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The following listing includes recommended doctors and practitioners for your thyroid care. Please note that being listed here in the Thyroid Top Doctors Directory doesn't necessarily mean a doctor is the right one for you. The doctor may be an empathetic and warm physician, but not open to working with drugs like Armour or T3 drugs. The doctor may be brilliant and innovative, but have a terrible bedside manner. Or the doctor may be quite costly and not on insurance programs. Always call the doctor's office ahead of time to find out more about the doctor's philosophy, approach, costs, and other important factors before going in for your first appointment. Please let me know if you have feedback -- positive or negative -- about doctors listed here, or would like to recommend your "top" doctor.

Thanks! -- Mary

Become part of the movement for better care! Help keep great doctors in business and encourage more doctors to properly treat thyroid patients by recommending the smart, caring, innovative practitioner who treats your thyroid condition. We might include him or her on the Top Docs Directory! And if you have criticism or feedback about a listed doctor, please let us know now!

Why is a Particular Doctor No Longer Listed?

Doctors who were previously listed here are removed for a number of reasons.
* The doctor has requested that his/her listings be removed because: he/she does not agree with this site’s philosophy or patient-orientation; the practice is too busy and can’t accept new patients; the doctor does not feel comfortable handling complicated thyroid problems; the doctor did not agree with what was said in the patient recommendations; or the doctor said “take me off the list” and offered no explanation.
* The doctor has moved, retired, or died.
* The doctor has lost his/her license, or given up his/her license, and is no longer practicing medicine.
* Patients have provided negative input about the doctor that is of sufficient concern that, in the opinion of the editor, the doctor should no longer be on the Top Thyroid Doctors List.
* Thyroid Top Doctors would face legal concerns if we published specific information about why patients had negative opinions about doctors, or if we shared a doctor’s occasional ranting ”take me off” email, or if we publicized doctors with licensing problems. So please, if you see that a doctor has been taken off the list and want to know why, talk to the doctor directly. If you write to us to ask why a doctor was taken off the list, we’re sorry, but we won’t be able to answer you or share that information.

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John Kule MD, 1847 Hatchaway Bridge Rd, Aiken, SC, 29805, 803-644-7033.

A reader writes:
Wonderful caring physician, has that "country doctor" feel. Supplements instead of medicine if applicable. I quote his statement,"I did not become a physician to push drugs, I became a physician to heal." Pretty impressive in my book." (March 2009)


Allan D. Lieberman, M. D. Environmental Medicine 7510 Northforest Drive N. Charleston, SC 29420 843 572-1600 A reader writes: "Dr. Lieberman is to medical dilemmas what Sherlock Holmes is to unsolved crime. He is observant, he listens, he analyzes, and he does not rest until there is a solution. After four years of "mysterious illness" and misdiagnoses, I finally got some answers. I had a severe selenium deficiency resulting in T3/T4 inversion and thyroid disorder. Because of my extreme chemical sensitivity, I only respond positively to natural remedies. I was placed on BIOTHROID in addition to potent doses of much needed nutrients and minerals. My body has responded well to this orthomolecular approach. The polypharmaceutical approach taken by most doctors only worsened my condition. I am very grateful to Dr. Lieberman and thank God for him. He is kind, compassionate, and competent. A former pediatrician and graduate of the University of Chicago, Dr. Lieberman focuses on the overall healing process. At his center there are programs such as allergy testing, bio-detoxification, pain management, and nutritional counseling. His staff is extremely pleasant and organized. Dr. Lieberman is punctuality personified. I have never had to wait. A three o'clock appointment means the doctor sees you at three. Refreshing! I can recommend Dr. Lieberman highly with no reservation." (Added 4/03)


Dr. Claire Birdsong, General Practitioner, Harbinson Medical Associates, 320 Harbinson Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29212, 803-407-3857

"Dr. Birdsong is the best thing going in Columbia. She is a GP but she cares and she listens. She also lets me suggest treatments. She is very open-minded and respectful of her patients. The top endocrinologist in town brushed me off with temporary thyroiditis; Dr. Birdsong did not. She also helps me manage my chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia." (Added 4/04)

More praise:
"I went to Dr. Birdsong after reading a story on this webpage about what a good doctor she is. She has helped me out so much! The main endocrinologist here in town wasn't helping me at all. My thyroid was a constant problem! Now I feel great! My first visit I stayed in Dr. Birdsong's office crying for like an hour and she listened. She got my dosage right, and added a T3 med to go w/ it that has given me soooo much energy! I love her! I owe my health to her and this webpage! Thanks so much!" (October 2006)


Dr. Darin V. Sutton, ENT, 9 Richland Med Park Suite 510, SC 29203, 256-2483. A reader writes: "Today is 1-1-05. My surgery, total thyroidectomy, including lymph nodes was done on 11-23-04. He will be there for you at anytime. Also, before I left the hospital, my scar was hardly noticeable." (Added 6/05)


