, NJ 07061, 908-668-2787, A reader writes: "I initially went to Dr. Chen for a second opinion - I had been seeing an endocrinologist for about 7 months, and he was having a difficult time getting my Hashimoto's under control. He finally resorted to telling me that I was going to need Radioactive Iodine Treatment to "blast" (his word, not mine!!) my thyroid. I'd been waiting for my thyroid to get under control before attempting to get pregnant, and after doing some research, RAI treatment was NOT an option as far as I was concerned. I went to see Dr. Chen for a second opinion and he confirmed that RAI was a bad idea. He had my thyroid under control in two months and I feel better than I've felt in years!!! He's extremely thorough, pleasant, and takes the time to answer all the questions I have. I couldn't recommend him more!!!" (Added 1/06)


Dr. Steven Kahn, Surgeon, Princeton Surgical Assoc, 281 Witherspoon St., Suite 120, Princeton, N.J. 08540, 609-921-7223/609-921-1514

"Dr.Kahn was recommended to me by a friend who had him operate on her for thyroid cancer - she recommended him highly. I used Dr. Kahn for surgery March 2008 following my endo doctor's diagnosis of one primary hyperparathyroid adenoma which while in surgery, actually turned out to be multigland hyperplasia requiring a full parathyroidectomy. His knowledge, bed side manner and over 25 yrs. of thyroid/parathyroid surgical experience came through successfully for both my friend who referred me and for myself. I recommend him highly as someone skilled in the area of thyroids/parathyroids." (May 2008)


Ned M. Weiss -- NO LONGER LISTED (June 2006)


Maria Rodino, MD, Endocrinologist, 219 Old Hook Road, Westwood, N.J. 07675, 201-722-0600. "Dr. Rodino is an excellent and caring doctor -- she spends time with you going over your symptoms and options. She was the ONLY doctor that actually listened to me when I told her that the Levoxyl my previous doc put me on was causing my hair to fall out (everyone claimed it was due to stress, not the meds). She put me on Armour Thyroid and I've been much better since. Highly recommend Dr. Rodino!"

Another fan:
"She is a traditional doctor who is willing to prescribe Armour, Cytomel or Compounds but she is most valuable because she is so patient oriented! Dr. Rodino is great at returning phone calls and she takes Aetna UsHealthcare." (Added Dec. 04)

A reader writes:
"She is a blessing to all of her patients. She takes time to listen, and truly cares for each of her patients. If you need to speak to her, she will return your call, even if it's 9 pm in the evening. I cannot say enough good things about this doctor." (Added Dec. 04)

Another reader:
"I find her to be an excellent doctor. She is a very patient listener and never makes you feel like she is in a rush. She gives you all the time you need and makes you feel comfortable talking to her because her sense of caring comes through." (Added 1/06)

Another reader writes:
"I actually found Dr. Rodino through this website and wanted to add to her praises. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease at the age of 25. My TSH and all of my tests were still within the normal range but knowing that the condition would progress, I wanted to be under the care of a good endocrinologist. Dr. Rodino tested me every 6 months for several years -- and the first time my TSH came back at 3.0 (which most doctors would consider "normal") she put me on Levoxyl. Because of her early treatment, I have never, ever had a single symptom of Hashimoto's and I would like to keep it that way! She always asks how I'm feeling (in addition to looking at lab results) and is very thorough. I highly recommend her." (August 2007)


Jack Tohme MD -- no longer listed (May 2008)


Dr. David Tusek, 66 East Main Street, Rockaway, NJ 07866, "Dr. Tusek told me he was committed to making me feel better. He listens and looks at all treatments available. He takes the time to return calls, listen, and talk with you." (Added 4/04)


Dr. Swati Sharma, Roseland NJ.

A reader writes:

"Love her! She spent at least 30 min with me. Her focus was on how I feel not the numbers. She lowered my medicine and added Cytomel which I just started 2 weeks ago and will have a followup in a month. I can not say enough about her. I have had numerous docs since being diagnosed with hashimotos as a teenager and except for the doc that diagnosed me no one has ever spent so much time and cared about me. HIGHLY recommend!" (March 2009)

Somerset & Springfield

Richard Podell, MD, Internal Medicine, 53 Kossuth St., Somerset, NJ 08873 Tel: 732-565-9224, and 105 Morris Avenue, Suite 200,Springfield, NJ 07081 Tel: 973-218-9191. Web:

A reader writes: "Dr. Podell has been using Armour and Cytomel for many years. His medical group's major focus is on fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and other complex multistystem health problems. Although a full clinical professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, his orientation is integrative i.e. standard meds when indicated and holistic support for natural healing systems most often." (Added 11/02)

