Effective Software Help For Weight Loss

A Software Program Review by Mary Shomon

When I first heard about DietPower from a regular site visitor, I thought it was probably another gimmick.

DietPower discInstead, I was pleased to find what is the most useful program I think you can possibly use to help track what you eat, the nutritional breakdown, the fat and carbohydrate percentages — everything you need to know.

DietPower is not a diet. It’s software that you can either use on its own to help track and refine your own diet, or to help keep track of any diet program that you’re following, such as the Thyroid Diet, Atkins, Dr. Mercola’s No-Grain Diet, LA Weight Loss, The Zone, Nutri/Systems, Weight Watchers, etc.

DietPower is an easy-to-use calorie counter and nutrition analyzer. But the real key to the program is that it actually “learns” your body, eating habits and metabolism, and adjusts your suggested calorie counts based on your weight loss history. DietPower is easy to use. You enter your target weight, and the date by which you want to lose the weight. Then, each day, you log all your meals and exercise, your weight (or you can even log weekly!), and DietPower’s nutrition tracker and calorie counter figures it all out for you — tracking 33 nutrients. A HUGE database of foods, from all your favorite fruits and vegetables, to fast food favorites, as well as exercises, are all featured in the program’s database.

Where DietPower departs from other programs that log and track calories and exercise is that it recognizes that you don’t lose lose weight the same way as everyone else, because you have a unique metabolism. And for thyroid and autoimmune disease patients, you know that metabolism is a particular challenge.

Most weight-control programs assume you have an average metabolic rate — usually your weight, times a certain number of calories, factoring in some estimated level of activity — from sedentary to athletic. But for many reasons — often your thyroid in particular — your rate may be slower than average. So the standard calorie level, or a popular diet plan could cause you to GAIN weight. Or, you may be more sensitive to sugars and carbohydrates, and able to lose weight eating more calories, if you change the composition of your diet in terms of percentage protein, carbohydrates, and calories.

But DietPower doesn’t assume anything. By comparing your weight changes with the foods you eat, and the exercise you’ve done, it calculates your actual metabolic rate. When your rate goes up or down, the program adjusts your recommended daily calories up or down to balance you out, keeping on track for your weight loss.

I use this program EVERY day, alongside my Thyroid Diet to help continue with my slow weight loss, and to prevent weight gain. Research has shown that the act of recording what you eat is alone a factor in successful weight loss. But DietPower lets me test out changes to my diet. Will I maintain or gain if I add more beans to my diet? Can I add and other portion of carbs without causing weight gain? How much can I really eat on days when I do an intense Pilates workout?

It’s a wonderful tool, and if you are serious about losing weight, you should get a copy and start using it today! Start by taking a tour of DietPower to see how the software works.

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You can also request a free trial copy on CD-ROM.

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