John Culleton, Florence, SC. A reader writes: "I have been seeing an endocrinologist for my hypothyroidism in Florence, SC. His name is John Culleton, and he has good credentials (see ). He also has a great doctor-patient attitude. He handles each case differently based on following blood-work results AND symptoms. His goal is to get a person as close to their optimum TSH level using a number close to 1 as a marker. He educates his patients on the disease and explains what the numbers in the TSH range really mean. He is also very pro-active about following his patient's pregnancies. I hope he doesn't mind my recommending him over the Internet like this, but he is good." (Added 11/02)


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Jonathan S. Lokey, Thyroid, 200 Patewood Drive, Suite A300, Greenville, SC 29615, 864-454-2100/864-454-2101. "Very competent, caring, considerate surgeon, with a great sense of humor and excellent skills. I highly recommend Dr. Lokey to anyone considering thyroid surgery. Super doc!" (added 1/04)

A reader writes:
"Dr. Lokey is caring, gentle, and has a wonderful sense of humor. He removed part of my 18 year old daughter's thyroid due to a tumor. He worked well with us and our daughter. He was quick establishing a surgery date. The surgery was 6 months ago and there is not a scar. Her partial thyroid is functioning normally." (Added Apr 06)


Dr. Cheryl Sarmeinto Internal Medicine/ Adult Health Tanner Rd Greenville, South Carolina 864/627-1220 A reader writes: "She is very knowledgeable in thyroid and listens to everything you have to say and she does all the test for thyroid. I had trouble with allergies and she sent me to the allergy Dr. She works together with the allergy Dr and my GYN Dr. too. I really would recommend her to anyone that has a thyroid problem she has really helped me a lot." (Added 11/02)


Dr. Robert C. Water, E.N.T. 317 St. Francis Dr., Suite 170 Greenville, SC 29601 ph# 864-233-3330. "He LISTENS!!!" enthuses one writer, "He knows you feel bad and really does want to make you feel better! He’s patient and understanding. He will find a way to make you 100%. Excellent Doctor. After several visits to several doctors it was him that got me on track after I went to him for asthma relief. Appears my asthma attacks were part of the thyroid hell I was enduring. He’s been helping me ever since."


Dr. Sandra Weber, Endo. & Diabetic, 877 W. Farris Road, Greenville, SC 29605, 455-9031. "Dr. Weber is helping to give me my life back. She has been very supportive of me. She checks all my levels religiously and never lets me leave her office until she has explained everything to me in detail. She listens to me and doesn't make me feel like I'm crazy. She is very knowledgeable about the latest research and doesn't mind sharing it with me." (added 1/04)

A reader writes:
"I had given up. Dr. Weber was my last hope or I needed to be committed. I don't "fit" the Hypothyroidism profile, so it was overlooked by all my docs. as just being depressed and tired do to young children. Dr. Weber was the first Dr. to actually sit and listen to me. She didn't dismiss what I was saying, but actually paid attention. Before even getting my results and meds, I was given a new hope and drive. We continue to adjust my meds, but she really cares and understands. I have a lot of different medical problems and see lots of specialist, but she is the one who makes me want to thank her and hug her after each apt. I feel it a privilege to be her patient." (Added 1/06)


Dr. Ron Yuko, Certified American Board Otalaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, 135 Commonwealth Dr, Suite 150, Greenville, Sc 29615, phone (864)281-9440. "I lost my voice and went to see Dr Yuko. He felt my neck and since there was a swelling of the gland he sent me for a blood test which identified Hashimoto’s Disease. I have been on Synthroid ever since and take a blood test twice a year to regulate my dosage, of Synthroid., I feel that anyone who goes to Dr Yuko will be well taken care of with the finest of Drs."


Dr. William Byars, Family Practitioner, Memorial Dr., Greer, SC. A reader informs us, "This is the only doctor of any kind that I’ve been to that treats me with respect and was willing to look beyond the lab results. He is open-minded and kind, and genuinely cares about people. I have overheard him several times with his other patients and he treats all of them with the same kindness and concern. He gives you as much time as you need in the exam room. He allows me to bring in medical data that I find and cross-verifies my information and is not at all threatened by my doing so. I believe we have learned from each other.