Another reader writes:
"A progressive practice, and this doctor is willing to use Armour and Cytomel. Has a focus on thyroid, FMS, CFS and other multistystem health problems. Their focus is integrative - they use meds when indicated and holistic support for natural healing systems." (Added 2/03)

A fan:
"He's terrific, also on the radio in New York City, knows conventional and alternative both" (August 2007)

Another reader writes:
I was diagnosed with Hashi's around 4 years ago although I think it started over 30 years ago as that's when my vitiligo and other symptoms began. It wasn't until 4 years ago that the extreme tiredness took hold and blood tests were conducted. I chose a woman endo thinking she would be sympathetic to my plight but boy was I ever wrong. She threw me on Levoxyl and told me to come back in 6 months for blood work. Every time I complained about night surges and seasonal surges as I called my bouts with hyperthyroidism this woman would start going down the list of specialists I should see. I had palpitations seasonally and I should see a cardiologist? Did this make sense? She always got angry when I questioned the validity of her directions. I complained about migraines which started around the same time I was diagnosed. These were debilitating. She told me to see a neurologist.I had nighttime surges seasonally also and she told me to see a shrink. I questioned whether any of this, since it all started when I was diagnosed, was related to my Hashi's. She said, "Definitely, emphatically not." I'm a logical person and there was no logic to her responses.That's when I divorced her. And the divorce was years too late as since I've been seeing Dr. Podell I'm much improved. Dr. Podell put me on Armor. The change has been dramatic. Dr. Podell didn't tell me to see a shrink when I experienced a seasonal surge in the fall. Dr. Podell listens to me and we both decide on what's best for me after he offers suggestions on treatment paths. My migraines have abated to a manageable level. I kept a 3 year record and where I was suffering from migraines 20 days each month especially in the spring and fall for months on end, I've had them only 3 days and the migraines were much less painful than the debilitating, painful migraines I suffered with before starting on Armor." (May 2008)

Somers Point

Leonard Galler, Surgeon Thyroid Surgery, 718 Shore Road, Somers Point NJ, Phone: 609-927-8550,, A patient writes: "Very competent and caring. Highly skilled " (Added: Dec. 04)

Another reader writes:
"My endocrinologist referred me to Dr Galler because of a thyroid mass. Dr Galler is a kind, compassionate, and skilled surgeon. He is a most wonderful physician who helped me through a difficult problem." (Added 6/05)


Dr Stuart Freedenfeld -- no longer listed (May 2008)


Dr. Harry Lessig, Endocrinologist, 18 East Laurel Road, Stratford, NJ 08084, (856) 346-7801. "Dr. Lessig spends lots of time with patients and answers questions. He was shocked that my old doctor had only run a TSH test. He ran more tests only to find out my T3 and antibodies are extremely elevated. I've only seen him twice -- but at least we are off to a good start."


Dr. Marzena Odorczuk, General practice/internist/primary care, 426 Union Blvd, Totowa, NJ, 07512, Ph/Fax: (973) 595-8400. A reader writes: "After visiting several doctors and continually complaining of fatigue, a goiter, etc... She worked to get my blood levels of Armor low enough that I felt good. She actually listened to my complaints, when all the others just said "you're in the right range, you have to deal with the fatigue". I feel 100 times better now." (Added Dec. 2006)

Another fan:
"I went to two endocrinologists with little success. Both pushed antidepressants and were slaves to the TSH, Dr. Odorczuk was a breath of fresh air. She immediately upped my dose of armour and ordered extensive bloodwork. She was extremely knowledgeable about thyroid disorders and took the time to explain things to me. I had a full physical and the visit was extensive and she really took the time to go over everything. After a year of aggravation I'm so glad I went to Dr. Odorczuk. Simply put, she is just super."(August 2007)

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Odorczuk is one of the most understanding and patient doctors I have known. She is highly intelligent and current on medications and medical journals.She is complete in her examinations and testing and speaks to you so you understand the nature of your medical problems. Every patient is important to her and she spends a great deal of time with you and is always there for you." (August 2007)


Igal Dubov DC - no longer listed


Karen Hoebich, 316 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ, 07090, 908-233-3133

A reader writes:
Dr. Hoebich is a gyn who specializes in menopausal women, and she is a big proponent of bioidentical hormone replacement, especially of Armour, which she has found helps many older women. She does not do obstetrics, just gyn. She learned about all this when going thru menopause herself. A wonderful person, open and always going to conferences to learn more." (March 2009)


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