Another reader recommends Dr. Byars:
"He is a superb , thorough, caring and proficient doctor. I have been to several over my lifetime, but his style is sadly lacking in most other physicians I have encountered. You are never rushed in and out, every thing is done to diagnose or to alleviate your fears. He is so helpful and I wouldn't trade him. In fact I now travel about a 100 miles to see him. Thank you Dr. Byars." (Added 11/02)


Dr. Ronald DeGarmo, Family Practice, 404 Memorial Dr. ext., Greer,SC, Phone: (864) 877-4442, A reader writes: "Dr. D actually LISTENS! He knows the numbers on the lab report don't mean much if you're still not feeling well. He is caring and tries to help out any way possible to treat me and my health problems." (Added: Dec. 04)


Dr. Ted Golay, Family Medicine, Sandhills Family Medicine - 811 West Main St., Suite 207, Lexington, SC 29072, 803-358-6420. A reader writes: "Dr. Golay is the ONLY doctor I have been to in the area that LISTENS!!!! With a TSH just out of the "normal range" (1990 version) I was told by an endo in Columbia 'you no have thyroid just FAT.' I left there in tears (not in front of him, of course). I decided to see my GP about the problem. He listened, read the articles I brought him and put me on Levoxyl. Once we adjusted my levels, I felt GREAT!!! So many doctors think you want to get on thyroid medicine to help you lose weight. Those on it, KNOW it's not a magic bullet!!! It is so nice to have a doctor who admits he doesn't know everything about everything and is willing to take some chances. While on medication, I began experimenting and learned that I am very sensitive to carbohydrates. I went on the Atkins diet and lost 50 pounds!!! (my cholesterol also went DOWN for the bad and UP for the good - something Dr. Golay says doesn't happen unless you're exercising, which, I was not.) Of course, once I started eating carbs again, I gained it back. But, at least I know how to get it off again. I'm on Atkins again and still taking my Levoxyl - feeling great and FINALLY losing the weight!! :-)" (Added 1/06)

Mount Pleasant

Doug Jones, NO LONGER LISTED (Deceased, early 2006)

Mount Pleasant

Dr. Susan Jones, Internal Medicine 843 881-1671 "Especially recommending this doc to lady who wrote in looking for one in this area. Susan is not an endo but her practice is considered the premier diagnosticians in private practice in this area. I worked at St. Francis Xavier Hospital for 12 years so I had input from a lot of nurses docs therapists etc. The doc I had been seeing before her just told me I was stressed. I finally got tired of that because I KNEW something was seriously wrong and when everyone at the hospital recommended Susan Jones I went to her and she knew what it was within 3 minutes of me walking in even before the tests came back....everyone in her practice is top-notch. Mt. Pleasant Internal Medicine.

Mt. Pleasant

Dr. Jason Laird, Internal Medicine, 966 Houston Northcutt Blvd., Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, 843-388-1815. A reader writes: "He is very responsive to my concerns. He appreciates my willingness to research information on hypothyroidism and supports my suggestions. He didn’t hesitate to switch me from Synthroid to Armour after my previous physician dismissed my concerns." (Added 10/05)

Murrells Inlet

Dr. Dean Smith, Internal Medicine Endocrinology Rheumatology, 912 Inlet Square Drive 28843 I've just started seeing him but I got a very thorough first visit -- he seem determined to help me figure this out and get me well. I was nervous he would say he couldn't help me but I turned out very pleased. He gave me hope.

Myrtle Beach

David Bunn -- no longer listed (June 2008)

North Charleston

Monica Lominchar Internal and Bariatric Medicine 2741 Speissegger Drive Suite 203 N. Charleston, SC 29405 843-554-8488 A reader writes: "Dr. Lominchar has been Board Certified in Bariatric Medicine and is part of an exciting weight loss program with Palmetto Weight Management. I am going to my free consultation tomorrow to check it out. Maybe this will be better than everything else I have tried!" (Added 11/02)

Pawleys Island

Kathleen Boone -- NO LONGER LISTED

Rock Hill

G. Obi Uzomba, Endrocrinology, 430 ST Herlong, Avenue, Suite 106, Rock Hill, SC 29732, 803-366-1984 fax 803-366-1279. A reader writes: "He is always very understanding and on top of all problems. He checks every two months to see if you are having problems with medication. I am pre-diabetic and suffer from hypothyroidism." (Added: June 2004)

Travelers Rest

Dr. Rosanne Diehl and Jill Hinman PA, Paradocs Internal Medicine, Dr. Roseanne Diehl, General practice/internist/primary care, Holistic/complementary/alternative MD, 600 Highway 25, Travellers Rest, SC, 29690, 864-834-6652, 864-834-6654 ,,

Note: This practice does not treat men.

"I would like to recommend my doctor and PA to everyone. They are about 5 miles outside of Greenville, South Carolina. They don't just do thyroid, but are known for helping in difficult to diagnose stuff too. Who says a doctor can't be up-to-date, caring, high tech, AND LISTEN? My doctor is the best. She LISTENS to me. She and her associate, Jill, spent 2 hours with me during my initial visit. That means, two UNINTERRUPTED hours. They reviewed all of my medical records from my entire life, which I brought with me. They looked for CAUSES of disease. They read everything available, and believe in getting to the CAUSE of the problem. My doctor discovered the probable WHY it is that my mother, father, myself and my sister have thyroid disease: it turns out, unknown to us all because no one ever asked, that my father piloted a crop-duster plane many years ago, and kept the chemicals in our garage. No other doctor ever even asked bout such a history. Anyway, Dr. Diehl is well-trained, having done a DO degree at one of the top 25 medical schools in the country, as well as 4 years of post-graduate MD training, including an internal medicine residency at the University of Colorado and Saint Joseph's Hospital, in Denver, and trained in every teaching hospital in Denver. She scored 99% on national boards, and is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. She was given an Outstanding Scholarship award by the American Medical Women's Association. She took several months of Endocrinology training in her residency and in her two internships. She is DUALLY board certified by the MD and DO boards! How do I know this? She gives out her credentials to every "client," as she calls us. In her registration packets, she and her partner have all of their training listed. They care about us, never rush us through, and are ALWAYS open to any ideas and suggestions that we have. I am feeling great now, thanks to being tapered down gradually on Synthroid, while adding T3 cream, to see what ratios worked best. Then we were able to switch to a transdermal prep containing T3 and T4. This works best for me, because I have an absorption problem for oral, which we are also working on. We are doing functional medicine and nutritional treatment for that problem. She even has an e-mail site for her clients, at no charge. Thus, we are able to call or e-mail. What a relief to find docs trained in all the traditional, but who realize the limitations, often. They know how to think beyond numbers on paper. They know the benefits and risks of drugs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and so forth. I can't say enough good things about her and her PA associate, Jill. Thanks very much! You can tell I know a lot about my thyroid, thanks to you, but these folks know even more.

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Rosanne Diehl is incredible. So is her associate, Jill. They are located just outside of Greenville. They spent two hours with me the first appointment. I couldn't believe it. They tapered me down on T4 while adding T3. They did it just as you recommend. It is working great for me. I have energy and concentration that I never had. In addition, they work on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and work with Women's Health America. I think you should list them under the Greenville area of SC, as they are only a few miles out. These doctors care, and have the thyroid problem themselves, and know first hand what their patients are going through. They even sent their credentials to me before my appointment. Dr. Diehl trained at the University of Colorado in Denver and is a super physician. I can't wait to go back, They have hot teas in their waiting rooms. It is a quiet, focused experience and I leave there feeling great and encouraged. They also know a lot about herbs and supplements and include that in their program. This is the best medical experience anyone could hope for."

Another reader writes:
"I am from Pennsylvania. On the recommendation of a relative who hadn't even seen Dr. Diehl and Ms Hinman, I drove all the way from PA to SC. It was well worth the trip and I am going back. First of all I turned out to have autoimmune thyroiditis with an antibody titer of over 1400. My other doctor had missed this. Next of all, I have had 18 breast biopsies for benign tumors and my doctor there had me on synthetic estrogen. Ms. Hinman and Dr. Diehl at Paradocs Internal Medicine: Medicine for the Motivated, took me off that estrogen right away. They called Women's Health America and had a saliva test kit sent to me. They gave me paper after paper to learn about the importance of estrogen dominance and the thyroid. They gave me papers from JAMA and the New England Medical Journal to take back to share with my local practitioners, including how to add T3 to thyroid treatment, and how to overcome estrogen dominance. They are near Greenville SC, which is a really nice big city. They had a comfortable office, ran right on time, nice music, fountains, etc. The best part was that they did a physical exam more thorough than I have ever had before. I didn't need a female exam, but the rest of it was incredible. They tested every nerve root, every physical finding, did blood pressures lying and standing up to test something about adrenal function. Ms Hiinman even went over preventative things with me: when was my last Pap, mammo, bone density, colon test, etc. We did a three hour appointment since I had come from so far away. They drew all the blood for me there, painlessly I might add. I heard the results in 8 days and was on my thyroid medication, We are now balancing my hormones. I have felt good for the first time in 14 years and I really cannot say enough about these two doctors. Please recommend Paradocs Internal Medicine: Medicine for the Motivated, to your readers." (Added 6/02)

Another recommendation:
"First of all, I am a man. I have always been hesitant to go to any doctors, much less women! However, I believe that this medical practice deserves everyone's attention. I went to see Drs. Diehl and Hinman because I had an elevated TSH. They worked me up for that and put me on T3 and T4. What is interesting, though, is that they saved my life. My family doctor had missed that I had an iron deficiency anemia for about the past year. Dr. Diehl got me into the hospital immediately where I underwent scoping of the stomach and colon. They found that I had 7 ulcers in the stomach and that my blood count was 16 when it should have been over 45. So I am grateful, since I was on a downward spiral." (Added 6/02)

Another reader recommends Dr. Diehl:
"This medical practice is called Medicine for the Motivated. Paradocs Internal Medicine. Their phone number is 864-834-6652. I have to say that I went to see Jill Hinman, physician associate, and Dr. Diehl, after seeing their names on your website. They are NOT by referral only, as someone misstated on a previous site. They are by self-referral. They are wonderful. They both spent an uninterrupted 1 and a half hours with me. During that time, they turn the phone over to the office manager. There WERE no interruptions. There was no overlooking. They gave me so much reading that they had written themselves, telling me exactly what to do nutritionally, how to perform aerobic exercise (with the specific heart rate, etc.), and how to think positively. They test my thyroid including all the antibodies and levels of free hormones. They did a wonderful physical exam on me, testing everything in great detail. THEY listened. Also, did you know that they are one of the NC and SC referral bases for bio-identical! Can you beat that? Thanks for listening." (Added 11/02)

Another reader added:
"I am recommending this doc to NC and SC people since they are close to the NC SC state line and easily accessible from Asheville and Greenville. Now, I do NOT like doctors. I have had miserable experiences for the past 5 years trying to find a doctor. Well I found me one. This one has all the thyroid problems and the "female" things to deal with herself. So does her associate Jill. They call themselves "Paradocs Internal Medicine" Medicine for the Motivated. I asked them about their name and they said Paradocs means a lot of things...they have a sense of humor! What do you call two docs who work together? A par-a-docs...except the paradox is that they are not both docs, they are a doc and a PA. These people are up to date. Most importantly they are down to earth, not arrogant, and not judgmental. They took great care of me. Not only have they fixed the thyroid problem but are tacking my estrogen dominance now, using scientific testing and bio-identical progesterone. They discovered that I have rheumatoid arthritis. I had to have my wedding band cut off. Now I had complained to my other doctors about my swollen fingers for two years and no one listened." (Added 11/02)

And yet another commented:
"Dr. Rosanne Diehl and Jill Hinman have made such a difference in my thyroid health. I had been on Synthroid for more than 6 years and not feeling much better. Something had to be done. They talked to me about my symptoms, explained the options, and began me on a combination of T3/T4 rather than just the T4 found in Synthroid. Wow, what a difference! They are wonderful and have been supportive. Their office is very relaxing and caters to the patient. They really listened and didn't tell me I should feel a certain way because a test said I should. If you know you should feel better - call them!" (Added 11/02)

Another reader recommends Dr. Diehl:
"Although it is already evident according to the other recommendations that you will receive SUPERIOR and empathetic care from Dr. Diehl and her associate, Jill, I just had to add my own comments. I have been suffering with the symptoms of hyperthyroid and then hypothyroid for at least 10 yrs. I was misdiagnosed and therefore went untreated for a large amount of that time. After suffering from severe depression and anxiety to the point of not wanting to live, a doctor finally suggested that I have my thyroid checked. Long story short, my suffering continued because I wasn't receiving adequate care from 5 doctors I sought help from...after reading Mary's book and finding out about this site, I decided I would take whatever steps necessary to get better, including finding a doctor who could help me accomplish this. I have found my "heroine" in Dr. Diehl. She and Jill KNOW how to treat thyroid disorders and not only that, they CARE, they LISTEN, they go far beyond the call of duty to get you feeling better. I am so thankful for this team of ladies has encouraged and helped me. Most of all, I feel better and I know I am headed in the right direction; I have HOPE thanks to their quality." (Added 6/03)

Yet more praise for Dr. Diehl:
"I know you have already recommended Dr. Diehl before but I want to add some things. Her name is pronounced DEAL and boy what a deal I got. She not only spent an uninterrupted hour with me but I left having had a complete physical exam. I also left with a document she did for me which concisely summarized my entire medical history. Yes, you won't believe this. She took my entire medical records which were about 8 inches thick, combed through them, summarized them into a clear, concise document that was 4 pages, and gave me a copy. She told me to keep a copy in my purse or car and that, god forbid, if I ever had to go to a hospital, to give them a copy of that document so that they would be clear on my medical history and details. Oh yes, I forgot to mention--she successfully got me off of the medications I had been on for years, including a "benzo" she called it, a blood pressure pill that I was taking for fluid retention. I left there with an adrenal test kit, a comprehensive digestive analysis from the Great Smokies Lab, and a saliva test kit for the reproductive hormones. This is the only doctor I have found who is so knowledgeable that she can tie everything together. She knows how to think, and everything you said about her already is true. She is so kind and down to earth. But I wanted to get you to correct a few things. In your first recommendation, you have the wrong area code. I wonder if many people aren't losing out because of that. -- you also have in on of those blurbs that she is by referral only! SHE IS NOT! Any one can go to her. Oh yeah. Her office staff was also personable, professional, and KIND. I am so sick of rude office staff members who are unprofessional and gossipy that I just found this experience totally refreshing. By the way, on your recommendation, I drove 6 hours to get to this doctor, and I was not disappointed. The office is very quiet, and does not feel like a medical office. If is well decorated and comfortable and not pretentious. Her diplomas and honor awards are all over the walls. She has a great sense of humor and is kind. She made me laugh for the first time in a long time. Also interesting is that she told me that I will have a "paradigm shift" in which I will quit thinking of disease and begin to focus on HEALTH. IN other words, I will heal. This doctor is just the best. Only those who are really motivated to get healthy should call, though, because she gives a lot of ideas for comprehensive nutritional treatment of everything too. She wants her patients to feel "radiantly healthy" as she calls it. I hope you will publish this one as soon as possible and correct the errors I found . Thank you for leading me to this brilliant healer...I am forever grateful." (Added 6/03)

Another reader raves:
"She is very knowledgeable in thyroid and listens to everything you have to say. Not only have they fixed the thyroid problem but are tracking my estrogen dominance now, using scientific testing and bio-identical progesterone. I was so depressed and now I fell like a new normal person again. She treats your symptoms and does not watch the clock while she is talking to you. You will leave her office feeling like you finally found the right doctor." (Added 6/03)

Yet more praise for Drs. Diehl and Hinman:
"I would recommend this practice to anyone that is tired of being sick and tired and who really wants to get to the bottom of their problems. Especially Thyroid problems. Drs. Diehl and Jill are very professional and compassionate. From the minute you walk in, you will know they care about your health and want to help you attain "whole person wellness". They will give you their undivided attention and comb through your medial history, looking at things from angles no other doctor has ever looked at before. They will give you a comprehensive plan for your "recovery" and will give you loads of hope. I first went to Dr. Diehl in 1-2003 and by 5-2003 my hypothyroid symptoms (a list that was a page long prior to seeing her) were virtually gone. I fell better now than I have since my diagnosis of hypothyroidism over 6 years ago. I am just sorry that I did not find them sooner. I could have saved myself from several years of very poor quality life. I would recommend this practice." (added 1/04)

Another recommendation:
"I self-referred to Dr. Diehl even though I live almost two hours away in North Carolina. It has certainly been worth it. I have finally met a doctor who seems to actually listen to what you say. I never leave her office feeling rushed out, frustrated, confused, or scared. When I went to her, I had seen several specialists who had all told me I would just have to live with the effects of Hashimoto’s Disease because they had done all they could for me. Before I even met with Dr. Diehl, she acquired detailed information about my medical history and summarized it for me in plain English. She then spent an hour with me finding out my symptoms and giving me explanations. When the results of my bloodwork came back, she had been right on the nose on all of it. She looks at the whole person and not just one system of the body. I feel hopeful in a way I haven’t felt since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I actually believe her when she says this will not control my life forever." (Added 4/04)

Another reader writes:
"Dr. Diehl fixed me. Yes I knew I had Hashimoto Thyroiditis. For 20 years I had an oozing rash on my legs and arms. I was having to change clothes several times a day. I saw over 70 doctors. No one got it but Dr. Diehl. It was, you guessed it, dermatitis herpetiformis, with celiac disease, never diagnosed. Now, I have the rash no longer. She has extensive literature and teaches you about polyglandular autoimmunity. I am well. I also got my adrenal and reproductive hormones balanced using NATURAL prescription, bio-identical hormones. She said she has been prescribing them for years. I give her my highest recommendation." (Added: June 2004)

Another fan:
"After reading all of your newsletters and reading about Dr. Diehl for a year, I finally decided to take the plunge and go. I would like to say that it was a perfect experience. I walked into the large waiting room where I found 20 different types of teas, 100 brochures about health related topics, and a fantastic magazine selection (even my husband was thrilled with the magazine selection). Anyway, I cannot write enough positive things about Rosanne Diehl. Fist, she said I likely had Addison's disease. She did an ACTH Stimulation blood test right there in the office. Then her physician associate and co-owner Jill drew blood. The next day, I found out that I not only had under treated Hashimoto Disease, but also a polyglandular autoimmune syndrome. All the test results were back within the week. Positive gluten allergy, adrenalitis which we are treating with cortef until my nutrition is corrected B-12 injections or sublingual gel for the anti-parietal cell antibodies." (Added Dec. 04)

More happy patients...
"I was diagnosed with medullary carcinoma of the thyroid last year and was looking for someone to help me. I read about Dr. Diehl on your website, and then I found her website. I drove all the way from Washington, DC to stay with my sister who lives in North Carolina. I just wanted to add a few things about Dr. Diehl and her office. First of all, she is a bright light on the horizon. She is so down to earth, kind, and she gave me hope. No doctor had ever explained what I had to me. She did. Then, she gave me a reading list and told me how to get the books. She did a test I had never heard of before: something about autoimmune hypo adrenal function-I think it was 17 hydroxylase-anyway, I found out I have Addison's disease, AND celiac disease. She gave me a cookbook right there in her office that tells me how to cook bread, pizza crust, pancakes, desserts, etc ALL WITHOUT GLUTEN! She told me that I will heal. Also, she did a full comprehensive analysis from Great Smokies." (Added Dec. 04)

Another reader writes: "Before I found Dr. Diehl on this website I was having a miserable life. It took four years of doctors giving me every kind of anti depression medicine to finally find out after they did not work that I have a thyroid problem. I have been to see Dr. Diehl four times so far but I cannot say enough about how much she really cares and how she goes so much farther than other doctors to make sure you are feeling well. I would suggest to anyone who is not living life to the fullest to seek out Dr. Diehl to bring you back to your life." (Added 6/05)

More praise:
"I have read the many praises about Dr. Diehl, so I finally went to see her. I have one important thing to add. She reviews your entire medical record at no charge, in advance. Then, if she knows for sure she can help you, she will take you as a patient. The neat thing is that if she sees something on your medical record that needs immediate attention, she calls and gets you in to another specialist immediately." (Added 10/05)

A reader writes:
"After reading the positive reviews of this doc on your site for almost 4 years, and after trying naturopaths, ayurvedic doctors, oriental medical doctors, chiropractors, kinesiologists, etc., I finally decided to go. I WAS ELATED BY MY EXPERIENCE THERE! This is a small, comfortable medical office, loaded with pro-patient information. Very professionally done. Best of all, Dr. Diehl started the appointment by telling me "It is an honor to be involved with your health. We take this seriously. And I want you to know that we can help you to regain your health completely. So please relax and know that you are in the right place". She then said "I have a list that I'd like to cover with you. do you have a list for me?" Well, I was floored. I had been afraid to bring a list...seems like all other doctors are intimidated by the "patient" bringing a list! Not here. She was disappointed. So she said "well, lets start back at the beginning. Can you remember when you felt well?" (Added Apr 06)

A reader writes:
"I read about Doctor Diehl on your site, on the celiac site, on the life extension site, etc. I decided to wait 3 months after working with her to report to you. My results are fantastic. My previous doctor was treating me by the TSH! He had me on Synthroid, 88 micrograms one day, followed by 100 micrograms the next day, followed by 112 micrograms the third day. I was to repeat this cycle over and over. I never felt better. I went to Dr Diehl. She was kind and caring. She listened. What I really liked was that she started the conversation telling me "first of all, it is a PRIVILEGE to be involved in your health care, and secondly, I want you to know that what you have is fixable, so please relax and lets work together for this whole hour to learn more details about your health". HA! I relaxed. Didn't have to worry. First she said let's see what your BODY tells us about your thyroid! My oral temp at 2 p.m was 96.2; my skin was flaky, I learned I had 'thyroid thumbnails', my deep tendon reflexes were "sluggish" in their relaxation or something. Oh yes, my blood pressure went down when I stood up, which she said was likely suboptimal adrenal function, since my urine did not show dehydration. ANYWAY I am a new person! I am on Armour thyroid, 60 mg twice a day, and since my hair was still falling out, she added to the a.m. Armour, 50 micros of extra Levothroid brand. Now, when she asks me "where's your energy level when you first wake up, zero to ten, I can scream 10! And it is still a 9 at 4 p.m. Oh yes, she is addressing my nutritional concerns. She checked methylmalonic acid to learn my accurate vitamin B 12 and she checked homocysteine. She learned I have high homocysteine, ad said that was folic acid deficiency. We got the homocysteine down to 4, thus lowering my risk for blood clots, heart attacks, etc. Next, after we got the thyroid balanced, we did an adrenocortical stimulation test to be sure I didn't have Addison's disease. My total cost for all of this was 300 dollars." (Added Apr 06)

A reader writes:
"Dr. Diehl helped me when no one else had a clue what my problem was. She ran thyroid tests other professionals had never ran. She determined that I was taking too high a dose of thyroid med and needed to add another med to support my thyroid. She also tested my female hormones and determined I was estrogen dominate and extremely low on progesterone. I thought the estrogen was what I needed to reduce hot flashes and get quality sleep. She explained that estrogen does not help either. Once I made the changes she suggested, I began to sleep so deeply, I began dreaming. I hadn't had a dream in years. I no longer have hot flashes and sleep like a babe. One side affect is that I have lost 16 pounds!!! Do I love her and her staff or what??? Wouldn't you love folks who listened to your situation, determined what was wrong and then you felt 20 years younger and lost your weight back to where you were when you were 20 years younger? Dr. Diehl and her staff are absolutely the best and I would recommend them to anyone, especially women." (Added Apr 06)

"I hope you will print my note to you. I finally went to Dr. Diehl. I have to tell you what happened. Went in. The waiting room was so peaceful. I arrived quietly. Fixed myself some tea. The appointment was one hour 15 minutes and the first 15 minutes were welcoming me in, checking height, weight, urine, going over my goals there. On the hour sharp, I was tucked into a comfortable office with Dr. Diehl. Leather sofa, cozy, quiet. They turn off all their phone ringers so the office is quiet and peaceful. Nice music, nice aroma therapy oils. Dr. Diehl came to me and shook my hand and said "It is an honor to be involved in your health. You can relax now, because we know how to help you restore your health, and you can regain your health totally". She was warm, pleasant, personal, gentle, and kind. She said that she had been through treatment herself for thyroid and she understood what it was like, so for me to relax, and that everything we did together would be negotiable. In other words, if I didn't like something we tried, she would not in any way be offended! That as humans we have about 36000 genes and over 3 million different gene versions, so that we are all different and that our treatment MUST MUST MUST be individualized. Isn't THAT great news? She said not to worry, not to tolerate something I didn't like, that she had not only Plan A, but Plan B Plan C Plan D Plan E Plan F Plan G and so forth. She said sometimes, folks on Armour need a little tweaking with extra T4 (levothroid brand she likes) and that she has to see me, tap my ankle reflexes, know my feelings, energy, sleep, temperatures etc. ANYWAY she said "It will be absolutely essential that you communicate with me! I have to know how you are doing BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR body!" Isn't THAT refreshing. THEN because of my insomnia and anxiety, she offered me a urine neurotransmitter kit! Said we would adjust any disorders found there, nutritionally. I really really really liked her. You should give her the highest recommendations." (Added Apr 06)

Another reader writes:
"I owe you my life. I connected with Dr. Roseanne Diehl about 11 months ago, after reading your site's recommendations.MY INSURANCE COVERED IT ALL!!! In reviewing the records from Duke, Mayo, Johns Hopkins and Harvard, Doc D discovered that no adrenal work up had ever been done DESPITE that I had weight loss, fatigue and dizziness. She immediately learned that I have Addison's Disease! "No wonder you haven't been able to get your thyroid regulated" she exclaimed. Immediately, she performed the adrenal stimulation test (i think it is ACTH or something)after giving me a written consent explaining the whole procedure. I DID NOT HAVE TO GO TO AN ENDOCRINOLOGIST to get that test.No more being turfed off from specialist to specialist...she did the test right there in the office, and we learned that I had to go on Cortef. Within two months my thyroid was regulated, on Armour twice a day, and with extra Levothroid with the morning Armour dose. My energy soared like an eagle's...and has stayed there for 9 months. She'll treat any ailment you have, and won't nickel and dime you to death. Anyway our next task was to address my ever-present insomnia. She did a urine neurotransmitter test I had never heard of and then determined what "brain chemicals" I was out of whack in. She gave me the option of whether to be treated with medication or nutritional supplements. I am sleeping like a baby, waking up rested, and happy as a lark for the first time in FIFTEEN YEARs which is how long the other idiot dunce heard doctors missed diagnosing me with post-partum thyroiditis. Anyhow, Dr. Diehl's knowledge base is impeccable, whether about traditional or integrative...she is humble and kind. She will help anyone who wants help. Her highest fee is the first appointment, which is over 1 hour face to face with her, uninterrupted, with a physical exam, too, which never exceeds 350.00 dollars INCLUDING A PAP SMEAR IF YOU WANT ONE." (August 2007)

A reader writes:
"Hi! I wanted to update you on Dr. Rosanne Diehl since your last entry was so long ago. First of all, I am absolutely thrilled with her. I had had medullary carcinoma of the thyroid gland, and had never been regulated since my thyroidectomy. Dr. Diehl is soooo kind. she is totally down to earth. Her practice is simple, small, comfortable, pleasant and professional. She adores her patients. There is only one of her. She bought Jill out of the practice two years ago, so it is no longer called Paradocs Internal Medicine. It is E. Rosanne Diehl, DO, PA. The treatment now is even more personalized than ever. She does not rush you through. It is quiet. She sends you for the complete blood work up to whatever lab you tell her is required by your insurance. Sometimes she draws blood 6 hours after you take your medicine, sometimes 24 hours, to catch the high and lowest levels. She uses ALL the thyroid medications. She is trained with the best credentials, and in addition to doing traditional (and impecable) quality of care, she knows alternative, complementary, INTEGRATIVE, homeopathic, osteopathic and allopathic medicine inside and out. YOU CAN"T DO BETTER THAN THIS. She gives you her part of the paperwork to file your insurance, as she doesn't file insurance there, but this one small thing is WORTH THE WAIT, WORTH THE TRIP, and WORTH THE FEE. Where else can you get about 2 hours for the money? She si GREAT. I can't say enough positive things. Please update her on your website. I almost didn't go to her because the entries were older and I wasn't sure how correct it all was. I owe you my health and happiness for recommending this doctor. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO YOUR MANY " (March 2009)


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